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Jan 23, 2010

So I've been on this site for a few months, didn't really use it much when I was first told about it but now surgery is scheduled and it's getting closer and starting to feel more real!

I am pretty excited that my last month of my six month weight loss program is next month... February 19th...  Wow the six months really have flown by... guess it helps they ran through the holidays.

I spoke with the lady at my insurance company and she told me that once she gets all the paperwork with the 6 month history, the psych and nutrition consult she'll have me approved in a day or two!   (When I told her which surgeon I was planning to work with she was VERY exited.)  Wow that sounds so simple compared to what I've heard some people have had to go through to get this approved!!!  Hopefully it will be...  because of this and because I want to get this done as soon as possible, we have scheduled a surgery date of March 23rd!  Exciting... makes it feel a little more real... and a little more scary!!!

There are only a few people I've told... my mother on the other hand had told everyone she knows.  I think she's slowed down with that though because she has gotten some of the negative feedback we have all experienced and/or heard about. 

My biggest question right now is when to tell my boss that I need the time off.  I'm traveling out of state for my surgery so I will be out for two weeks.  And the surgery is right before we have a BIG annual meeting with my workplace.  However, I can do my part of the prep work for that even now so that is what I've been working on.  I may just wait until the insurance approval comes through and then tell them.  I don't want to tell them why I need the time off....  which shouldn't be a problem, unless my boss throws this big meeting in my face.  I guess I could possibly get a doctor's note telling them I am having surgery...

I just feel sooo ready.  If I could hop on a plane tonight I would be dancing in the sand in twelve hours!  (Yes, I'm going to Cali for surgery!!!)

PS My husband's family doesn't know I am doing this... we are planning to go visit them (Hawaii) next year and I'll be half the woman I am now.  Won't they be shocked!


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