Overweight again!

Aug 12, 2020

I'm shocked. Not sure how but I went from my usual 55 kg to 69ish. BMI of 26, overweight got the first time since 2011 surgery. My clothes don't fit.

it might be a mix of:

  • Quarantine
  • changing my diet for the better, more nutritious food to combat anemia etc (it worked) but maybe I'm eating more?
  • under medicated for hypothyroidism 
  • been doing IVIG infusions for my autoimmune illness for 2 years 
  • death of a loved one a year ago
  • anxiety in general from everything

I have a plan as being overweight (although people don't notice) is too uncomfy:

  • start tracking food, eat max 1200 calories a day 
  • start walking 1h per day
  • I should lose for now 3kg to get to BMI of 25 and "normal weight" but keep going
  • I plan to take 4 months of diet and walking to lose 4kg per month and get to 52 kg again. I'm fine with 55kg though
  • I have an apppitnment with thyroid doctor to review bloodwork and perhaps up my dose as it seems too low based on my TSH and T4. She's better than me at determine T3 and such.
  • I'll also phase out my infusions as autoimune ccondition finally seems to be going into remission.

    Had to buy 2 large comfy dresses for summer today and I hate it! I want to fit back in my clothes. As I never gained serious weight, I think I just eat whenever I want and it suddenly seems I cannot do that anymore. Wish me luck. 


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