I am finally sleeved

Jul 20, 2010

Finally after about 3 years (Including battling with the insurance company) I finally got my revision to sleeve on Monday July 19th, 2010. My long road started back in early 2008 when i came to grips that after quiting cigarettes that food tasted way to good so I went from about 235 to 315 Lbs. when I got to that weight i realized I was on the road to disaster. I then after actually being obese for about 2/3rds of my life I turned to weight loss surgery I studied all the surgeries  and settled on the sleeve. So I did my 6 month weight loss diet with a nut, It was doctor supervised so that went well. I made an appointment for my psych evaluation and that went well. With all complete and a letter from my PCP recommending WLS. I got everything together and sent it all to my surgeons office and with their stuff it was submitted. After about 2 weeks a verdict was returned DENIED FOR SLEEVE
SURGERY......... After the insurance company said that they approved sleeve surgery I asked why. At that time I was told they approve the Gastric Banding not the sleeve. I proceeded to tell them that I was not told that. so I fought them for over 4 months and was denied 3 times so after mulling it around for about 2 months I settled for the lap band which I didn't want but I had to do something I was spiraling out of control. After about a year with the lap band a hole that would not heal ( See Pics on profile ) that nasty band had to be removed so my surgeon said they would handle the insurance company. I was approved for removal/revision to sleeve yep my insurance company started approving the sleeve 3 months after I got that damn band. So my surgeon didn't make any promises that the sleeve could be done at this time and figuring my luck it wasn't done we had to wait 4-5 months so 7 months later I finally got my sleeve and I am estatic about that so now come the dumping of the pounds. What I can't understand is that this whole thing wound up costing the insurance company over $82,000 with the 3 surgeries. What was the method of that madness.


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