4 Days After

Jul 19, 2010

Well, I am home. My family is here and being very helpful. It's nice to have everyone around. At times I feel pretty good and other times the gurgling in my tummy is very uncomfortable. This gas is pretty unbelievable. I mean it doesn't come out much but just moves around and hurts. I got some gas-x and that seems to help a little. I'm really struggling with how to get all of the protein in. I'm trying to make sure everything that goes in my mouth has some but it just doesn't add up to much.

Day of the surgery was pretty scary. Had lots of people around me which helped. I was so nervous going in and was really relieved when I woke up in recovery. I was so nauseated and just kept feeling like I would throw up. They gave me some anti-nausea meds and finally it subsided. I remember sleeping for a long time off and on in my room. I had a pump for pain meds and it seemed like I just couldn't get enough. I kept thinking I was pushing it over and over. I know they told me it would only give me a dose every ten minutes but I just kept pushing. Then, as the day went on, the pain subsided and was more tolerable. I noticed I was pushing it like every hour instead of every few minutes. By the evening of the first day, I was actually surprised to be feeling so well. I went for a walk down the hall and did pretty well.  I was soooo thirsty and they gave me these cool, green mint flavored sponges I could dip in water. I could swab my mouth with them but not swallow any water. I was very careful.

I didn't sleep too well that first night, ended up watching tv quite a bit. Woke up the next morning and went down for the swallow test. I thought I would be thankful for ANY liquid...but that stuff they had me drink was the nastiest stuff ever! I barely got it all down. They x-rayed me for leaks in the pouch and found none. After that I was allowed to have liquids! Yeah! So, I got some yucky chicken broth with protein powder which I couldn't stomach, some water with something in it which I also couldn't take and some crystal light with protein powder which was pretty good. So, I sipped on that for awhile. I took some pain meds that day but not too much. I was surprised to find that the pump I had was the only pain meds I was getting. I thought the pump was just like boosts of pain meds. Cool, I was on less than I thought! Was able to walk about 4 different times that day (short bursts). I slept pretty well that night.

On Saturday, my doc came in about 7am and told me how well I was doing and that she would let me go home. I got a few shots (a pneumonia vaccine and what else I'm not sure). Finally got checked out about 1:30pm. Went to pick up my meds at the pharmacy and headed home. I was pretty tired after that and dozed most of the afternoon. Was able to walk a few times throughout the day (just small amounts). I have to admit I was frustrated to leave weighing more than I did when I went in. Need to be more patient I guess.

Yesterday was a pretty good day overall. I had a couple of hard times when everyone else was eating. They made grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches and for some reason I wanted one soooo bad! They smelled heavenly and I was already craving something I could chew. Man I wanted a bite of that sandwich!  Oh well, made it through. I've been a little confused about what "full liquid" diet means. I have read a few places that it includes pudding, cream of wheat, cream of rice, etc. That doesn't seem like liquid to me but we have made some that was real soupy. I'm trying to put protein powder in everything. Thank goodness for my Dad who has been running to the store every day for something new or different. He has stocked my pantry and fridge. My boyfriend has been great about making sure I walk and do my breathing exercises. He's also been great about doing things around the house. My Mom has taken charge of the eating and drinking...making sure to check in with me every hour.That has been really helpful since I'm not really hungry. My sister has been my constant companion. Been there every step of the way.

So, so far so good. When does the weight loss start?  ;)  I know it will. I hope it will. Just impatient!!!


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