1 Year = 137.1 pounds gone forever

Feb 09, 2008

Yup!  I haven't done my pictures yet,... but as of yesterday (my 1 year surgiversary) I had lost 137.1 pounds!!!!  As soon as I have more pictures, they'll be posted!!!!


I can't stop looking at my photos

Mar 19, 2007

I did some initial before & after photos... and I'm just amazed at the difference 37.5 pounds has made for me.  Take a look.  The pictures are from 1/25/07 (333.5 pounds) to 3/11/07 (296 pounds):



Mar 14, 2007

Oh My Goodness!!!  I had forgotten that I had a PCP appointment today, and ended up rushing, rushing, rushing!!  I got there, and they almost didn't check my weight!  I stepped on the scale & the assistant went for the 300 mark... and whoops - too high!!  Back to 250... then up to 296!!!!  Can I tell you how long it's been since I've seen the 200's.  I can't even remember, that's how long it's been!!!

My blood pressure was also very good (for which I haven't been medicated since before surgery)... 130/78!!

I also did some '1 month out' pictures yesterday that I'll be posting when I get home later this evening!  I can already tell that it's happening!  I'm so excited.  37 pounds gone forever!!!!!!

I feel great, I'm starting to look great - so I bought myself 5 new pair of shoes!! ;)

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


A Little Disappointed Today... Confused Maybe

Feb 28, 2007

Okay, I don't understand the scale thing.  I refuse to be tied to one, so I'm waiting until my appointments to weigh in at all.  

This is what the scales have told me so far:
Surgeon Appointment:  1/31/07 - 328 pounds
Nutritionist Appointment:  2/6/07 - 321 pounds
Surgeon Appointment:  2/20/07 - 308 pounds
Nutritionist Appointment:  2/28/07 - 309.5 pounds

My PCP's scale is no help at all, it's always at least 10 pounds off from the 2 other scales.  

I'm just disappointed that it seems I've gained a pound & a half in a week.  :(  I can't possibly be gaining already.  I know I've missed walking the last couple of days, because I've just been so busy - I'm still trying to work out my schedule, teaching, working, walking, eating, sipping... I just don't get it!!  

According to my nutritionist, I've lost 11.5 pounds since 2 days before surgery (.5 pounds per day).  According to my surgeon, I had lost 20 pounds from 9 days prior to surgery to 12 days afterward (1 pound per day).  

I am ALMOST tempted to buy a scale of my own - so I can compare, and just start over... but -- nah!  People are noticing loss in my face, I'm noticing loss in the way my clothes feel... I'm losing, and that's why I hate being tied to a scale!!!

Good thing though - I have both a nutritionist appointment AND a surgeon appointment on 3/20.  I will have a weight from BOTH of them on the same day, so I can do my own calibrating!!

I'm going to get over it now!

First Post-Surgery Update, New Photos Too!

Feb 18, 2007

Hi!  I've gotten several messages saying I've been invisible, and haven't sent out any updates... so here goes. 

1.  As of surgery morning, I had lost 15 pounds on the liquid diet & with the bowel cleanse.  The bowel cleanse for me wasn't as bad as everyone had made it out to be.  I WAS in the bathroom more often than normal, but it wasn't constant.

2.  The morning of surgery, 2/8/07, (my surgery was at 9 am), I did okay, until they took me alone into the pre-op room.  I had no idea that my Mom wouldn't be with me - so I really started to cry... just nerves, I know - but I was terrified.  I've never had an I.V., I've never had anesthesia, I've never had major surgery - so I was scared.  Luckily, my nurses were intuitive geniuses and they brought my Mom back before the I.V. was put in... so she could hold my hand!  After the I.V. went in, I met with the anesthesiologist, and she gave me some nerve calming drug.  I remember getting a little sleepy, and then them telling my Mom that they were taking me into the operating room.  I remember them moving me to the operating table, strapping down my arms and legs, and then changing the oxygen mask to the anesthesia (without telling me what they were doing).  The nurse just told me to breathe 4 times, and I remember breathing in on #4 - and then woke up in the recovery room.  I was in a LOT of pain.  They tried Morphine on me, and it made me nauseous, so they switched to Dilaudid.  I slept in the recovery room for about an hour before they took me to my private hospital room, where my Mom was waiting for me with a giant, super soft teddy bear.  Aurora (the bear) took several naps with me throughout the day.  My Mom had a couch-bed that she stayed on with me until they sent me home.  I got barely any walking in this day, but I did walk.  Mostly I slept.

3.  The next 3 days were kind of blurry to me.  I know I did a LOT of sipping, walking (a mile per day), visiting with my Mom & my neighbors in the hospital, napping, visiting visitors, and napping :).  On Saturday, I could have gone home, but I still wasn't able to pass gas (we found out later because of my pain medication).  I took my last medicine at 9 pm Saturday, and finally passed gas Sunday morning @ 6 am.  This was after walking at 3 am.  They finally released me on Sunday!!

4. Coming home was an adventure.  I have 4 roommates who I don't suspect will be completely supportive.  Luckily, I have my Mom here until the 20th (when I also get my staples out).  I've had some trouble with hurting of my staples, and sitting up is pretty tough.  I have been walking every day with my Mom, and drinking my fluids & getting my proteins in.  I'm on full liquids until the 20th also.  Aside from the bother of the staples, I've been feeling exceptionally well.  I'm getting really bored of the liquids (because I've been on them almost 4 weeks now), but I know they're the reason for my success so far.

I don't regret a moment of my decision.  There has been pain and uncomfortability, but I know that this procedure is going to save my life, and improve my quality of life immensely, so no regrets.  I have had a lot of support from my family - even to the extent that my Mom & sister have done the liquid diet with me, and walked with me, etc.  They've asked a lot of questions too - which has given me the chance to talk it through, and learn for myself.

Thanks to all my friends who have caught up with me since my surgery. I really hope that everyone feels as loved as I have through this process.  This community is invaluable, and I hope that everyone takes advantage of all it has to offer.

*hugs to all*

6.5 lbs Lost in first week of Liquid Diet

Feb 02, 2007

Woohoo for me!  I weighed in at my primary care physician's office yesterday, and I've lost 6.5 pounds since starting my liquid diet!!  I hope it'll be 10 by the time I have the surgery.  That would make me feel so good, but I really do feel wonderful now too!!


1 Week Done on Pre-Op Liquid Diet

Jan 31, 2007

This has been hard for me.  There is nothing that I want more than a nice garden salad with everything on it.  ANYTHING just to have a crunch.  I've cheated a couple of times too - had some cheese, salmon, crackers & bread.  GRRR.  I'm a little mad at myself - but I did realize something... I ate those when I was ravishingly hungry - because I hadn't eaten right through the day (waited too long).  

So - I have one more week (technically 5 days) on full liquids.  2 days before my surgery I switch over to CLEAR liquids, and then of course, the normal pre-op waiting is finished!!  My mother is coming in from Utah exactly one week from today.  She's going to be my support -- she'll be at the hospital with me until they release me, and then she'll be at home with me until February 20th.  She's been a gem - she's even doing my liquid diet at home!!  

My sister (big surprise) has also been a huge help.  She's doing as much of the liquid diet as she can stand.  I know she's had a salad, and a bowl of clam chowder, and maybe even other food, but she does that when I'm not around.  I appreciate her for that!  I thought, if anyone was going to be non-supportive, it would be her (she's years younger than me, but my same size, and isn't ready to commit to the surgery, etc.).

So - 8 days (technically) from today, I'll be at St. Joseph's in Burbank - I'll likely be done with the surgery at this time on Thursday.  (My surgery is at 9 am, and it's almost 11 here).  My surgi-birthday will have begun, and I'm so excited!  I know this is best for my health and I know that I am going to succeed at this!  I have no doubt (but maybe a little fear - just of the surgery / procedure itself).  

I can't wait to start my new life.


Liquid Diet Started Today

Jan 25, 2007

Today I started my 'full liquid' 1000 calorie diet!  So far, so good, but we are only to lunch - and I'm starting to get munchie.  Pulling out the crystal light as we speak.  Just finished a protein beverage.  

My plan for the next 2 weeks looks like this:
Full Liquids include:
Skim milk, Lactaid milk (fat free) or Soy Milk
Low fat cream soup (Campbells low fat / low sodium cream soup, or Healthy Choice, or any other low fat cream soup)
Any fruit juice without pulp (apple, cranberry, grape, orange, etc.)
Any vegetable juice (V8, tomato, etc.)
Sugar-free pudding
No sugar added fudgesicle
Protein supplement - we recommend World Wide Pure Protein found at Trader Joe's, any flavor (170 calories and 35 grams protein per 11 oz can)
Liquids that you can consume in any amounts:
Crystal Light
Diet Snapple
Coffee - preferably decaf
Sugar free jello
Sugar free popsicle
Broth, preferably low-sodium beef, chicken or vegetable
Example of eating schedule:
1 cup coffee/decaf coffee
creamer & artificial sweetener
4 oz. orange juice - no pulp
8 oz. fat free / skim milk
4 oz sugar free jello
1 can World Wide Pure Protein
1 cup hot tea with lemon
4 oz apple or orange juice
1 cup low fat cream soup
4 oz sugar free jello
4 oz sugar-free pudding
1 bottle diet snapple
1 cup hot tea with lemon
1 cup low fat cream soup
4 oz sugar free jello
4 oz apple juice
1 can World Wide Pure Protein

I took some 'before' pictures yesterday, so as soon as I can get them uploaded, I will post them here.  

My sister (who is NOT doing surgery) is doing this diet with me, as is my mom.  I'm really grateful for the support system that I have. 

I've been SOOOOOOOOO sick -- I've had 2 major ear infections this month.  My 15 year-gone asthma has made an appearance, and I'm struggling to recover in time for my surgery on 2/8!!!  The cough is finally settling down, and my sinuses are clearing.  I don't hear quite the same amount of rattling in my chest when I breathe - so I think we're on par for the course - and should be ready to go!!

Anyway, such a good day! 


A Date, A Date, A Very Important Date!!!

Jan 11, 2007

It's about stinking time!!!!  I got the phone call from Maureen at the surgeon's office yesterday late afternoon!  We have officially scheduled my surgery date for February 8, 2007!!!!!  

I will be out of work from 2/7 to 2/26/07 & will probably even have to put most of my teaching on hold, but I'm okay with that!  I do hope to get through recovery as quickly as possible, just so that life can get to normal as quickly as it possibly can.  

My mother will be coming out from Utah on 2/6, and she'll stay with me until 2/20 or so.  It's going to be nice to have someone here with me.  She's going to do a modified version of all of my diet-steps too!  I think that will be really helpful... because right now, I have 4 roommates who like sweets & junk as much as I do.  

I'm starting my reprogramming now!  I start the liquid diet on 1/25 and after that, there is no turning back. 

Losers Bench, Here I Come!!!


1/5/2007 - (Approval) Almost There

Jan 05, 2007

I guess I really should start to put something on here.  I've been a lurker for quite a while now.  I started my journey a couple of years ago when my primary care doctor recommended Gastric Bypass surgery, and I BEGGED her for a year to make things work on my own.  Well, I only made it about 6 months of that goal year, and I said, "Let's do this".  She said it was the best decision I could possibly have made.  

With my insurance, I had to do a 6 month supervised diet / exercise program, which I have done.  That was finished 10/11/2006.  I sent my paperwork off to the surgeon's office, & it was received 10/17/2006.  I was home for my grandmother's funeral on 10/24/2006 when the surgeon's office called & said that they would be copying my binder (the coordinator told me it was the most well thought out & put together packet of information she'd ever received... I guess it pays to be a little bit obsessive!!).  I was advised at that time that it would take the insurance company 1-4 weeks for approval (or rejection) to come through.

So, I waited patiently, and finally got antsy on, or around 11/16/2006.  I called the insurance company, and was told that nothing had been received (3 weeks!!!).  So, I called the surgeon's office, and she said she'd send it out the next day.  It finally left her hands, and headed to the insurance company.  I called the insurance company again on 11/29/2006, and they said they had just spoken with the same girl @ my surgeon's office requesting more information.  The insurance lady was told that the coordinator @ my surgeon's office would be sending the supplemental information, and I didn't need to do anything, but just to be safe, I called the surgeon's office after this conversation.  The conversation with the coordinator at my surgeon's office was less than helpful, because all I was told was that they needed a weight from 2003, and they needed to know WHO had supervised my diet.  I gave her the information about the diet supervisor, but said I didn't know if I could get a record of the weight from 2003, so she asked if she should have the paperwork put through "as is", or if she should wait for me to get the weight - I told her to go ahead "as is" and she said she would. 

Well, I decided to be patient again, and I waited until 12/21/2006 to call the insurance company, and they advised me that NOTHING had been done on my file since 11/30/2006.  So, I finally got someone to look @ my chart, and tell me what was missing.  They said that all they needed is to have my diet / exercise plans SIGNED by the supervising dietitian!!  I asked if I could do that, or would the surgeon have to send it again, they told me to go ahead.  I got them my paperwork signed that day, and faxed off at 8:30 am on 12/22/2006, along with a letter BEGGING that I be informed about what's happening - please call my cell phone, etc. 

At 12:30 pm 12/22/2006, I received a call from the nurse at the insurance company on my file saying she was sending my file to the medical director for review.  At 2:30 pm 12/22/2006, she called again to say that I was approved, she provided me the authorization information, and said she had also left a voicemail at the surgeon's office as well. 

So, knowing that the timing was terrible, with the holidays and all, I waited.  I waited until Tuesday afternoon, 1/2/2007 and still hadn't heard from the surgeon's office to schedule a date.  So, I called... left a voicemail... waited.  No call back until Thursday 1/4/2007.  She finally left me a voicemail back, stating she had not received my approval, nor my cardiac clearance (which was done in November, and sent promptly).  So, I called her back, got what she needed, had the cardiologist send the cardiac clearance AGAIN (which I called to confirm, and she did receive it), and I faxed my copy of the approval this morning (1/5/2007).  

I asked the surgeon's office what to expect next.  She said she will add the paperwork to my file, and then get it before the surgeon for the final review, and approval of surgery.  I should hear back by the end of the week (this is me being optimistic), to schedule a date!  I'm really aiming for the last week of January, because everything that I have left to do has to be done within 7 days of the surgery.  

So, hindsight - I was very angry about the delays in my paperwork, etc.  But, if I ever have to go through anything like this anytime soon again, I WILL be the fly in the soup.  I will call every day, and make sure that I know WHO to talk to in order to really get the help I need to push through.  I could have (should have) been done with this already, and I'm ready to get started with my life!!!

I am so grateful for the family & friends that support me, and I'm just really anxious to get on with it!!  My Dr.'s are all rooting for me, and I am just rip-raring and ready to go!!  

Thanks for reading, there WILL be more!!


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