When I first started out on this trip to a new me I was 291 at my highest weight. Struggled to get 30 pounds off and then my husband changed jobs and it put our insurance on hold for over a year.  Once he got his insurance information, we saw they offered insurance.  We asked our doctors to get us reinstated, we had gotten discouraged and began picking up weight, not a lot but enough.
We were accepted back in the program, and since we were out for over a year we thought we had to start all over. To our surprise we didnt because we had did everything but loose the 10 percent.  I am now 267 and holding which is 5 pounds away from my goal weight of 262.  My file is on the surgeon desk, so I am sending a card to him each week so my name will stay in his mind.

I dont know why I am struggling with these last few pounds. My husband has successfully had the surgery through his disability insurance and he is doing great.

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