Let's see - I think this will be similar to so many others on this site.  I come from a family of very large women.  I was fat by the age of 3 or 4, but it didn't really get in my way - I was teased a bit, but I was athletic and that kept it in check mostly.  From having a father with a very weird relationship with food (used it to manipulate, hid food, etc.), I grew up with a bit of an abnormal view of how food should be used.

 I was about a size 13/14 when I graduated from high school - but when I went to college, I began studying music and singing full time and all of the sports stopped.  That coupled with the start of THE PILL began my gradual weight increase.  I married at age 23 at about a size 22/24 and now 15 years later and a twin pregnancy, I'm just under 300lbs. and so ready to make a change.  I'm not a big snacker or an emotional eater - my problems are having only 2-3 meals a day that are too much at a time, choosing high fat/carb things and not exercising enough.  The only "head" issue I can really identify is feeling a need to eat fast when I am really hungry and having a happy, kind of relaxing feeling after I've begun to eat.

I've thought about surgery for a long time and am just now feeling ready.  My hope is to jump through all of the hoops through my insurance company and have surgery in the early summer 2007 when both my husband and I will be off work for the summer.

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