Kaiser Permanente

"Needless to say the food was lousy."

Laurence Tanaka

"I think he went rather quickly thru the examination process, but other than that he seemed well versed in the area of Bariatric Surgery. He went thru the risks and benefits of WLS and the after care information was given in writing for me to take home and read. The office staff was friendly and made you feel welcome. It would have been nice if that friendlyness rub off on my Dr. However, I've heard good things about him and his skills as doctor and surgeon. I am confident in his skills and hoping to be a successful WLS patient. The doctor was awesome and did my surgery without complications. I am pleased with the services provide by Dr. Tanaka and his staff. However, prior to WLS it was hard to get someone to return your call promptly. Most of the time I got their voice mails."

Scripps Mercy Hospital (COE)

"The hospital compares to Kaiser, but parking is horrendously expensive for visitors. Kaiser's parking is better and cheaper too. "

UCLA Medical Center

"Non responsive."

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center @ Sunset

"This hospital is a pain in the rear when it comes to requesting Bariatric Surgery. They make up stuff, so people be discouraged and not proceed with the surgery."
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