Pretty much have been overweight for about 1/2 of my life. The only time I wasn't heavy was when I was on the Dade County Sheriff's Dept. in 1981-84 and again when I was a head Doorman for a local nightclub and then I can admit I was built like a brick ....... well you know what I mean. At that time I was very proud of the way I looked and felt I had a 45 inch chest and 19 inch biceps and being a 35 y/o man in 1995 and dating a 25 y/o woman and doing weightlifting competition I was on top of the world . Well now as you can see from my pictures I am about 120 pounds heavier than I was at that time. You can see by the gross no shirt pictures that I am not a nice sight. I quit smoking cigarettes in 2005 and I am working on 4 years without that nasty habit but I do smoke 1 fine cigar a day because I enjoy it not that I need it 'cause sometimes I don't have any. For just giving up the cigs food started tasting better so at that point since then I have gained 51 pounds since. So now at 52 I am taking control of my life and getting banded and I have set a goal that next year around early fall I will be ready to run a 2k race ( Starting off slow ) LOL. By this time next year I want to be weighing about 190 lbs.

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