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Feb 29, 2012

 after a  few years I am now post op almost 5 years. I got down to my lowest at 158 pounds I have gain back some now I am at 185. I am working on taking off the weight again. I have not been to my doctor over the past 3.5 years due to change of insurance. It is far to expensive to see him, but I have been doing great up to this point. I recently as in the past couple months started getting acid reflux sometimes it wakes me in the night I take tums antacid to reduce the problem but it is becoming increasingly worse. I wonder if there is something wrong with my band. I am seeing a less costly alternative please let me know if you know of any. My doctor charges 280-350 per visit.

Exer-Thon 2.0

Apr 02, 2008

Another Exerthon to keep me moving.

Week 1 – March 31 – April 6 = 225 minutes
Week 2 – April 7 - April 13 = 235 minutes
Week 3 – April 14 - April 20 = 305minutes
Week 4 – April 21 – April 27=120 min

Week 5 – April 28 – May 4= started new full time job I moved but not much and didn't log it.

Week 6 – May 5 – May 11= 115 min
Week 7 – May 12 - May 18
Week 8 – May 19 – May 25
Week 9 – May 25 - June 1

3.31- 45 min walk with dog. 30 min. balance ball routine.

4.1.08- 30 min treadmill

4.2.08- 15 min. stair climber and 60 min. pilates class (that hurts)

4.3.08- 45min cardio

4.7.08- 45 min bike ride

4.9.08- 60 min pilates and 15 min. stair climber

4.11.08 - 45 min gym cardio

4.12.08- dance dance dance 30 min. 40 min gym

4.15..08- 45 min. treadmill & stair climber

4.16.08- 15 min. bike & 65 min. pilates class

4.17.08- 70 min dog walk

4.18.08- 60 min walk with friend

4.20.08- 50 min, up hilly dirt road walk/hike

4.22.08 - 30 min cardio 30 min weights

4.26.08- 1hour yoga (I think I hurt my self

5.6.08- 60 min cardio

5.10.08- 40 min cardio 15 min weights.

5.12.08 - 35 min stairclimber and 10 min weights

5.14.08- 30 min walk squeezed in after work just before I had to go to a benefit for work

total so far 1095 min.


Jan 26, 2008

This is about accountability. To keep my self reporting my exercise, so I can be given crap it I don't keep it up. At least through March.Pre exception measurements

Weight 200.5 hips 47" Waist 40" Chest 44.5" Goal- 20 lbs. and 2 inches off of waist and hips. I will be ok if I don't loose anything from my chest. lol

1/21/08- 4 mile walk = 1 hour 2 min.

1/22/08- 30 min. treadmill and 20 min of weights

1/25/08- 35 min. elliptical and 20 min bike. 5 min. tricep dips.

1/26/08 - 30 min. cardio and 20 min. weights

1/29/08 - 60 min cardio

1/30/08 - 30 min cardio 20 min weights

2/1/08 - 20 min. cardio and 25 min weights

2/4/08 - 20 min Yoga and 2o min elliptical

2/6/08- 50 min. cardio

2/7/08- 20 min cardio 30 min weights

2/8/08- 20 min. dog walk

2/9/08- 20 min walk and 45 min. bike ride.

2/12/08 50 min cardio

2/13/08 - 30 min cardio.

2/16/08- 30 min stair climber and 30 min. weights

2/17/08- 45 min bike ride. 20 min walk

2/18/08- 30 min cardio 30 min weights.

2/19/08- 47 min. cardio. 20 min weights

2/21/08 - 40 min cardio - 15 min weights

2/22/08- 45 min cardio 30 min weights.

2/24/08- 1hour gym cardio. 40 min bike ride

2/25/08 - 30 min walk

2/26/08- 30 min dog walk

2/27/08- 3/9/08- Ok so I haven't been on been logging my activities, I have been super busy with projects and work and everything else so I can only take a guess and I am going to low ball a little so I don't over estimate but I would say I have done a total of 330 min. I will get back on track with logging my activity.

3/10/08- 40 min. cardio and weight combo

3/11/08- 35 min. walk

3/12/08- 30 min walk

3/13/05- 40 min walk

3/15/08- 90 min walk in vegas

3/19/08- 35 min balance ball routine.

3/20/08- 30 min weights 20 min walk

3/21/08- 30 min balance bal & 20 min walk

running total - 2044 min.

Fully filled

Dec 05, 2007

Well I am at 10 cc's in my 10 cc band. I had my last fill on October 31st. It was great for the first 3 weeks I was nice and tight and full, now just like all the rest of the fills I am not tight anymore. I still have restriction but I feel like I can eat more than I should. I have been just trying to stop after a cup of food. and waiting 30 minutes to feel full it usually works but sometime food is difficult to resist around the holidays and this is the time of year I feel like I need the most restriction. I will be using will power to get through this time, and try not to put my self in situations where there are no healthy choices. I am happy with my results thus far and I will reach my goal. 

about 2 month post op

Jun 27, 2007

almost two months post op. I am down 25 pounds and feel great. I am at the gym 5-6 days a week. I had my first fill about a month ago. Most days I do pretty good but I do think I am due for another fill, although I dont know how to tell for sure. I do know that I have much more energy and am feeling great.                 

Up till now

Well I went to my first WLS seminar on 11/3/2007. Shortly there after I decided that the Lap band was right for me. 1/2/2007- I called and scheduled my consult, it is going to take them 3 weeks to get me in. My appointment is 1.18.2007. 1/3/2007- I called my insurance company, they will cover it!!! I am really happy to hear that I wont have a deductable. 1/16/2007- I called the clinic I have my appointment with to make sure that they phoned my insurance and that we are still on. I also checked with them on how much I would be responsible to pay. They advised me I would only have to pay my co-pay. YAAAA!!! 1/18/2007- I went to my consult, (an hour drive) when the called me to the back room and went over all the charges I found that they wanted me to pay 2000.00 out of pocket :( This was for the phyche evaluation and diet /excersise plan. This was somthing I needed to think over so I walked out of the consult. I was so upset because they didnt tell me of these fees when I asked before. I went home and immediatley started researching other doctors in the area. I found another hospital/WLS clinic that informed me of the money making schemes some places play to get extra money. Ends up my insurance will cover a phyche exam and diet/ excersise plan. However they required I attend their seminar. 1/21/2007- I attended the new places seminar. OMG what a difference, this surgen sound wonderful. I like him alot and he has a great program that involves pre and post op care. I cant wait to get on this program, so I filled out the paper work right there. 1/23/2007 - I called the clinic to find out what the next step was, they said I needed a letter from my pcp and 5yrs medical records. So I scheduled a visit to my PCP. 1/25/2007- Saw my PCP today, got my letter and 5yrs record, I also hand delivered them to the WLS clinic. They took my weight and told me that their insurance person was out this week but she will be back on monday and I can call then, I may be able to get in as early as this coming thursday. 1/26/2007- Called the clinic, the insurance gal is back in the office I emailed her my insurance card and asked what more I need to do. She said to write a letter describing why I think I need this surgery, so of course I got right on that and sent it over. Now I am just waiting to hear back from them so they can set up my phyche evaluation.

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