Upcoming gallbladder surgery

Mar 02, 2009

I'm having my gallbladder removed on Thursday.

I had just seen Dr. Quilici (actually, Dr. McVay, one of his assistants) for a check-up in late January. I had mentioned to her that I was slightly nauseous in the mornings, and she asked if I was pregnant and I knew that I wasn't. But we didn't focus too much on it.

When the symptoms continued, I called Dr. Q's office and was told to come back in. This time I saw Dr. Q himself. I told him my symptoms--basically, loss of appetite especially in the mornings. I hadn't been interested in food at all until after lunch time. I didn't exactly feel like I was going to throw up, but just felt averse to food--even the idea of some of my favorite foods made me feel tinges of queasiness.

Dr. Q asked if I had any other pain, and I had forgotten (until he asked) about some pains I'd had in my back. I had thought they were from working out. He asked me to show him exactly where the pain was, and I motioned to my mid-back (rib cage area, beneath the bra line) and he said that this is an area where the gallbladder can manifest symtoms.

I had an ultrasound and I've got 2 gallstones (at least, that they can see). It will be interesting to find out after surgery what condition my GB is in and how "bad" it was.

I hear from others who have had their GB removed that the symptoms of a GB attack can be extremely painful, so I am glad that I am getting mine out before it gets to that point.


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