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5/9/06 Well is't been quite a whild since I've updated.
Things have gone from bad to worse. I'm still slowly gaining. With all the candy in the stores and house between Feb and Easter I'm a wreck. I'm Stress eating like before, trying to take everything out on myself. EAT even if i'm not hungry. If I stay busy it's not as bad. I've been eating and drinking at the same time and making VERY POOR food choices.
I've got to get myself back on track!!!!!!!
I have got to get my eating UNDER CONTROL

12/30/05 I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad the holidays over. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is so stressfull for me, and I'm a big stress eater. I'm up to 123. I can handle New Years Eve. I don't like going out so it's just trying to stay up late at home with the family and watch the ball drop.
I've been making VERY POOR food choices. I don't dump as much as I use to and that's a VERY BAD thing. At least when I dumped that kept me on track better.
I've gotten away for drinking my protein shake in the morning because I want something hot for breakfast, but enough of that. I've got to get back on track. Protien shake in the morning first thing.
I'm having a really hard time with body image also right now. People keep telling be how good I look and all I see is the hanging flab and clothes that don't fit right. I'm back to wearing elastic waist pants because to get zip/snap pants to fir you have to get 2-3 sizes bigger in the waist so they fit over the flaby skin. Then they are so big and baggie in the butt that it's not even funny.
Ok enought of that. End of another year and the start of a new and better 2006.

11/17/05 HAPPY 2 years out!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not exactly happy about my weight but it's my own fault. I'm not watching close enough to what I eat. I've let to many 'BAD' foods back into my diet. SOOOOOO from here on out I'm watching everything I eat and going back to basics again.
Protein, water and portions.
I've gained a few pounds. I'm now 122. My PCP is fine with this weight but I'm not!!! I really want to get back to 115. Ok so it's only 7 pounds but that's a lot to me. My last years winter clothes are really tight and I don't like tight pants.
I have to try VERY HARD not to STRESS EAT!!!!!!!!
I'll try to update more as I start losing again.

8/19/05 It's been a busy Spring and Summer so I haven't had time to update. With Christopher only home a total of 3 weeks this summer with all his Boy Scout activities and Elizabeth in cheerleading, color guard and twrling, me being in PTO (and Middle school PTO does not stop for summer), on the cheerleading board and being a cheerleading coach I really don't know were the time has gone.

I'm ready for the kids to get back to school so that I can get back with my regular schedule. I hate having all this junk food here. It's soooooooo hard not to nibble here and there.

Will try to up date better but with two active kids, work, and a very ACTIVE ME it's hard to find time at the computer.

3/19/05 It's been a while since I've had time to up date. So here goes. I went to the information session for PS and it was TOTALLY different from when the doctor came and talked at our support group. I'm still researching other doctors, and I need to get my rashes and all in my PCP files.
I've had the winter blues and have not been watching what I eat. Needless to say a few pounds have crept back on. I'm still on track at 118, but I really wanted to get to 110 and then stay around 110-115. SOOOOOOO with that said I really need to KICK BUTT and GET WITH IT!!!!!! The other thing is that my PCP thinks I'm getting to thin. According to his charts I would be good at the 130's. I'm not even on his charts at 4'10 118 for MBI. Time to get ready for the day.

1/13/05 I've made some baby steps for my reconstruction surgery. The doctor I have chosen has monthly informational meetings much like I went to for WLS. This way I will also know exactly what I will need for medical necessity for my insurance. Since she is doing so many WLS people her office knows just what to do for each insurance.
I have until Feb 22 to get all my questions together.

1/4/05 Well I surived the holidsys with only gaining a few pounds. I really didn't think it would be soooooo hard. At one point I got up to 119!!!!!!!! As of toady I'm down to 116.5. Time to really get back on track and get all this JUNK FOOD OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!! I haven't come all this way to gain weight back.
On the up side Hubby has new insurance and I've already been calling trying to find out about reconstrive surgery. If I can prove medically necessary I'll be approved. I have an appointment with Dr.Hadley on Thursday and I'll see what she thinks.

11/17/04 This time one year ago I was in pre op waiting to go to the OR.
WOW What a difference a year makes!!!!!
Never would I have dreamed that I would go from a size 26w-28w-3xl, to a 4 petite!!!!!!!! I just can't beleive it. As of today I've lost 105lb. My weight goes between 113-117.
I'm at GOAL!!!!!!!! I move better. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I guess I do look some what better, but that's with cloths on. When I'm all nakey well that's another story. LOL I will be looking into reconstrive surgery in the months to come. I just want to wait to make sure my weight stays steady.

It is a Wonderful Life after all.

10/8/04 Well yesterday was my birthday. I recieved a very nice supprize from myself. I started the day with my normal weekly weigh in and......the scale read 115!!!!!!!! That's the goal I set for myself. If I get any lower that's just 'icing on the cake'. Need to come up with a new phrase. LOL. My new BMI is 24 right on the mark.

9/10/04 Mark this date down in history!!!!!!! I'm at a NORMAL BMI AND!!!!!!!! I've lost 100 lb.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to my PCP today because of my allergies and he wanted to know when I was going to STOP losing. Like I've said before I would like to get to 115. According to his chart I would have been normal aroung 125 or so.

9/4/04 I almost have a NORMAL BMI!!!!! Today I weighed and I'm 120 with a BMI of 25.1. I wear anywhere from a size 4 to 8 depending on where I buy and what it is. I can shop in the petite department and not feel like I shouldn't be there.

8/26/04 The KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I have a son in Jr High, 7th grade. On another positive I'm now 121.5. Getting there!!!!!!!!! 115 is soooooo close.

8/19/04 Well things have gotten really busy around here. Getting ready for the kids to go to Chicago, all the back to school stuff, last time trips to KI and The Beach. Getting ready for cheerleading, trying to put together a dance, learning new cheers. And now I'm on the Mothers Club Board!!!!!!!! I take my water bottle with me EVERYEHERE.

On the good side I weighed in today 123. Only 3 more pounds and I'll be at a NORMAL BMI. 95 pounds gone so far. I really want to make it to the 100 club. Only 8 more to MY goal of 115.

8/10/04 Just a little down right now. Weight loss has slowed down a lot. I knew it would but I'm soooooo close. I have never been this close to my goal weight in all my life. I also went to Good will and was trying on cloths and I hate the way clothes are sized. I'm in a size 8 swim suit that is to big, yet I couldn't get on a size 10 jeans at GW. I have to get over the numbers and just wear what fits. But that is easier said than done.

7/29/04 If my goal is 115 I'm only 11 pounds away. I weighed in today and I'm 126.!!!!! I'm just in total shock. I have NEVER been a "normal" weight since birth.

7/22/04 Ok so I just updated. Since I'm getting so close to a NORMAL weight I've been playing with 2 different BMI sites, and 2 different hight weight chatrs. The hight/weight charts say to weight with 1" heels and 3# of clothing. OK so that would be 4'11". Those charts show anywhere from 103-134 and 94-137. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I have a large frame so even that would make it 120-137 if I combine both charts.
Now for the BMI charts. One chart says 118 would be a BMI of 24.7. I really can't see me under 100 so that BMI would be 20.9.
Now the other site says that BMI of 25-20 is 'the norm'. So that would be 120-100. SOOOOOOOOO with all that I will say that my goal is anywhere from 120-100, a nomal BMI.

7/16/04 I know I just up dated but I weighed again today and I'm 128 with a BMI of 26.8!!!!!! 90 LB lost in 8 months. I just can't belive it. With each pound I just go into shock. I have NEVER NEVER been this small. My size small shorts are getting to big. And so is my size 8 swim suit. I might just go shopping to see what size I can get into now. I NEVER EVER thought I'd be able to shop in the Petite Dept. This surgery is a God send. I can't believe how much better I move and feel.

7/12/04 My BMI is not correct. It should read 27.4 for now.

7/12/04 Just a quick up date on my weight and sizes. Weight 131.5 Size Small for both top and bottoms. I think I need to go out and buy some smaller undies and a few night gowns. Everything is just so big.
According to some hight and weight charts for LARGE Frame I'm ok 118/134.
Another part of the site It says that I can weigh anywhere between 94-137
Sooooooo between all these number I'll fit in somewhere.

6/27/04 I know it hasn't been that long since I updated but since Friday I've been like a deer standing in front of the head lights. I was at the pool on Friday and noticed that my swim bottoms were really baggie. I ask my daughter what she thought and she says LET'S GO SHOPPING. I started back in March with a size 16. Then by Memorial Day I was in a size 12. I though ok I'll try a 10. IT WAS TO BIG!!!!!! I though NO WAY. I sent my daughter out to get an 8. IT FIT!!!!!!! I just stood there looking in th mirror thinking who is this looking back. I have NEVER been in a size 8 unless you count shoes. I now wear a size 34D bra. I really need to fina a 32 I think but they don't make a 32D. I'm in a size SMALL in both tops and bottoms. I still have about 20 or so pounds to lose. AND I want to get a TT some day. I have NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE felt this way. I have NEVER EVER shopped in the PETITE dept. It's still going to take so time for my head to catch up with my body.

6/18/04 I'm 7 months post op and down 81.5 lb. I weighed in today at 136.5 lb. I'm still on my nice steady path about 10 lb a month or so. I'm 21.5 lb from my goal of 115!!!!!! That would put my BMI at 24. I know that's on the high end of 'Normal' but I just can't picture myself any lower. This is the lowest I've been in 13 years!!!!! (last diet that half way worked) This is also what I weighed in high school!!!! SOOOOOOO I have NEVER been any lower in weight in my late teens or adult life.

6/10/04 My new pictures are up. I'm at a platue (sp) right now. Getting into the summer pool schedule has not been easy. The kids take snacks to the pool and that's my down fall. I have got to stop eating cheese crackers and just stick with my yogurt and string cheese.

6/1/04 MY BMI IS UNDER 30!!!!!I'm just OVERWEIGHT!!!!!!!I'm at 142 as of today. I've lost 76 lb so far. I see Dr.Hadley on Thursday. I hope she's as happy with my loss as I am. I think I'm doing GREAT. I'm 6 1/2 mos out and I'm within 25-30lb of my GOAL. And lord knows that I'll need some plastic surgery that would remove another few pounds.

5/17/04 HAPPY 6 MONTH OUT!!!!!!!!
I weighted today and drum roll please........ 146!!!!!!! By the charts here on obesityhelp if I want to lose 100 lb I should have lost 65 lbs and I've lost 72!!!!!!!! I'm a month ahead of what the charts say!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo happy I only wish I had done this sooner in my life and not waite till I was 42.

5/03/04 I've reached my first personal goal!! As of today I weight 150 lb. That's what I weighed when I was in 9th grade in high school. That's also about what I weighed in collage and when I got married 20 years ago. I'm in sizes 14/12 Med. pants and jeans. Darn hips and tummy. It really took me by shock when I went bra shopping. I'm now in a 36 D. That's from my highest of 46 DD.
My next personal goal is 135-130. That's was my lowest in high school, and what I weighed right before I knew I was going to have my first child.

4/24/04 As of today I'm 151.5. That's down 66.5 pounds. Just when I think I've hit a platue I start losing again. I went to Goodwill last night shopping. Last weekend of the month everything 50% off. I started to look for size 16 pants/jeans. Well I saw a pair of size 14. I thought what the heck, let's see how far off I am from a 14. I put them on and got them zipped. Now they were a little tight but they zipped. My daughter was there so I didn't start crying but I sure wanted to. I haven't been in a 14 since high school. I just had to share.

4/16/04 I'll be 5 months out in one more day. I weighed today because Saturday is always so busy. Anyway I'm down to 155 total lose of 63 lb. Still about 10 lb a month. All the pants that I have are soooooooo baggie. Their size 18. So size 16 here I come. In tops I can wear a Large!!!!!! I have one top from WalMart that is a "L 12/14". I almost cried in the dressing room when I put it on. More up dates to come.

Just a quick up date. I've lost 60 lb as of today. Only 45-40 lb to go. I'm over 1/2 way there!!!!!!

3/17/04 I'm 4 months post op today. I'm down 54 lbs. 1/2 way to my goal of 120-115. I see Dr.Hadley Thursday and last time our scales were 2 lb different. I'm ready for it this time. I have very light weight pants to wear, a light weight top and shoes that I can slip off. No use adding anything to the scale that I don't have to.

3/12/04 Just got my new picture up!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! What a difference 50 lb makes. I go see Dr.Hadley for my check up next Thursday.

3/06/04 My BMI is down to 34.7!!!!!!!! This means that I'm only Obese by one chart and over weight by another. I would no longer qualify for surgery!!!!!!!
Another up note I have on a pair of size 18 jeans. NOT the Women's dept size 18 but a regular MISSY dept 18 short GITANO blue jeans. I never thought I'd be SOOOOOO happy to be in an 18 again. And to top it off it's FRIDAY!!!!!
Life is GOOD!!!!!!!

3/1/04 I'm 1/2 way to my goal. As of today I've lost 50 pounds.
I have am appointment with Dr.Hadley next Tues. I want to find out about taking regular vitimans instead of chewable. On the down side NOTHING FITS!!!!! Everything I own is either big or really to big. I've been looking at the thrift stores but nothing in my size. I guess I'm going to have to break down and go shopping somewhere else. I just really don't want to spend alot since I'm still losing.

2/25/04 I feel like a BIG WEIGHT has been lifted from my shoulders. What's been upseting me has all been cleared up. The bad news is that I did have a mini binge today with everything coming to a head. Not to bad but I had about a 1" square of coffee cake. It's over it's done with it's time to move on. I'm planning a nice healthy dinner and then off to church for Ash Wednesday services.

I've been playing a little more with my GOLAS and I have found that ALL BMI CHARTS are not the same. Here is a chart from obesityhelp and weight tracker. BUT the chart from Dr.Hadley's site is different.
SOOOOOO My "NORMAL - IDEAL" could be anywhere from 87-122 lb.

Weight Tracker BMI/obesityhelp
Between 18.5 and 24.9 Normal 87 119
Between 25 and 29.9 Overweight 120 143
Between 30 and 34.9 Obese 144 167
Between 35 and 39.9 Severely Obese 168 190
Between 40 and 49.9 Morbidly Obese 218 45.6

Dr.Hadley BMI
16 - 20 Thin 100
21 - 25 IDEAL 101 122
26 - 30 Moderately Overweight 123 144
31 - 35 Overweight 145 168
36 - 39 Very Obese 169 190
OVER 40 Morbidly Obese 218 45.6

2/23/04 I just need to type and vent some. Something happened yesterday that got me really upset and down. I don't really want to take about what happened but more with how I'm dealing with it. I have no desire to over eat, but I find myself eating not the best choices. We ended up having Long John Silvers for dinner. I had one piece of fish and about 10 fries. Today for lunch I was still in a funk and a friend and I went to Frisch's for lunch. I had a small cheese burger plain top bun removed and about 4 onion rings. I logged everything into and with my shake this morning I'm up to 500 calories so far today.

I keep telling myself BABY STEPS, I'm taking BABY STEPS. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will by food habits.

2/20/04 Well I finalls had set some goals for myself. I'm at 171 as of today which makes me on the low side of very obese. I can't believe that I have already lost 47 pounds.

My first goal will be to get to 150lb. That will put me in the overweight group with a BMI 31.

Next will be moderately overweight 130lb and BMI of 27.

Final GOAL 118lb with a BMI of 25.

I am not putting any dates on these goals, I'll make them when I make them.

Here's the site where I am getting these groupings. It's Dr. Hadley and Dr.Maguire's site.

2/8/04 A lot has been happening lately with my family. I think in the past I would have been stressing and over eating, but not now. I just grab some decaf ice tea and go with the flow. Christopher turned 12, Elizabeth turned 10. Making cupcakes for school, January Birthday table, Cupcakes for the classes, cupcakes for home for the birthday parties, cakes for the family parties. I think I've gone through 6 boxes of cake mix in the past month. And guess what. With all those cakes and cupcakes I onlu had a total of 2 cupcakes the whole month!!!!!!!!!! I ate 1/2 at the home and family parties.

More stress, Elizabeth had to get her full braces, with a down payment of $1280. Needless to say I ask to make that in 2 payments. We were going to use that money for a dow payment on a new/used van for me.

Still more stress, Elizabeth needs GLASSES!!!!!!!! When it rains it pours. $245. The only think I can say is that she's a great kid. She didn't mind the braces and wants the glasses. I remembered when I had to get glasses I cried for days. She's getting braces and glasses all in 30 days of each other.

Even more stress, I found a really great van and now have spent the downpayment money on other more imporante things. It's a 2000 Grand caravan with only 65K miles for only $6995. Compaired to my 1989 with 175K it's like new to me. To make a long story short. We just chose to finance the whole thing through the dealer. The bank was being a total pain in the butt. What was taking the bank 3 weeks to approve us took the dealership less than 5 minutes to approve us. I drove it off the lot and home yesterday.

NOW the BEST NEWS of the week is that I was at the mall and just had to try on something to see what size I was. So I went to Old Navy, they had some jeans for only $3.97. I though what the hey. Well a size 20 fit!!!!!!!!! My size before surgery was a 24-26, 3x and they were tight some times.

I survied baking all the cupcakes, my daughter having to get both braces and glasses, waiting for ever for the bank to approve our loan then changing the intrest rate and everything else that has been thrown at me with out STRESS EATING!!!!

LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

2/03/04 I'm down 42.5 lbs in 11 weeks, 175.5. Several years ago I lost the same amount of weight and it took well over 6 months. I was doing the slimfast thing, working out like a mad women getting up at 5:30am every morning, taking in no more than 1000 cal, being a B*@%H to everyone because I was ALWAYS HUNGERY. And you guessed, it as soon as I started eating 'normal' and not working out like a mad women it all came back. I think I stayed at that weight for 2 weeks before the scale started going up again. Well today I got on the scale and I'm at that same weight!And I know that the scale will keep going DOWN!!!!!!!!!

My next Mini Goal is to get to 150. That was my hightest when I was in high school. After that is 135, that was what I got down to when I was on Jenny Craig back in 1989. After I meet the 135 goal I don't know what to set from there because I've never been any lower than that.

I need to babble a little more and tell about another mini goal that I've met. For the longest time I've had to wear women's plus size underwear, you know the "Just My Size" stuff. Well today I can FINALLY fit into regular size underwear. Now they are a size 10 but it's the regular size 10's. The "Just My Size" 10's were SOOOOOOOO big it was like I had on 'grannie panities'. I know that the men are just thrilled to read this, LOL, but sorry it's a BIG thing to me and maybe other ladies out there to reach this part in their WLS path. I've been waiting a long time till I could wear some sexy underthings and night gowns.
Ok babbling over. Have a Great Day!!!!!!!

1/26/04 This is week 10 and so far I've lost a total of 40 lb and 22 total inches. I really need to get working on my arms. I've already got some really good 'bat wings' forming. I think I'll be ready to fly by spring. LOL I know that insurance will not pay for that. I'm starting to look into the different types of plastic surgery. I know I'm going to need a TT and something done to my hips, maybe liop on them or a Lower Body Lift will take care of everything. That's why I'm getting informed now so that when the time is right I'm ready.

1/21/04 I having some really bad mood swings and depression right now. I remember reading about this but it's sure different when it's happening to you. I've posted on my favorit sites telling about this and everyone has been really supportive. Most of them are telling me 'been there done that'. And that's what I needed to hear is that I'm normal in having some of these feelings. I'm so glad I have my online support groups as well as the in person ones.

1/17/04 I'm 2 months out today and down 36 pounds. That's right on track for reaching 130 and 3 pounds off from reaching 120. chart said I should weight 110 pounds but I think that would be way to thin for me.

I've been in a mourning food state all this week. Thinking of all the things I can't have. I dump on skim milk and I love to drink ice cold milk. I've been wanting donuts and candy bars also. I might be able to do some of the protein bars to help wiwth the candy, but I have to really watch the sugar. I can't even do the 'no sugar added' items. I dump on the sugar alcohol. I'm making home made chili again today using a different recipe so hopefully I won't dump on it.

I'm VERY HAPPY with what I've done and what I've lost. I'm already thinking of plastic surgery even though it's a year or two down the road. I can't wait till I can wear a regular swim suit without shorts or a skirt style.

1/8/04 My scale and Dr.Haldey's are 3lb difference. Either way she was very pleased with my weight loss. I go back in 2 months.

1/8/04 I see Dr.Hadley today for my check up. According to my scale I've lost 32lb so we'll see how close the office scale is to home. I really hope their not far off. I have 2 goals in mine. It would be GREAT to get back to what I was before I had Christopher, which was 135. So Goal 1 is 130. I was a size 10-12 then. If I get there and I'm still losing good, I think 120 would be a final goal for me. I know that most of the charts say I should weigh 90-110. For me I think that it totally unrealistic. I know I'm short 4'10", but I'm also 42 years old. I'm not going to weigh the same as someone a lot younger and that hight. Most of the 6th grade girls are taller than me.

I'll report back after the doctors and tell how that went.

12/29/03 Week 6 and I'm down 27 lb. Had a CAT scan last week to see what the pain in my left side is. PCP was closed on Friday so I haven't heard anything yet. I'll call today and see what was found. PCP thinks it's a pinched nerve, something Dr.Hadley did during my RNY but I just don't buy that. Dr.Hadley thinks the pain on my right side is either a pulled muscle or the start of a hernia. I'm thinking hernia because a pulled muscla should be gone by now. I don't have an appointment with Dr.Hadley until Jan 8th, I 'm going to call and see if it can be moved up some.

I've been the dumping queen lately. But that is a good thing. I can't stand sugar alcohol, and last night I dumped on home made chilie. Still learning what to eat and not eat.

12/22/03 Just a few updates. I have some type of pain on my left side. Called Dr.Hadley and it's not surgery related so off to my PCP. Treated for kidney, bladder infection. Pain still there. Went for an internal ultra sound and no kidney stones, so now I guess I'm looking at something with my female system. I also have a pain whenever I move on my right side that I need to call Dr.Hadley about. I don't know if it's a hernia or what, but it hurts like H*##. Other that that I've lost 24 lb. More updates later.

12/15/03 It's been 4 weeks, I've lost 21 lbs. I'm starting to learn how much I can eat measuring is the key. I bought a food scale so that will help a lot. I can't believe that I'm NEVER feel hungry. I still want to eat when the kids are snacking after school but I just drink or have a protein shake.

12/6/03 Things are still going good. I'm down 17lb as of today. I got 22 staples out on Tuesday afternoon. The tube didn't fall out until the next day and that was a GREAT feeling. I'm doing good with water and eating I know I need to get more protine in and I'm working on that. So far everything I've tried to eat has worked. I've just got to learn how to EAT SLOW!!! Dinner/supper is the hardest. I don't know why but I just seem to eat to fast at night. I'm still really tired and I LOVE my afternoon naps and most nights I'm in bed by 8pm. Today's going to be busy. Kids have church play practice, Christmas shopping and putting up the tree.

11/22/03 I'm On the LIGHTER side now!!!!!!! So far so good. I'm doing good with water and protine and walking. I've already called the office and asked some dumb questions. But better safe than sorry. The pain is a little more than I though but that's what the meds are for. I just can't get into a good sitting position. I've had a lot of great support through the boards and at my house. I don't know what I'd do with out my mother being here. I know that Trent and the kids would not have eaten as good of dinners without her here.

11/17/03 Well TODAY'S the day. In less than an hour I'll be off to the hospital and ready to be on the lighter side of life.

11/14/03 Just got a call from Dr.Hadley's office. My surgery has been moved up!!!!!!!! I now report to the hospital at 8:45am and in the or around 10:45am.

11/12/03 I'm down to 4 days and a wake up till I'm on the lighter side. I still don't have a personal goal set. The charts say anywhere from 94-135 it all depends on your fram type and bmi. I can't remember anything under 135 so I think that may be where I start. As insurance stands now though, if I do lose more than 100lb the TT wil be paid for. We'll see when it comes time what insurance will do then.

11/11/03 I made to through all the pre op testing on Friday. I never want to do an upper gi ever again. Yesterday I had my appointment with my PCP to change all the meds that need to be changed. I'll owe Drug Mart a bundel. I thing there were something like 9-10 RX total for me. I'm picking them up later today. I've had a few moments where I've been thinking, "What the heck am I doing to myself". I believe that this is normal.

11/04/03 I had my appointment with Dr.Hadley today. I really didn't like the scales. I'm up again to my all time high of 218 lb. I don't know if it's because I've started eating all my "last" foods or because I've been having protine drinks to boost levles pre-op. Anyway 218 is where I start. 13 days and counting down.

11/01/03 I may be the odd one out but I have no fears about my up coming WLS. It hit me last night as I was going to pick up the kids from a Halloween party. For me this is like a marriage. When I met my husband I knew by our third date that this was the man I was going to marry. I don't know how I knew because the first 2 dates were awful. But I knew that some day I would marry him. We dated for 2 years and were engaged for a year. On November 24 we will bave been married 19 years. I guess we did our homework before we got married. This is what I have done with WLS. In the back of my mind I knew that someday if I wanted to get healthy and lose weight that it would be through WLS. I remember back in the 1980's a lady from church had WLS and I guess then I knew that some day I would be in her shoes. So I've done my homework. I've waited until the doctors know what they are doing, WLS has been around for over 25 years now. I've looked at all the types of WLS and know that RNY is the right choice for me. I've looked at several doctors and have chosed the one who is best for me for what I want and expect.
I never had wedding day jitters, and this is the same way I'm feeling about my WLS on 11/17/03.
I couldn't wait to start my new life with my husband, Trent, and now I can't wait to start my new life with WLS.

10/27/03 Yesterday had a phone consult with one of the staff to go over more history and meds I take, telling me about post op diet, and such. I have my appointment with Dr.Hadley on 11/4, Pre-op testing 11/7, and an appointment with PCP on 11/10 to change my meds I need to.

10/22/03 I HAVE A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!! November 17 1PM will be my other birthday now. Will chat more later it's time to tell everyone.

10/18/03 I finally got my APPROVAL LETTER!!!!!!!!!! The letter was dated 10/10, but it didn't hit the mail till 10/16. So come Monday I'll be on the phone with Rhonda to start setting up some dates.

10/17/03 OK I'm approved but neither I nor the doctors office has yet to recieve the letter. I forgot that there was no mail on Monday. I called MMO again Monday just to see if the letter was sent. They said it had been. Well it's Friday and still nothing. So I called again today and they are sending out another letter today. If I don't hear from the doctors office or have a letter in my hand by Wednesday, you better believe that MMO will be getting more calls and I will have them fax the letter. And I don't care if 'we never fax approval letter'. By the time I'm done yelling they will wish they had faxed it in the first place.

10/10/03 I got a really nice belated birthday present today. I just had to call MMO to see where things were... and I was told that I'm APPROVED and that I should get the letter Monday!!!!!!!

10/8/03 I've been calling MMO each week to find out where my paper work is. I now have the claim number and was told today that it is in "physician's review". I hope that is a good thing he/she should be able to see the yo-yo pattern in my 5 year weight history, and that everything I've tried in the past didn't work.

9/27/03 Reality check. I read on someone else's up date who has MMO also that she was DENIED because her BMI went below 40 during her 5 year history. So I really need to get set for an appeal letter myself. On my 5 year history my BMI has been as high as 45.6 and low as 37.0 last year when I lost 38 pounds. It all came back because now my BMI is 44. If any one has a realy good appleal letter let me know.

9/25/03 OK so I can't wait. I called MMO today to see if they have recieved my paper work yet. Will they have!!!!!!! It was faxed on 9/22/03 and intered into the system on 9/24/03. Also found out the it was summited by Dr.Hadley, so that's who will be going the surgery. Which also means that I still have a chance to get it done before the end of the year!!!!!!!

9/22/03 I just got off the phone with Dr. M's office and my paper work will be sent out today!!!!!!!!!! I'll start calling MMO on Friday to see if they have it or not.

9/19/03 Ok so I'm very impatient, I called my PCP to see if anyone was working on my paper work. It's already been sent to Dr.Maguire's office. Way to go PCP STAFF. I'll call Dr.M on Monday to see if they've recieved it yet. I also called MMO to make sure that nothing has changed and that I still have full coverage. So now the big wait begins.

This is the up dated letter I sent to Dr.Maguire for insurance.

To: Medical Mutual of Ohio

I’m Robin Wren, 41 years old. I’m 4’10” and weigh 211 pounds and have a BMI of 44 which puts me in the morbidly obese group. I have been overweight since the second grade. I have been on lots of diets and workout programs through my life. Here’s a list of the more recent years.

Year Program Start Weight End Weight Total Lost

1996 Medifast 215 169 46

Slim Fast
Making the Connection-Oprah and Bob Green
Weigh Down-A Christian based weight loss
Richard Simmons, Deal-A-Meal, Richard Simmons work out tapes
Other work out tapes, Mary Hart, Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Kathy Smith

1997 196

1998 218

1999 217

2000 Xenical 218 185 33

2001 Metabolife 211 200 10

2002 Programs
Ultra Slim Fast, Leslie Sansone tapes, Losing It On Line support group

2002 215 177 38

2003 211

In the past 7 years I have managed to keep off only 7 pounds from my highest weight of 218.

My grand mother was obese, and my mother is also in the Morbidly Obese group. My mother is also an insulin dependent diabetic.

I have developed arthritis in both of my hips with the left side being the worse. I am taking Celebrex for this.

I suffer from depression that I believe is related in part to my being morbidly obese and many years of dieting and failing. I’m currently taking Fluoxetine 40mg once a day and Wellbutrin SR15mg once a day to treat my depression.

I have difficulty performing many daily activities, and participating with my family and friends in recreational activities. For example it is very hard to walk around with my children at The Beach Water Park. They want me to go on the water rides with them but I don’t even think about that. You have to climb up several flights of steps in order to get to the beginning of the water slide. I can not do this without stopping several times to catch my breath.

I don’t want this surgery in order to look great. I want this surgery in order to be healthy and to be able to move better. I want to be able to do things with my husband, children and friends. I want to be able to walk up a flight of steps without getting out of breath.

I am very motivated. I am determined. I have the skills, the desire and tenacity to make the weight loss surgery a success.

I know that bariatric surgery is a big decision, I’ve done a lot of research on it. I already belong to several weight loss surgery on line support groups. I have started attending local
weight loss support meetings that are held either on a biweekly, monthly or on a bimonthly schedule. This is major surgery and a major life style change. Weight loss surgery is not an easy
way out.

I have struggled with being overweight for most of my life and I’m tired of struggling. I feel that is why I need Roux-en-Y and that is a medical necessity.

You will find enclosed all the information Medical Mutual of Ohio requires.
Diet history from my self for the past 5 years (this letter).
Diet history letter from my primary care physician.
Psychological evaluation.
Specific information from the surgeon.

Thank you for expediting my request and forwarding the authorization as soon as possible to the doctors office. Please contact me if there any other information you need.


Robin N. Wren

9/17/03 Now I'm in paper work H#@!!!!!!!!! Everything is out of my hands and in my PCP, Dr.Maguire's staff and insurance. I went to PCP's on Monday and told them what still needed to be sent to Dr.Maguire. I think I'll start calling Friday and make sure someone is working on it. They won't fax it which will take longer also. So after I know that it's been mailed, then I'll start bugging Dr.Maguire's staff so it can get sent out to insurance ASAP. Then it will be time to start bugging insurance. Have I said how much I hate waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/13/03 FINALLY I got to go to Dr. Mguire's info session on Friday. I was worried because it tool me longer to get there than I though then I couldn't find a parking space. It was 1pm when I pulled in and the letter said DON'T BE LATE. I got to the office and everything was fine. I filled out the last of the paper work, got weigh and off to class. Since I've been waiting so long I've had plenty of time to research WLS and Dr.Maguire, so most of what he said in the in the into was a repeat for me. What really floored me was that so many there had not been reasearching and didn't know 1/2 of what he was talking about. The only things that were new to me is that 1. alond with Dr.Maguire, and Dr.Hadly they are adding a third to the team. Dr. Anderson. He will be doing surgery on his own in October or November. 2. is that they now do the Fobi pouch style of RNY. I didn't know that so all last night and today I've been researching about that. I'll have a small pouch about 15-20 cc, and there is a band or ring added so that the pouch doesn't streach out. I need to go and get some other info from my PCP fax it to the office, have them get it to MMO and wait for APPROVAL!!!!!! I really hope to be in the OR and on the losing side by the end of the year. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

9/9/03 I can't make Dr.Maguire's support group meeting again. 6th grade band is starting and tonight's the parents meeting. I figure since I'm still very pre-op it's not as important yet that I go to support meetings. I really want to get the ball rolling. Friday and the info session can't come soon enough!!!

9/5/03 Just got back for a check up with PCP and my weight is now back up to 210!!!!!!!!!!!

9/2/03 I'm still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm planning on going to Dr.Maguire's support group meeting next Tuesday.

8/24/03 I HATE WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It seems like that's all I've been doing. It's been since mid June when I called Dr. Maguire's office to make the info session appointment. Will September 12 ever get here???????I keep hearing all these different things that MMO is changing again in October.

On the up side my mother said that she would come up to help in whatever way she can. Daughter, Elizabeth let it slip to other grandmother Eileen about WLS and she didn't object. She also said that she would help out. I'm glad that I have their support.

8/14/03 Just a quick up date. Went to Dr. Fallang's info session. Now I know why it last from 9 am-2pm. They must have called insurance because after the doctor spook we were grouped off with office staff and told that we needed $6000.00 30 day before surgery.
I thought this was an information session!!!!!!!!! Now to wait till Septembet 12th for Dr. Maguire's info session.

8/14/03 It's FINALLY August 14. Today I go to Dr. Fallang's info session. I have finished my diet history letter. I think it's very good. Not to much but enough. I have all the other paper work with me but the letter for the psych evaluation. I hope to get that soon or maybe it was just sent it to Dr. Fallang's office.

8/10/03 I had my psych evaluation on Tuesday. I had used the councilor before, then she called and said that her partner would be doing the eval. I walk in and here's this very skinny tall attractive young women standing there. I though 'OH GREAT what do she know about being fat.' But I was ok as soon as we started talking. She was very nice and ask the types of questions I expected. We talked for about 45 mins and she said that I would make a very good WLS candidate, that I had very realistic goals and knew that this was a lifestyle change, and that she would be faxing her letter in the next few days.
Then on Friday my hubby brought me my letter from our PCP. I had been out all day, he got the call and picked it up for me. SOOOOOOO now I have most of the paper work I need to send into the insurance co. and get approved!!!!!!!! You have to think POSTIVE!!!!!!

7/31/03 I finally feel like things are moving in the right direction. I took the paper work over to my PCP and they said it would take a few days to get back to me. I've been playing phone tag with the Dr for my psych evaluation, and I go next Tuesday for that. I still have to do my letter but I don't think it will take that long.

7/15/03 I've been reading a lot of profile up dates from a lot of different members. Today I found out the # 3 dr is now totally OUT. I read someone's post and couldn't believe it. Poor thing has had so many trouble. Her LAP RNY took over 6 hours because the dr didn't know what he was doing. I emailed her to thank her for being so honest. SO I'm down to 2 to choise from. Then later on I read someones post who has the same insurance as me. Well MMO has changed their policy with some companies. I was crushed. So I got on the phone to MMO to see about my insurance coverage and if any changes had taken place since I spoke to them last month. Well to make a long story shorter my coverage has stayed the same. YEAAAAA Hubby may not make as much as some but we've got GREAT insurance. Maybe it also helps that it's the Health Dept. So now I'm just waiting and waiting. I'm going to go to 2 different droctors info sessions. One is August 14 the other September 12. I hate waiting!!!!!!!!!

7/9/03 I went to my first RNY support meeting last night. I heard about the new Bari ward that should be open in mid August. It sounds really nice. I don't know what I expected but I was impressed that both doctors were there to answer questions. I still don't understand a lot of the what their talking about since I haven't been to the info session. I'm going to try to find out or ask some very dumb questions on the support board.

7/3/03 I recieved my information packet/paper work from Dr. Maguire's office today. Now to just keep track of it until September 12, informational meeting. LOL I've posted questions on several web sites and have recieved a lot of information in reply. I'm starting a note book with a list of questions to ask. The more I read and learn the more I know that this is the right path for me if I ever want to loase weight and keep it off.

6/27/03 Well I'm back from PCP and I'm on cloud 9. He agreeed that WLS could help. I told him my list of doctors and one of them was who he referred all his patients to. Here's where the cloud comes down some. I call Dr. Maguire's office and the first information session that has an opening is SEPTEMBER 12, 2003. When I talked to them they ask do I want to hear the whole works. I told her all the information I had and she was VERY impressed. I had already called MMO and I told her exactly what they needed to make it "med. ness." She then ask if I wanted to be put on the waiting list if there are any no shows I said YES YES YES. Now the waiting begins!!!!!!!!!!

Well I've taken baby steps. I've made an appointmemt with my PCP for Friday to talk about WLS. I'm going to Dr. Fallang's information session on WLS August 14. It's a 4-5 HOUR information session. I think my hubsand will be able to take off work to go with me so he can have his questions answered.
I've been reachering 3 doctors. All I found on All are in my PPO. All go to hospitals I like. From what I learned so far, from one post one doctor # 2 'made a goof' but the poster doesn't go into detail and it was about 14 years ago. WLS has come a long way since then. Doctor #3 doesn't have as much info and post, but as they say no news is good news. Doctor #1 keeps coming up all over the place. I keep finding cross post about him and his staff in several places. I have to keep in mind that almost anything can look very good on paper, it's what things are really like that count.
Time to keep reading and reaching

June 2003I have been fat all my life. Well since 2nd grade, I'm now 41. You name a diet I've been on it. I've lost and regained to much that I can't even remember how much.

I've been trying to remembering all the diets and workout tapes I've gone through in the past years. Here's the list as best my old mind remembers so far:

Workout tapes: Mary Hart, Kathy Smith, Denise Austin, Richard Simmons Oldies and Oldies 2, Leslie Samsone 6 tapes all together. Walking around the track and walking around the block so many times that I feel like I must have walked across the country.

Diets: Slim-Fast, can't remember how many times I've started that one. Deal-A-Meal, again I can't remember how many times I've started that one. Cabbage soup, and lot's of other fad diets. Jenny Craig, Medi-Fast, Xenical, Losing It On Line.

I took the kids to the local water park today. I wasn't the largest one there, but I keep thinking "maybe next year I'll wear a swim suit with less than 20 yards of fabric". Even though I'm very happily married, It would be nice to have other people, and men, look at you and think WOW not bad for a mom of 2 and over 40, instead of whale on the beach.


Pre op November 2003/6 mos post op


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    Surgeon: Rita Anderson
    New Life Surgery is adding another doctor to the group. Along with Dr.Maguire and Dr.Hadley, Dr.Anderson will be joining them in October or November. I also learned that Dr. Maguire is a founding member of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery. Everyone in the office has been GREAT!!!! You may have to waite to get in to, the info sessions was booked up to 3 months waite, but if you want the best you'll waite.
    Insurer Info:
    Medical Mutual of Ohio, PPO
    My paper work was sent to MMO on 9/22/03. Entered into there system on 9/24/03. Went to Physicians Review 10/1/03. APPROVED 10/10/03. Total time 18 days. You need a 5 year weight history, one from you one from your PCP, psych. evaluation, letter from PCP stating medically necessary, BMI of 40 or higher and/or at least 100 lbs. over weight. I called MMO to see exactly what our policy stated, some MMO policies have a cap, ours did not. I found out exactly what the wanted and needed even before I went to see my PCP or my first info session. If you have everything in order you should be approved. I just got most of the EOB's and so far out of pocket is under $200. 00

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