okay i had my surgery on 09/27/2010

Oct 03, 2010

hello i am here updating ... i have not ben on becasue i have not been at work ,,,,, that is were i use the internet... anyways ..... i am doing great.... yesturday i went to work for like 3 hours and and today i went to the flea market with my dad and then went to sams club and now i am at work for about 1 hour and then heading home to take a rest.... i am still struggling to get all my required fluids in ,,,, so hard omg,,,, i can not drink the broth becaseu it makes me sick to my stomach and all of the juices that have the sweet n low or any artifitual sweetener in it makes me sick to my stomach also ... so my only options now are sf jello  sf popcicles and water and my protien shake.... i am still on my liquid diet until this friday coming!!! yeah can not wait!  outher than that i am doing great no pain .... i sleep right tru the night and i can sleep on both sides.... and i am down 19 pounds as of today!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i will keep u all posted .... i am posting pics!


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