I am 25 and from Arizona. I started looking into WLS (lap-band) about 4 months ago. I started the process of getting on the road to do it about two weeks ago.

Since I can remember I have always been a bit larger then most of my peers. Even as a little girl this bothered me. I believe it was in 6th grade when I wanted to begin my first diet. I really didn’t know what a diet was I thought it was all about not eating verses eating the right things. By 8th grade I was trying those dexitrim weight loss pills. Nothing ever seemed to work. There was one time when I was 20 I lost about 40 pounds but I wasn’t able to keep it off. I have tried everything from Jenny Craig, to counting calories, to those ephedrine weight loss pills. Each time I would loose 10 –15 pounds in the beginning but after a couple of months I found my self-right back where I started and many times worse. Then I would just start looking for the next thing to try to loose the weight.

Now I am 25 years old with a BMI of 42. Carrying all this excess weight through the years is starting to take a toll on my body. I try to work out 3 times a week, and find that I am having increased problems with the duration of my work out due to knee issues, ankle problems and swollen feet. I frequently have back pain, and now I am having trouble sleeping.  I need this surgery not only for my health and well being, but also for the well being of my future family. Weight related issues such as diabetes and hypertension run in my family, I have seen what it does to people, and I want to do something about it now.

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