January check up

Jan 13, 2011

Weighted in at 310 lbs. That makes me 102 lbs. Yea!! Just 150 lbs to go ug. But Im excited.I have got to get rid of clothes that are to big. Was so much fun. Have been going for Physical therapy on my legs,which has helped a lot. Will have to have my knees replaced before my legs will straighten out. Sure do dread more surgery. I can walk 95 feet with a walker before I have to rest.

My labs were good. I am not loosing as fast as I was. I have got to watch my snacking.
I feel so much better than I use to. I am can do lots of thing I use not to be able to do. Like picking up stuff of floor. Putting on my socks . Have control over my bladder. My legs and feet hardly swell any more. I may get to have a pair of normal shoes. I can also buy clothes at walmart not. I still wear a 3x, pretty soon I will be able to shop in normal sizes.

Best thing I have ever done for myself.


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