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May 02, 2014

Im sadden that i had to register i would have like to see the accomplishments of everyone. However I am trying to get back on track. On surgery was Januray 2007. SW 312 CW 236.5 LW 205. I have been up and down with the same 30 pound. I thought having platues was the worst,not being having to get it off and keep it off is the worst for me. I know it can be donw i've seen others do it. I know that each and everone of us is different but this journey is the same. I am now going to be accountable to myself. I have set an goal that i think is unrealistic in order to reach an realistic goal. As of May 1,2014 i am aiming for 2 pound a week for a year (104 pounds) Ofcoars for my height that is about how much i need to lose. But what i want to lose is half of that,and maybe 20-30 more. I struggle with water and for the last three days i have been making a great great effect and my trips to the bathroom is proof.So hears to a healthier lighter me.


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May 02, 2014
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