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Looking to have a TT with lipo. Any local recommendations in my area who are reasonable and very experienced? 

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I took about 12 days off and did ok when returning to work however, I...

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Has anyone had surgery with Dr. Meza in Mex City or Cuernevaca ?

Credentials and reputation seem to be excellent. I am not sure if he is set up for medical tourism although he uses a recovery house. Seems like a relaxing place to recuperate.</

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Looking for a Board Certified plastic surgeon in Tijuana ONLY.

Also looking for a well equipped hospital prepared for all types of potential complications. I had my gastric sleevw at Hosp Angeles which was an excellent experience.


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i have a list of surgeons who I am considering in 3 different price groups. I want a real good hospital or Center of Excellence

Group One: High end cost

Ariel Ortiz- FACS

Juan Corvala - FACS

Wilhemly - FACS

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