Well I really dont know what to say here. I have always had issues with my weight. Since I was around 12 years old. I would always lose the weight but before I know it here it would come again. Over the years it has just got to the point where I have tried just about every diet and I always seem to gain the weight back plus some extra to go with it.
I have been reading about the lap band and I plan on getting this done. I am going to my seminar on Saturday and I am so excited. First doctor consult is going to be one day next week. Not sure which one yet.
Keep your fingers crossed for me and say a little prayer. Anyone that has any suggestions for me they will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to my journey and my new life.... I really look forward to being able to play with my kids, ride a horse without feeling sorry for him and maybe even be able to drive a race car ( fit through the window )..My hubby races and I love it..
Oh well I will keep beleiving that dreams come true and I will wait for my life to begin..

Today is Saturday September 8th,
I went to my seminar today. It was very informative and I cant say that I decided to have the surgery because of the seminar. I really had already made up my mind before I ever got there. I did like the doctor. He seems to be very nice and answered everyone's questions and didnt seem to be in a hurry doing so...
Cant wait till Thursday, that is my consultation date with him...
Cant wait, so excited...ready to start my new & much improved life..

September 13th, 2007
I went for my consultation today with my Doctor. 2 hour drive from work but it was well worth it. Everyone at his office is very nice and everyone seems to really care what is going on with the patient. I like that and fill very comfortable with him. He went over everything with me and like I didnt already know it told me that I would be a great canidate for the lap-band. I was not surprised at all by those words. I was also very happy when he told me to wait there and he would go write up my letter that he was sending 2 insurance. They actually faxed it to Blue Cross while I was standing there and also gave me a copy. So now all I can do is wait for the insurance company, which from what I have read on here could be a forever. I am going to keep a positive attitude, and say a little prayer that it wont be long before I hear something. I am going to start calling them asap and maybe they will get tired of hearing from me and just say ok YOU ARE APPROVED....
Quit calling here...lol
I will update when I hear some news....

September 21st.
  I am still waiting on my approval. I am calling the insurance company everyday but so far nothing. I am so sick of hearing it is in the revue board. They have 30 days to decide. Some of them are such asses. They act as if they are giving you something. There are some of them that are really nice and say call and check whenever you wish. Some of them just are jerks.
I will keep calling them everyday. Someday soon I will hear the news that I have been waiting for.
Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer. Everyone I can get helps..

Sep. 26, 2007
Well I finally heard something other than it is still in revue but it aint good either. I was told that they needed more information sent to them on my diet history and my height. I told her that I wasnt having a problem with my height it was my weight, lol.
I talked back to Terri at Dr. Bagnato's office and thank godness that is something that they had not received so it didnt get faxed with the rest of my paperwork. That was good news to me. The bad news is when I called the Dr that I went to for diet which was in 2006 they pulled the records for me and told me that I only went in Jan,Feb, April and in August.
I am scared that it is not going to be what they need. I guess I will find out soon enough.. Keep fingers & toes crossed.
Thanks all

Oh well I havent updated in a while but only because I didnt have anything nice to say about Blue Cross of Alabama. They denied my surgery so now I have to do another 6 month diet. My diet last year had skipped some months and they would not accept it. I did start my 6 months over on October 9th and I am going to try to be patient and hope for the best. I just cant beleive the hoops they want me to go through when I pay so damn much for this insurance. Oh well, I am going to keep the faith and show them that they cant make me forget about this... Wish me Luck

December 5th, 2007
Well I am still in the process of the 6 months. I started in October so I hope around March 2008 I will get to resubmit everything to insurance and try again. I am not going to give up on this. I really need to do this for my happiness. I so look forward to a new me.

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