Heres my story well like i said in my intro for as long as i've been a child i have been overweight i've tried diet after diet and now im at a wits end i just want to be were i know i need to be in my mind, body & soul. I think i'm on my journey to weightloss and this is the beginning of  a new me. Well my name is Latasha i'm 26 years old, i'm single mother of 3 beautiful but bad kids my daughter ms Raven which is 8 i call her ms because shes my adult she is an honor roll student i'm very proud of her, my sons my comedian Raquan which he will be 7 2-01-07 thats his birthday i call him my comedian because he is always joking like me, and my youngest son my baby ryan which his birthday is 3-12-07 he will be 3 hes my baby . I love all three of my children they are my world they are whom i living for along w/my mother who is my greatest joy love her to death she helps me a lot w/my kids as well as my brother Norris hes my best friend along w/the support of my true best friend Tanya love all u guys. well ask for me  a little bit about myself i'm a loving , devoted, caring, understanding person. ever since i can remember i have been battling w/the bulge i go up i go down in 2004 i had ryan my biggest weight i got to was 390lbs which was so bad for me at the time i was going thru some things w/my ex-boyfriend baby father eric which he was very abusive to me so my self-esteem was down until my mother (my greatest joy) found a place called hamilton diet clinic in hamilton, nj. my mother is a praying women and she told me that she wrote to a minister and he told her she had someone heavy in her family and that it will all end soon. so what happened was my mother (my greatest joy) went to hamilton diet clinic and started the diet, she never sticks to a diet so she turned the diet over to me, my mother was never a morbidly obese person but her weight goes up and down . she gave me the diet on mothers day  5-8-04 i believe i know i started the diet on 5-11-04 i lost to date 150lbs , i know what ur saying why is she on here? well i gained 30lbs of that weight back i'm 267lbs , i know the other question ur asking is why is she not still with hamilton diet clinic? well good question they closed 7-31-06 it crushed my heart into pieces so i tried to stay on track w/the diet but it didn't work so i went to diet pills they didn't work so i decided this christmas that i wasn't gonna be 390lbs ever again in life and feel how i felt so i decided to learn more about wls so i called barix clinic scheduled a consultation so here we go on my weight loss journey & the begining of my new life!!!!



Weight Loss Journey
Date Weight lbs lost


3-14-07 288.5
OBGyn appt
3-21-07 285.5 -3
Surgery Weight
3-26-07 283.2 -2.3

2 Weeks Post-op

4-13-07 264.4-19

4-17-07 262.9-1.5

4-28-07 260.75-2.75

6-26-07 246.50-14.25/3 months post-op

6-28-07 244.00-2.5/3 month post-op visit

7-23-07   237.00-7.0

7-26-07   235.50-1.5

8-10-07   234.50-1.0

10-27-07 221.50-13.0 





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