My name is Kirstin and I am 39 years old.  I love Jesus.  I love to laugh, watch sappy holiday movies, chick flicks and suspense/thrillers.  I love listening to K-Love and pretty much all contemporary Christian music.  I work full time but I wish I only worked part time.   I have two kids, a six year old son and a three year old daughter and I have a wonderful, loving husband. 

I have never been thin in my entire life.  I was a fat kid, a fat teenager, a fat twenty something.  Then I got married and I got fatter!  Then I wanted to have babies so I worked really, really hard at losing the weight for what I hoped would be the last time.  Well when the pregnancies failed I was so pissed that my body had "let me down" that I self sabotaged and ended up back where I started...  I have come to the place where I have given up on ever losing weight a couple of times...  shortly after my daughter was born, I looked into WLS in my hometown but practically ran screaming from the local guy's office.  HORRIBLE.  But now I am aware of better options, and I also know a lot more people who have gone through this and I have seen how well they have and continue to do.  So...  I'm ready to own my piece of that happiness! 

I know that my marriage will improve when I lose the weight... not because of him, but because of me.  When I lost all that weight before trying to conceive, I was so happy.  I remember that very vividly.  I know that I will be much less irritable and critical when I feel better about myself and that will only lead to better relationships with the ones I love (and others, too).  

I am ready for the rest of my life... I am ready to be a positive role model to my children...  I am ready to move on from being the biggest person in the room.... I AM READY!

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