13 Days Since Surgery

Jul 31, 2007

Ok it has been a while since my surgery so I thought that I would update on what is going on. I went into the hospital on Wednesday the 18th and got out on Monday the 23rd. My surgeon was a bit reluctant about letting me leave the hospital, but I asked him to let me leave and promised to drink all of my fluids. I am glad that I made that decision. 

Hospital Stay:

Well everything was perfect before surgery. I had gone to church the day before and got an Annointing Of  The Sick. There were extra special prayers said over me and the doctors who would be performing my surgery. It was very comforting, and all the nurses and doctors liked to hear that they had the extra blessings. 

I remember getting to the OR room, which was MUCH bigger than I expected. I remember getting on the operating table and not much after that. I don't even remember seeing my surgeon walk in the room. I do remember waking up in the recovery room. Now Sonja was NOT a nice lady in there. In a previous experience with Anesthesia I woke up crying hysterically for no reason. All I had done the other time was an endoscopy and colonoscopy, so no pain, just cried. Well I cried again when I woke up this time too. Sonja was NOT nice about it. I don't really remember even feeling pain just crying uncontrollably. She told me to act my age. That just made me more upset. She told me if I didn't stop crying she would keep me there for another hour. I started asking for my room and my husband. She just kept giving me my pain med button and told me to stop crying and I was scaring people. Then I heard someone say that I was going to the Bariatric floor, and I heard Sonja say then get her out of here. Not off to a good start I see.

My first day was tiring and sore. My hubby came to visit and a my good friend Bekah. I am so glad that they came and saw me, even though I was really out of it. I don't remember what I was saying, but I know it was funny and had nothing to do with the conversation around me. I finally just fell asleep and they let me rest.

My heart rate was soaring so high that I couldn't do much walking because they were worried about me. Also my pulse ox was not very good so they thought that rest would be the best. 

The next day was filled with a new nurse who was not in her regular unit and didn't know what she was supposed to be doing for me, and I didn't know what to tell her she was supposed to be doing. It was very wierd. 

Well with the exception of a couple, my day nurses were not that good. Lucky for me the last couple of days I had a really good nurse. My night nurses on the other hand were AMAZING!!!! I need to write to the hospital about the good and the bad. The night nurses, surprised me and were incredible.


I get to leave. I was excited. I took one last shower, because their shower was going to be easier than mine at home. I leave and am extremely tired.

The Rest of the Week:

I have been pretty tired and dizzy a lot. My hubby took off part days for me on Tuesday, Wed., & Thurs, and all day Friday because it was my follow up with my surgeon. I ate the way I was supposed to eat. I made sure to get in all of my liquids, which was hard at first but got increasingly more easy. I had to take some benedryl for my alergic reaction to the Heperin shots I received in the hospital.


I have not been hungry yet, which I guess is a good thing. I have been able to tolerate everything that I have eaten without a problem. I don't really feel anything in my stomach. It doesn't hurt and I don't feel anything in my stomach at all either. It is the wierdest feeling. I feel like when I was in the hospital for 3 days before and was hooked up to IV's and was not allowed to eat because they were afraid that I was going to need surgery. I didn't feel particularly hungry then and I don't now either.

Seeing different foods does not seem to bother me very much either. Not that it really seemed to matter before now, but I guess I thought that I would feel something if I saw those commercials, but I feel nothing.

I am bored a lot though. I am not sure what to do, because eating is such a chore for me. I do it because I have to, not because I feel hungry. I just watch the clock to make sure I eat for 30 minutes and I chew my food a lot.

I have also find myself a bit depressed. I am frustrated and depressed. I wish that my Dr.'s where I used to live had found out that I had PCOS rather than waiting all this time to find it out. I could have maybe done something differently. They could have put me on medication sooner and tried to get the gaining weight under control so I didn't have to go through this surgery. It is very frustrating to me right now, but it is something I need to work out.

Till next time.....

2 Days To Go

Jul 16, 2007

Ok everyone I have begun my count down again. Two days from today I will be just starting my surgery. I am stirred with a lot of mixed emotions. Yes I want to be healthy again and be able to share my life and not just exist with my husband. I just cannot help the feeling of a little nervousness. It has gone down since last Friday though. On my way back from Physical Therapy i stopped off at my church, which I have been unable to make it to in a little bit due to stomach problems. I sat and prayed for God to do his will and that I really hoped his will was for me to live. I also prayed for my surgeon to have a steady hand and do a great job. I felt a calming warming presence come over me. That really is the best way to explain it. Tears started flowing from my eyes, while I really was not crying. Whenever the tears started to flow, I could feel myself getting warmer and I felt safe. I think this means I need to be going back to church again before my surgery. I was having the hardest time trying to find a Priest who can annoint me before my surgery. I was able to find one really close by and I will see him tomorrow before Daily Mass. I think God really wants me to be blessed before I go, and he wants me to receive communion. Tomorrow I get to do both. I will show up 15 mins. early to get a special blessing as well as go to Mass and receive Communion. I think that I will feel a lot better after all of that. 

My husband just wants me to look on the bright side of things. He tells me that I can be in a lot of pain now for a short period of time, or I can be in and out of pain for the rest of my life, getting sick all the time. Of course I don't want to be sick all the time, which is really the reason I wanted this surgery in the first place. I have a very sweet, loving, and supportive husband. I feel like I ask him the same questions over and over again about what he thinks about this, or did I make the right decision. He tells me yes and I have done my research and everything is going to be just fine. He follows this up with "You're going to be a skinny minny". He then talks about all the things that I will be able to do that I was not able to do in the past due to health reasons. He talks about taking our camera with us hiking and going places that I couldn't before and sharing the pictures on here. I think that sounds like a nice idea. We also talk about going to his Christmas Party this year, which will actually be in January of next year and how we can shock everyone he works with. I am normallyl not a dress person, but I asked him for a new dress for the occasion, which he said I could get. Even if it is the only thing I wear it for. I just don't care, I start getting excited when I think about showing off the new me. 

My hubby promised me another Cruise next year. I asked if we could spend a little more time in Florida to visit his parents while we are there. He just looked at me and said, "You want to show off don't you". Well of course I do. I want to visit the couple of friends who know about my surgery, and I want to go back to where I used to work and just kinda be like, "Oh yeah, Hi it's been a while since we saw each other". 

I am also getting very excited about going to an amusement park. Now you have to understand, I rarely went to parks growing up. When my husband and I got married, he bought us annual passes to Busch Gardens in Tampa, and we would go all the time. At first I could fit in any ride I went near, so I was happy when he would offer to go. Then I started having problems. I would have to suck everything in, so I would make my hubby push down and close the thing for me, and I would have to smoosh my boobs together and have them go in between the harness. It was really my big boobs that would keep me from getting into the rides. I really am looking forward to going back to Busch Gardens next year, and maybe also Universal Studios where they have all the Roller Coaster Rides, oh yeah and the waterpark. Oh and just maybe I will go to Disney World for the first time ever.

I guess just posting in this blog has made my nerves calm down. It is funny how just jotting some things down can just ease the stress of what you are feeling. Everything is going to be just fine. Till next time......

New Date

Jul 13, 2007

I was supposed to have my surgery on July 9th. My hubby took me to Denver for last hoorah's and I had a breakfast buffet. On the way home my husband asked me if I wanted Godiva Chocolate while I could still have it. I said yes of course and we stopped off at a mall on the way home. I got my yummy dark chocolate covered marshmallows and went to go look at new phones. Then it happened, my stomach started hurting really bad. We decided to leave the mall. We drove over an hour away back home me reclined back in the seat in a great deal of pain. Then we got home, I started to throw up. I called the Dr.'s office at almost 8PM to tell them I was sick. They cancelled my surgery and told me to call back in the AM to reschedule. All this time waiting, and now I was finally ready and then this crap. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!! Well my hubby got me some ginger ale and crackers. I took some anti-nausea medicine I had gotten earlier when my stomach started hurting and prayed for the best. 

By 2:30 I was in so much pain we drove to the ER. I know that they cannot do anything but make the pain stop, but thats what I needed.I needed to stop throwing up and make the pain go away. Ok so I am prepared to go to work the next day. I go to sleep and I am awakened at 3:30 in more pain than the night before. I wake my poor husband up so that we can make the 2nd trip to the ER in as many days. Same outcome. So later that AM I called my pain management Dr. up to tell him what was going on, so he wants to see me again to re-evaluate my situation.

He gives me a muscle relaxer and tells me to take Aleve in the AM & PM and go back to see the Physical Therapist that I had been seeing. It turns out that I was getting all this stupid stomach pain from my psoas muscle being hard as a rock. There was also some problems with my spine that had to be corrected the week before my surgery was scheduled. 

When I see the Therapist, I have my psoas worked on and I get to do some stretching exercises. They are a little painful, but then later my pain subsides a bit and I am good to go. I go to work the next day. This was my first time back in over a month. Around 12:30 my pain starts back up. It turns out that sitting all day does NOT help this psoas muscle, but instead gets it to tighten up.Yay for me. I end up torturing myself by staying all day, which was a HORRIBLE idea. Thursday comes and I go to work but need to leave early for my Surgeons appt. I only last till 1:30. I relax a bit before my appt. and it allows my stomach to relax enough to not be in pain during my appt.

Today I had another physical therapy session and left work at 1:15 and while a bit painful at the end, I was able to make it. Therapy hurt a bit but it feels so much better right now.

Well.... I guess we will try this again. I am pretty confident that if I am not sitting up all day that I can keep my psoas muscle from freaking out on me. After I have surgery and start to heal a bit, I will get an OK from the Surgeon to let the therapist continue his work to make sure that this does not happen to me again. 

Till next time.........


Jun 19, 2007

Well I guess I should update a little on what has been going on with me. I am still very sick, and last night almost ended up in the ER because my stomach was hurting so bad. Early on Monday I had an endoscopy to try to find out what was wrong with me. I was very scared to find out the results, as my GI Dr. thought I might have had an ulcer, I told this to my GP and she didn't think I did, but said if  I did she ddn't think I was going to be able to have the surgery. Well it turns out that I did not have an ulcer. I do have some sores that they think might be caused by a bacteria. The Dr. took a biopsy to send off to a lab to check. Also earlier today I had the unpleasant experience of having a CT of my Abdomen and Pelvis. It is not that the CT scan is the bad part, it is having to drink that awful Barium. The tests didn't take too long and I should find out my results later this morning.

I have to say I am just sick of being sick. I pray to God that what I have is a bacteria, so that they can give me some stupid antibiotics that work RIGHT AWAY and make me feel better. I hope this for a few reasons. One of course I am SICK OF BEING SICK!!!!  I also don't want to have my surgery postponed or even worse cancelled.

I am really scared but I do have good friends for support, and of course my loving husband. Today my hubby was sooo sweet. Like I said I almost ended up in the ER because I was in so much pain last night. I thought I was going to die. We called the GI Dr., who said that the ER really couldn't do much more than give me pain killers, which of course I just took myself. While we were waiting for the Dr. to call back though, he popped in my favorite movie Wizard of Oz, to help keep me distracted. I think that between the pain killers and the movie, it helped soothe the pain to let that episode pass. Then today he gives me a call just to check up on me to make sure I was doing ok. It really made my day. After that a good friend from work called just to check in on me to make sure I was doing ok. I felt so loved today. When another friend of mine got off of work, she called to check in on me and to see if I was going to the group meetings tonight. I completely forgot all about it, but got myself drugged up. She offered to pick me up since my hubby was tied up working. He came when he could and brought me home.

All in all I guess I am doing ok while medicated. I hope it kicks in soon so my pain can go away and I can fall asleep. I really just need a good rest and medication to make all the pain go away, I mean really go away, not just mask it so I don't feel anything.

Well I will update after I speak with the Dr.. God please bring me good news!!!

Random Thoughts

Jun 10, 2007

Today I was still in a lot of pain and missed Church because of it. I have not missed Church in so long, and I really miss it. Although I really have not been to clear lately on what day it is. Not going to work will do that to ya I guess. I have been in and out of sleep all weekend. My sleep cycle is so messed up now, but I think that my body just wants to recover and make myself well again. 

Hubby was being so nice today, took the dogs to the dog park, while I was drugged up sitting on the sofa catching a Yankees game. I was soooo thrilled that they won. After it was over I turned to the Red Sox game and rooted for the D-backs as the Red Sox lost. That made my day. I played a little bit of my video game, and slept. Checked some things out on the internet about excess skin, which is weighing heavy on my mind right now. I do not want to end up with excess skin, I do no want to end up with another surgery. I just want to be a healthy happy girl. 

Last night --- well I guess it was really like more like this morning, I dreamed I went on a cruise with my husband again. This is something that I have been looking forward to doing with my new body. When I went on a cruise with my hubby, I really wanted to do the rainforest canopy excursion, but I was too heavy. I want to go back so I can do that now. I am super excited. Much to my surprise my cruise was headed not to the lush tropics, but to Alaska. It was very wierd, and I had not packed for the trip, so I was afraid to go out on the deck because I would get cold. What a crazy feeling. I remember having a slice of pizza and a bread stick, pizza hut version. I looked at the menu and wanted the pizza slice with 2 bread sticks instead of the one with the breadstick and the mozzy stick. Why I would pass up on Mozzy sticks I have no idea. It is definately a weakness for me.

I gotta get my stomach to feeling better for so many reasons. Of course cuz it hurts. I would like my life to have some normalcy to it. Plus there are lots of foods out there that I know I will never be able to eat again, and I want to eat it. It is not like I eat this stuff all the time, but you know you always want what you cannot have. 

Well thats enough random thoughts for now... till next time.

All Out of Sorts

Jun 07, 2007

Lately I feel so out of sorts and I don't know what to do about it. I've been feeling very sick lately, and I just wish it would all go away. As stressful as work can be at times, in a way I want to go back to work and soon. If I was back at work then it would mean there was some normalcy with my life right now. I mean there is normalcy, but not complete normalcy.  The most agrivating thing is my stomach problems, I feel guilty that I take off from work because my stomach hurts me so much, unless I am on meds that make me too tired to go to work.  They are great meds though, because I feel no pain. Lucky for me I have Dr.'s who are working hard on trying to find a solution for everything that is going on. It makes me feel guilty that it is causing financial stress for my wonderful husband because I am out of work, which means no paycheck. Good news for that is that I just got my incentive check from work at the end of May so we should be ok for a couple of weeks.  I also feel guilty that I have a back up at work who is now stuck doing all my work, and I would never expect for her to complain because she is awesome, and I am lucky to have her knowing my customers will be well taken care of.

I have gotten a lot of answers about my PCOS on another website that I found called Soul Cysters. It is a great place to ask questions specifically related to my problems with PCOS and how my surgery will help my symptoms. While there are lots of icky symptoms that go with this, it is the weight gain, facial hair, and increased difficulty getting pregnant that bother me the most. It is almost wierd because it is so embarassing to talk about these things. The weight gain is only the second most bothersome factor with my PCOS. The first would be the facial hair that I get. I hope someone who is reading this has PCOS and will understand that they are not alone going through this. I felt like a freak when I started getting hair on my face, and have to shave every morning or else I will look like a man with a beard. I feel like a circus freak that someone would pay money to see the bearded lady. How crazy is that.The next most bothersome thing is my irregular cycles which make it very difficult to conceive a child. That's all I all I ever dreamed of when I was a child, of getting married and having children. I wanted lots and lots, but now I would setle for one healthy baby, oh yeah and I want a boy. The weight gain is a very prominent problem with my PCOS. My hormones are all out of wack and I had this rapid weight gain pretty much right after I met my husband. He would always tell me that I was beautiful. Even though he cannot sing, he would sing all crappy like, and of course make me laugh "You are so beautiful to me". Ok his memory sucks so it was just the chorus, but still a beautiful thought when I have never really felt that I was pretty, let alone beautiful. At least I can feel beautiful in his eyes. 

Support People. I want to talk about the people who are my main support. First people that I really do not know, would be people on OH and Soul Cysters. I think it is great to talk to people on here, because they are not judgemental and I don't hear the questions, are you sure there isn't a way you could lose this on your own. While I know the people who say that mean well because they are concerned about my safety, I get sick of hearing it. So for online people it is great to have the support of so many people who have gone through the surgery already, or people who are looking into it.

My wonderful husband. Long before I ever decided to do this surgery, I thought it was the easy way out, as did my husband, that of course was before several more failed attempts at losing weight and much research. I was almost scared to talk to my husband about even looking into it. I figured he would say that he didn't think that it was a good idea. Instead he was very supportive telling me that he knows how hard that I have tried and that it is not getting any better. He is more concerned about my overall health, that the risks of surgery are worth it to us. When we got married I told him I wanted to be married to him for at least 75 years old. That would put me at right before my 96th B-day and him right after his 97th B-day. Well I would never make it that far if I didn't get myself healthy. My hubby has great genes and is in perfect health, besides a sore back. Now he teases about how when I get all skinny minny the guys will all be looking at me. I am such a flirt and have always been. He tells me he doesn't want me to stop being a flirt, but I will notice that more people will see what he has seen all along. He goes with me to my group sessions when I am able to attend. He has gone to my first consult appointment, as well as the information seminar. He has already talked to his boss about getting the time off for when I have surgery, so he can spend time taking care of me. He also let them know that he will not be going out of town, like he does every month, so that he can take care of me instead. They have agreed to all of this. My hubby just wants me healthy, which is what I want too. I must ad mit though that the thought of getting a whole new wardrobe is very exciting. I want my hubby to be able to pick out outfits for me and not worry whether or not they will fit me. He can go shopping in a real store and get clothes. He is excited to help pick out outfits with me. In my previous weight loss efforts, I bought myself a necklace and told him to hang on to it until I lost 50 lbs. He has been holding onto that necklace for over 2 years now. I cannot wait to get it. Also I was promised a spa day when I reach my goal. I cannot wait till I get my spa day with my very good friend. We will deserve it!!!

My friend Goose_Girl - What can I say about this amazing woman, who I have the distinct honor of calling my friend. We are scheduled 12 days apart, of course she gets to go first. She does deserve it because she has been waiting longer than I have. We have two different doctors within the same office, which is great. The best part though, is that we get to go to group together. Unfortunately she has been able to go moer than I have, which makes me feel guilty, even though I shouldn't feel that way. It is great having someone to talk to that is local to me going through the same things at the same time. I also really love the fact that we are both so competitive, so it will force us to stick with all the tools we are provided with so that we can butt in our work out efforts. That brings me to another reason I am so grateful to have her as my support, is we can work out together. I really cannot wait until we reach our goals so we can go shopping together. I mean real shopping, I mean any store we want to go into. I mean at least for me, not having to search to find the biggest size they have only to be disappointed that it does not fit right. I hope you know that you are the best, and I am so happy that we will have each other through this wonderful new journey in our lives. While I may never want to play WOW with ya, know that I am there for you every step of the way. You are a beautiful person inside and out.

My mom - well she is sort of a supporter, it is so hard when she is so far away. She is one of the people who ask me isn't there something else that the Dr.'s can do to help me get the weight off. I keep explaining no and ask her to go online so she can see herself. I also told her she might look up a local support group so she can go there once so she can see for herself what I am going through. I know my mom wants me to be healthy,  but I almost feel like she wants me to be skinny more than healthy. Right now I feel like she thinks she has a daughter and son who just need to lose weight, and another son who is just right. At least though, I have on my side that I am doing something about it. I am taking my life back. My older brother however is just kinda in limbo, or so it would seem. Just today in fact she talked about how he needs to lose weight. While she is somewhat supportive, I will be glad when those words don't get mentioned to me anymore. I really cannot wait to see my mom again and show her that I made the right decision.

Well my pain meds are starting to kick in now, so I will go to bed. Pain meds suck because they have you sleeping on and off all day and night. I appreciate that people are praying for me to get better. Till next time.....

Sleepless in Colorado ..... Again!

Jun 04, 2007

Hello everyone... I'm Sleepless in Colorado. Today has been interesting - well I guess I should say yesterday since it is almost 2 AM here. I had been sick last week taking 3 days off at the end of the week. I have been having stomach pains that come and go. Joy for me. Sunday night my stomach starts killing me again, again Joy for me, and I don't get to sleep till 2AM. I wake up and get ready for work, stomach in a lot of pain and nausea sets in as well. I get to work and start to take care of the details that were left behind last week while I was gone. My stomach is really cramping up and I decide I will call my Dr.'s office on my 1st break. Turns out it would be my only break today. They can see me at 11AM, but of course you gotta get there early. Construction will slow me down, so I gotta leave by 10:15.

I get there in time and get seen pretty quickly. Of course I don't get to see my regular Dr. but a NP, but she was really really nice so that was ok. I really love my Dr.'s office I must say. Everyone there is just so nice. With all of my recent visits, everyone just waves and says hi. They comment on how nicely my hair is growing back in. (I shaved it on April 6th for St. Baldricks). I tell the nurse and the NP about my problems and what tests have been done so far. So of course I get the pressing of my stomach to find out where the pain is, which of course leaves me doubled over. I know they are just doing their job, but darn it if it doesn't hurt worse when they try to find the pain.

Good news, she will run some further blood tests to check out my pancreas. If I don't start to feel any better by tomorrow, I need to call back up so that they can order some more tests. I will be out of work for the rest of the day today and of course on Tuesday as well. Hopefully things will go a lot better so I can get back to work. I really cannot afford to be taking all this time off of work. Lucky for me, I have STD for my surgery, otherwise it would not be a possibility for me to have the surgery. Dr. also talked about stress causing my symptoms to worsen, because stress does funny little things like that.

Ok so I will do my best to relax so I can fall asleep, as well as rest tomorrow. I got to watch the Yankee game tonight but they lost, but I got to watch the tail end of the Red Sox game, and they lost in extra innings. I was thinking to myself ,as the commentators started to predict the ending of the game as well, Chavez will hit this ball out of the park in Right Field. Well wouldn't you know it he does. I knew I liked that guy for a reason. Well actually I like anyone who beats Boston..

I never thought that I would get into this Blog thing, but it is a really good release for your venting and your excitement. Of course I've got my friends to do both with, but sometimes you can't talk to them right away, and you need to get things out. This has been great therapy for me. If anyone is thinking about having this surgery, or is in the process of getting information or getting it approved, I strongly suggest filling out your blog section. There will be times when you might get frustrated with the insurance company, as you can tell in my earlier blogs or you feel like you have 50,000,000 hoops you need to jump through, and you want to vent about it. Certainly there are the best times, that you want to capture down too, like getting appointments and of course getting approved for surgery. 

Well I guess I shall try to get some sleep now... only 34 more days. How Exciting!!!!!!!!


May 23, 2007

Delted post -  Thanks for those who saw it and read it - and thanks for the advice to remove it :)

I'm Scheduled

May 23, 2007

Monday my approval letter came in the mail. Yeah!!! I called the surgeons office to schedule my appointment to schedule surgery. I get a call back and they can squeeze me in on Tuesday at 3:30. I am all excited!!! I get there and they didn't seem to know what was going on it. It was kinda funny, no one had my chart. Then they found it, and instead of review it said Gastric Bypass follow-up. Oh well it all got straightened out. Went over last questions with the surgeon, and then went to get scheduled. I didn't get the day I wanted which was 6/27, but I will have surgery on July 9th, with my pre-op scheduled for July 5th. I cannot wait. My new life is just around the bend.

I've been APPROVED!

May 17, 2007

Yesterday was such a crappy day. I hadn't slept for 2 days really, my stomach was hurting, and I had a horrible cold. All I wanted to do was sleep.  I had submitted some FMLA paperwork, which I was waiting to get approved. If it didn' get approved, then I was stuck at work miserable. So 1PM rolls around and we are having a meeting, which mostly consisted of arts and crafts for a Sales Rally at work. Normally I love this stuff, but yesterday I could care less. 

I get back to my desk and notice that I have a VM, but I decide to answer my e-mails first and work on a couple of things, what was I thinking. So I finally get around to listen, I've got two messages. One from a customer who I don't work with anymore, the other from Corey at lumenos. All I could think of was,sheesh takes long enough for a supervisor call, I've been waiting for almost a week.

Time to catch you up on why I needed one:

My Dr.'s office tells me that they are going to submit paperwork, since I am very persistent, and I knew my friend had the same problem of our insurance company claiming that they received faxes, I call my insurance company every single day. No Robyn, we do not have a fax, are you sure your Dr.'s office submitted it, ok what day. No we do not have it, maybe they should try again. Frustrated I call my Dr.'s office, she didn't submit it yet, but will on Friday. Ok so I start this whole process again, every break at work I call. One nice lady says, oh you or your Dr. can ask to have it expedited. She gives me a fax #, a referenc #, and her supervisors name to bring it to his attention, so it can get faxed. I give this to my Dr.'s office when I find out that it still had not been faxed. 

Well another week goes by. I leave another message in for my surgeon's office, meanwhile I have to see my regular doctor. Well she asks me what is going on with my surgery, I tell her, and she gets on the phone with my surgon's office, they are all gone so she has to leave a message. I feel pretty bad when I find out that the lady from my surgeon's office had been sick for almost 2 weeks.

So the surgeon's office finally has everything together, and she has talked with my family dr. to ensure that they have everything that they need to submit, great it will be submitted in the next couple of days. Of course this feels like a lifetime to me.

I speak with the surgeon's office that Tuesday and find out she submitted it. I call on Wednesday, YES they received it whoo hoo! It doesn't seem like it takes a whole lot to get me excited about each step of this process. I call and let the surgeon's office know, yeah they got the fax.

Friday I get a call from the Surgeon's office, great news, she heard from my case manager, bad news, they said they need a letter of clearance from a dr. other than the surgeon. Well my family dr. is not in this week, my endocrinologist, does not work on Friday's. I leave a message with my family dr., but I also have an appointment for FMLA paperwork with her on Monday. She asks me about the letter she is supposed to write and fax over to my surgeons office.

     ********* Recomendation: If your Dr. is recommending you for WLS, it is a good idea to ask them at this point to write a letter of clearance that you are ok to have surgery. This way it can be faxed in with the original request and avoid unncesary delays in the approval process************

I tell my family Dr., what I was told, but I forgot the fax #, so I had to call back on Tuesday afternoon with the #. 

During this entire time of calling my insurance company, I kept getting different answers about whether they received the fax or not. What # it should be faxed to. The first lady who was so nice and gave me the fax # was relatively nice the next time I got her, and checked all the machines. She was supposed to call me back, but never did. I called back an hour later, again supposed to receive a follow up call, and never did. Spoke with the first nice lady, who is no longer nice telling me that they didn't have the fax # here, and that this would be all up to the Dr. Finally spoke with somone when they said they received my fax and put in my request to have it expedited. Called the next day to see if that request had gone through. You really have to stay on top of everyone involved I see. I called and got Dave who told me that it takes 30 days whether or not it needs to be expedited. I told him that I needed to have this to save my life. He said if it was truly life saving surgery then I should just have it done. I told him that this surgery is $45,000, and there is not a dr. who is going to do it without getting prior authorization from them. I get put on hold, he comes back and says well it will be 30 days. I was pissed to say the least. I was sick of all the different stories of when approval would be. I felt my health deteriorating, I felt helpless, I felt miserable, and now I was getting depressed. I would tell these people, am I supposed to die waiting for you to make a decision. So frustrated!

Ok now that yhu have background information, I am back to where Corey comes in. So I am thinking that this took a really long time for a supervisor call back. Corey has a very monotone voice and he did not make me feel very enthused. He tells me that he is following up on my pre-certification status (still thinking he is a supervisor,probably to tell me that it will be determined when it is determined) he tells me that he has an update (two thoughts crossed my mind, great they need more information, or worse, they were going to deny me, and make me go through this all over again). All Corey could say was here is my direct #, please call me so we can go over this. He had already left a message on my house phone as well.

Great one of the days I forget my cell phone, and I have a long distance # to call. I borrow a cell phone telling a co-worker that it is from the pre-determination dept. and they are on the East Coast, so I can't wait till I get home. I call Corey, he is still very monotone. He tells me that I have been approved. I cannot believe the words that were coming from his mouth. WHOOO HOOO!!! I send a message to my friend who had already been approved, and she gasps! She really didn't think at first that they were going to be telling me I was approved, but they did. Whenever I tell her guess what, she says, You're approved? Usually I am like no.... but... blah blah blah. So this time she is is like you got approved?? and i was like YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and she as liike NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't know she was talking to a customer on the phone, and she told me she gasped. The guy who sits next to her, thought that the gasp was because of something the customer said. She just told him I got approved. She also told someone else sitting by, who of course was also approved. 

Now I gotta wait until the letter comes in the mail so that I can make my appointment with the surgeon. Then we can schedule surgery. I am hoping to have it on June 27th. I have tickets to a Yankee game the week prior, and I really want to enjoy the game. Actually it is two games. I am the biggest Yankee fan, and my hubby got me tickets to see them when they come to CO to play the Rockies. I have only seen them play in spring training. Last time I had tickets was when I lived in Florida, and I had to give up my ticket, because I was admitted to the hospital with stomach pains. It sucked. I watched the game from my hospital room, one of the biggest blow outs I had ever seen. All I could tell the nurses, was I was supposed to be at that game. They are scheduling a month out, so I may get my wish. It would also be awesome, because my friend would be there the same day.

We are very competitive, and want to work out together. I tease her about how we can walk the halls together. We can also bring in our DVD players, we hope, and watch stuff, or play video games. There is a pause button you know, so we can still do our hallway walks. My husband teases that we will just be on the phone with each other. I say we can just visit each other.

Well thats all the news I have for now. We will see where the next couple of days leads us. Hopefully I will have my letter in the mail today. Well as sick as I am feeling, hubby is out of town, so I gotta walk the dog. Hopefully my phone won' ring, and she won't bark so I can go to sleep.

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