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Tips and Tricks

These are tips and tricks that work for me. I advice everyone to do as their surgeon and dietician suggest. You should always follow their instructions as best you can. And ask them if you are not sure as they are the professionals, not me. Good luck in your adventure and I wish everyone the best that you can achieve in your life. Love Marie

The right portion ... Is about the size of ...
8 ozs of water/ is one cup
3 oz. of meat or poultry / A cassette tape
3 oz. of grilled fish / Your checkbook
½ cup of pasta or rice / An ice cream scoop
1 oz. of cheese / 4 stacked dice
1 cup fresh greens / A tennis ball
1 oz. of pretzels or other snack foods / A large handful
1 medium fruit or a small potato / Your computer mouse
1 teasthingy of butter or margarine / A Scrabble tile
1 ounce of bread or / 1 small roll A Yo-Yo
5 crackers is a general a serving.
some general rules to keep from sliding back----

Protein first--veg second

1 cup size bowls and saucers to control portion sizes.

NO SECONDS! no matter how good it tastes!!!

No drinking with meals.

NO SKIPPIN snacks (another issue I am having, I when I skip my 3 pm snack... I have given mental note s to myself that I can have more later... NO! NO!)

Getting in all my liquids. I still mistake feeling thirsty with feeling hungry. A good drink of water and my 'put something in me' desire goes away!

Don't eat in front of the Tv. Always pay attention to what your eating. Tv is distracting. I perfer to eat by myself too. That way I can tell when I am full no distractions.

Always drink a whole glass of water a half hour before I eat. It seems to help with the fullness. You probable wont be able to do this early on.

After you get where you can eat raw vegetables, keep carrots, celery, and lettuce, broccoli, califlower, in a container to munch on. I find myself grazing and when I do I can munch on the raw vegtables it is better than high calorie foods.

I also keep low cal lunch meats and cheeses in the fridge to help with protein intake. Just wrap lunch meat and cheese for a wrap to eat.

I also keep boiled eggs in the refridgerator for a quick protein meal. One medium egg is 7 gms of protein/70 cals.

Anchor hocking has some one cup bowls with lids that are good for portion control. They will hold only a cup and you cant really fill them to that as it is too full. And if you cant finish the lid just snaps back on for later.They are also microwavable.

Buy the four ozs family pacs of yogurt instead of the 6 or 8 ozs. less for one meal. I only allow myself two per day too.

Eat one can of tuna per day for protein.

Eat shrimp it is good in protein, I like the pre-cooked shrimp. I can keep it frozen and just take out 4 or 5 for a meal.

A great dvd for exercise is Leslie Sansone. You can get them at walmart and they are inexpensive. You can start off slow with them. I just love them.

For a variety of exercise I keep a jump rope, exercise springs, weights. I have them all in a basket sitting in the corner and if I find I have nothing to do for a few minutes while cooking or something I do some exercises with them. I found most of this stuff at yardsales and thrift, consignment centers. And havent had to spend over a dollar per item.

Use to keep track of what you are eating. It is a good site.

If you find yourself sitting doing nothing. Tap your foot or flex your muscle. This is extra movement, and helps burn calories. Like at the docs office, sitting at the computer, or when riding in a car.

When tapping your foot, pick a number and dont let yourself stop until you get there. Same thing with exercises.

Make yourself do some work before you can eat something. Like do dishes or vacuum before you can have your snack.

When going somewhere and you are not going to be at home. Take a bag full of good foods, and lots of water so if you get busy you have healthy foods to eat and keeps you from eating at restaurants.( Saves money too)

I only drink water at home, but can treat myself to some green tea from lipton when I go some where.

I drink a 3 cup glass of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also drink a glass of water before bed. That gets me 96 ozs of water everyday and anything else is extra.

I take water everytime I get in the car. I also keep water bottles in the car, just in case I forget. I also keep single pacs of lipton green tea in the car at all times.

I ask for a small plate if we go to restaurants and my husband and I order something we can share. (Saves money too)

My favorite protein recipe
1/2 bannana (or choice of fruit)
1/2 c. crystal light orange ( or choice)
4 ozs. yogurt Strawberry (or choice)
5 to 7 ice cubes
one scoop vanilla whey protein
Mix with a blender makes a great smootie it has around 300 calories so I substitute it for a meal but has around 25 to 30 grams of protein.

For juice in protein drink, use flavors of crystal light. less calories

Dont take that last bite no matter how much you think you need it. JUST DONT DO IT!!!!

Always take small bites, use Baby spoons to get use to taking small bites.

Chew every bite 20 times before swallowing. Not only does the chewing help with digestion, but it exercises your face and neck muscles.

Put a rubberband on your wrists and snap it if your have thoughts of eating something you shouldnt eat.

Find hobbies to keep you busy such as computer profiles, message groups, crocheting, gardening. Anything that will keep you busy so you dont think about food.

Go for a walk. Good exercise and keeps you from sitting around the house and wanting to eat. I walk certain distance and push yourself by going too far and then you have to walk back.

Keep all food in cabinets. Our of sight, out of mind. That way when you walk through the kitchen you are not tempted.

Exercise while watching sitcoms at night. I find this is a good time to do pilates.

Exercise right after breakfast, this helps to kick start your metabolism burning.

Always eat something for breakfast to start your metabolism.

Get yourself into a routine of taking your vitamins the same time every day. Makes you less likely to forget them. I take mine every morning at the computer desk. While the computer is booting up.

Go to support groups and/or websites support groups. Helps you to keep you motivated and on track.

Make a lists of books to read and actually read them. Take a class at the local college.

Set yourself rules regarding food. Pick healthy foods. And pick rules you know you can follow. Adding rules helps you to stay in control instead of food controlling you.

Reward yourself often. Think about the money you are saving. Buy yourself something every time you reach a goal. (get your nails done, save for a vacation, buy a new subscription to a magazine you want. )

Make small goals at a time, I want to lose five, ten, or twenty pds. When I reach goal, I am getting a new wardrobe. My aunt has already promised me a trip to the mall. I have never been able to shop at the mall. I am excited over this.

Dont Ever, not Ever feel quilty about throwing food away. It is better off in the trash then around your heart.

Eating dense food makes your pouch feel fuller.

Dont get discouraged you didnt put this weight on in one day and it wont come off in one day. This will take time, and time is all we have anyway. Time to take care of ourselves and the ones we love. Be Happy!!

Eat to Live, Dont live to eat.

Tell yourself you do eat normal. I cant help it if every one else eats too much. I dont want to be fat no more.

This is forever. I will do whatever it takes, I want to be healthy weight for once in my life. . I only have the rest of my life to take care of me.

Put your utencils down in between bites.

If you have a craving for sugar, try sugar free jello.

Give yourself permission to eat. This helps makes good food choices. Do I need this for nutrition or Am I just wanting to eat?

Take out only the amount of food you can eat. Wrap up everything and put it away. Never sit bowels of food on the table.

Do dishes, I dont want to dirty more.

Dont nibble while preparing food. DON'T do it, keep a glass of water by you to help with breaking this habit. Drink the water instead.

Plan your meals as much as possible, knowing what you are gong to fix for a meal. Makes it easier to make healthy choices.

If you find yourself eating our of control, count to 30 and think about your decision. It is a matter of choice.

Never eat out of the bag, always measure your food. A handful here and there will add calories fast.

I never eat bread, pastas, rice, or rolls of any kind. I dont need the calories. I also dont eat much cereal, I do eat some mini wheat occasionally for fiber.

Kashi high protein cereal…also good for fiber source. And you can also throw a handful of kashi in with your high protein pudding to boost the protein and add some fiber.

I alway use real butter , instead of margerine.

Spend all your grocery money on healthy foods. Dont allow yourself to buy anything but healthy foods.

On holidays, expecially halloween, buy the kids other stuff instead of candy. Like pencils, pacs of play-dough, apples. Then there is no left over candy.

Chicken of the sea Tuna pacs. are really good in protein.

Refried Beans are also good in protein, expecially early out.


Beans, canned, baked-1/2 cup-123-7
Beans, kidney, canned-1/2 cup-112-8
Beef eye of round-3 oz-143-21
Beef top loin-3 oz-176-21
Cheese, american fat free-1 oz-40-6
Cheese, cottage creamed-1/2 cup-82-14
Cheese, parmesan grated-1/4 cup-128--12
Cheese, mozzarella,part skim-1 oz-78-8
Cheese, part skim riccota-1/4 cup-90-8
Chicken, breast- no skin--3 oz-138-26
Chicken, leg- no skin-3 oz-162-21
Cod, white baked-3 oz-89-21
Crab, steamed-3 oz-82-17
Egg, hard cooked-1-78-6
Flounder-3 oz-62-21
Halibut-3 oz-119-21
Ham, lean, 5% fat-3 oz-133-21
Hamburger, 90% lean-3 oz-169-21
Lobster, steamed-3 oz-77-16
Milk, skim-1 cup-86-8
Milk, skim plus-1 cup-120-11
Peas, chick, canned-1/2 cup-134-7
Pork tenderloin-3 oz-139-21
Pork loin chop-3 oz-172-21
Salmon, baked-3 oz-155-21
Shrimp, steamed-(15 large) 3 oz-84-18
Soybeans(edemami)-1/2 cup-149-14.3
Soy flour, defatted-1/4 cup-81.7-12.8
Soymilk, plain-1 cup-79-6.6
Soynuts-1/4 cup-202-15
Steak, sirloin, trimmed-3 oz-166-26
Swordfish, baked-3 oz-132-21
Tempeh-1/2 cup-165-15.7
Texturized soy protein-1/2 cup-59-11
Tofu-1/2 cup-94-10
Tuna, canned, water packed-3 oz-111-25
Turkey, white meat-3 oz-105-21
Veal loin--3 oz-149-21
Veal leg(top round)-3 oz-128-21
Yogurt(sugar free) frozen,-1/2 cup-80--7
Yogurt Dannon lightn'fit creamy-6 oz-100-8

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