I am a mom with 3 children. I have two precious boys 16 years and 12 years. I also have a daughter that I adopted when she was 16 years old so that she could stay in get an education in the united states. She is from the country of Ghana. I am supposed to be going there this Christmas to meet her family after three years. She is now almost 20. My journey has just began with lap band.  I was interested in it before but recently the weight has gotten worse and my depression even more so. I called the Midwest bariatrics surgery on Monday this week and my surgery is litterally 2 weeks away. My appt date is Aug 25th and my surgery Aug 26th.  I imagine my weight is around 220 right now but with all the binging I have been doing, it will probably be worse. I have my pre op diet next week which I know will be very difficult to stick to.  I am very nervous about my surgery but I am also hoping that my new life will begin.

I have pictures posted of all different sizes I have been. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and lost 100 lbs twice after each child. I  was able to keep it all off until this last year. For some reason the weight just kept coming on. Even after all the years of teaching weight watchers I failed to keep the weight off. Now almost a year since  I gained the weight, my life is limited. I barely leave the house . I dont grocery shop, barely even go out into my own yard. This weight and depression has truly taken away the fun loving, clothing shopping happy girl that all my friends and loved ones know me by. I am hoping that this surgery helps me to regain the "old" me.  Call it vanity or whatever you want to call it, but the weight has stalled my life so much so that I have lost all luster and desire for life. THe only thing that keeps me going is the love of my husband and children.

Surgery is coming soon and I hope with a lot of work and new me will follow. I know there are others out there going thru the same things. Please write me, lets talk.

I was looking for some fat photos of me weighing what I way now, but yeah...you guessed it! Dont have any. In the photos I have on my profile it gives me hope for the future. Please share your stories , hopes and dreams with me. As much as I have rattled on during this profile, I would love to hear about you.

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