Unfil too tight once again

Jun 17, 2009

06.15.09 went in for a fill lost 12.5 pounds in 7 weeks. @ 6ccs DR H filled me with 1cc toughed it out for 3 days but was unable to hold down anything. It was way too tight once again. Back to the office again to take some out. Weighed in again and lost a whoping 8 lbs I'm still in disbelief but it goes to show just how tight that fill was.... Knowing I needed to at least be able to get my protien down.... Lord knows I am too attached to my hair....... I made the decision to get some taken out for two GOOD reasons 1. I'm going on vacation 2. So was my doctor and honestly I just couldn't stand that feeling of not being able to feel even water going down the pressure in my chest would build up and it was so uncomfortable that I had to relieve it . Anyhow Dr H was in surgrey do his assistant took out .5cc at my request I needed to be sure since we all were leaving town soon. And as it turns out I probably show have .25cc taken out but really not sure I've only had slidder stuff.

I am going to make another appointment for when I get back from my road trip. 235.5 and losing........


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