more bad news

Mar 04, 2009

About a week and a half ago.  I tried to eat some shrimp at a resturant.  What a dummy move!!!   On my diet plan it said I can start eating turkey, chicken and fish.  Well Shrimp is not the same as regular fish.  it is much more fibrous just like beef and is very hard for my new stomach to break down at this time.  So needless to say I was vomiting and nausea for 2 days finally went to the ER and was admitted so they could give me fluids so I would not get dehydrated.  on the last day there I ate some cottage chees and a little boiled egg and they thought I was okay.  That night again nausea and vomiting.  Went back to ER and was admitted again.  Wasn't even home 24 hrs.   Long story short, I had a stricture.  Not sure if the stricture was before or after the shrimp but they put the scope down my throat and widened it and now I am fine.  Now the only thing is I have a cold.  But I can live with that.  Still blessed that I am alive and back at work.  I pray that everything is up hill from here.  Keep me in your prayers.

On a good note  I am down to 213lbs  from 251.  that is a total weight loss of 38lbs in a month.  Yippee!


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