Feedback on these surgeons please

on 4/14/15 9:04 am, edited 4/14/15 9:05 am

i have a list of surgeons who I am considering in 3 different price groups. I want a real good hospital or Center of Excellence

Group One: High end cost

Ariel Ortiz- FACS

Juan Corvala - FACS

Wilhemly - FACS

The above are highly qualified and operate 

Group 2:


A. Lopez


All seem real good, are less money than Group One.


Any advice?

on 4/14/15 10:07 am - Edmonton, Canada

Hi! I am scheduled for a sleeve with Valenzuela on April 23 in Tijuana. I was originally with Lopez but I heard some things about him that made me uneasy so I switched. Valenzuela's team has been great so far, but I can definitely give you an update after surgery on how things went with her. Private message me if you want to know anything else :)

on 4/14/15 10:17 am

Thanks for the insight.

i really like Hosp Angeles in TJ. It seems to be like a true full service specialty hospital but you definitely pay more to go there.

i see that Valenzula, Garcia and A. Lopez are similar in cost and all were trained by Dr. Corvala. Of course Corvala is more $.

i really like what I read about Valenzuela and Garcia. Well I have a month or so to decide so I guess I will continue to research the various sites and see how the process evolves.

on 4/14/15 12:35 pm - Edmonton, Canada

Don't hesitate to call the bariatric center that each doctor runs out of too. The ladies that help patients pre-surgery are super helpful and nice. Most of them have had the sleeve themselves and are very honest about what to expect and which doctor they recommend.


Hope that helps!

Good luck :)

on 7/5/15 9:24 am

I am sooo happy I ran across your post. My daughter is scheduled with Valenzuela for 07/18 and we are nervous.  I would LOVE to here about your experience since you are going to the same hospital and surgeon.  Anything would be great.


Thank you soo much !



on 7/5/15 9:53 am - Edmonton, Canada

You have nothing to be nervous about! I am 10 weeks out and I'm going great, down almost 40 pounds. Valenzuela, her team and the hospital are all wonderful. Everything went so well with me that my dad decided to go get the surgery last week and he is doing great now too. Wish your daughter luck for me! You have nothing to be worried about, I have zero regrets. 

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on 4/14/15 10:37 pm - OK

I used Ariel Ortiz for my band in Jan 2008. Lost about 200 pounds and haven't had any problems. Went back for a couple fills also. Great experience!

on 4/15/15 4:19 am

Thanks for the feedback. I am looking into the hospitals and see how they deal with a serious emergency because I am unfamiliar with the MX medical care. I am reading all kinds of reviews from all over and am getting a clearer idea. I know it is easy to rule out some very quickly!

Some of the small hospitals seem more like surgical centers by US standards.

it looks like I am now down to Valenzuela, Garcia, A. Ortiz and Corvala coincidentally in ascending cost. The first two are 2K less than the others listed.

on 4/15/15 4:30 am

I would go with Crovela or Whilmey, I didn't, I'm going with Rodruguez, but the first three were all on my list and I have not read one negative thing about Crovela or Whilmey. 

on 4/15/15 5:54 am

The cost of the surgeons you recommended are so much higher than the others

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