OMG!!!!! It has been 9 months already

Aug 27, 2009

Okay I know I haven't been keeping up with my posting or pics but I'm so enjoying this new life of mine....people are trying to keep up with me these days instead of me trying to keep up with them....This has truly been a blessing in my life and all other areas as well.....I have lost 119 pds to date and I'm just 32 pds away from my own personal goal and I'm excited about that. Everyone knows my story about how I started off with the DS but I can truly say I would do it again if I had to even with all the problems I had but I'm a strong believer that you have to go thru something to truly appreciate the outcome of the situation and I truly appreciate what the Lord allowed Dr. Inman to do for me on that cold November day. I will get more pics up soon it is I just don't be thinking about pics even tho I don't have a problem taking pics anymore I just don't be thinking about it but I will be getting some up soon..........thanks guys for all yours support, love, encouragement and the next time the DS dinner is in Indy I will see you guys there!!! (LOL.....that was a hint)


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