So, it's been a week...

Jul 22, 2010

Wow, my surgery was a week ago today. Seems very surreal! I'm feeling much better. Went all day yesterday with no nausea! I also took the advice of some fellow OH'ers and bought some isopure at GNC. That may save me and allow me to get my protein in! Yeah!

I've had a couple of tough periods with food. I was in the car yesterday on my way to GNC and my boyfriend decided to stop and get lunch for he and our son. He went through the drive thru and ordered. The smell was captivating. I rolled my window down so it wouldn't be so strong. It didn't occur to me to say anything. When he got his food and drove off, he handed me the bag and asked me to get his food out ( a role I typically would do without even thinking about) and I snapped. I didn't take the bag and pushed it back to him and said "I don't think so!" He felt bad, didn't mean to do anything mean. After I calmed down, we talked a bit and I told him there were things that were hard and I didn't even know they were coming. He was very understanding. I think I may need to be away from fast food for awhile. It seems to be a trigger. We sure ate a lot of it before my surgery!

So, I've lost almost 19 pounds from my highest weight and about 11 since surgery last week. That seems pretty good. I sure feel less swollen!

I'm planning to go back to work next week. I'm a little nervous about that. I feel like I'm starting to get into a routine and that will help. Just a little nervous about my energy level and stamina, what to eat at work, how quickly I can get to the bathroom when I need to, etc... I'm sure once I am back I will figure it all out, just a little anxious thinking about it.

My parents left yesterday. It was so nice having them here to help and really just to get to spend time with. As an adult, it's rare to get chunks of time like that with your parents. I'm so glad they came! I miss them though. Funny, no matter how old we get, never too old for Mommy and Daddy!


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