Saint Joseph - East (COE)

"My hospital experience was wonderful. The only thing was, the call light response could have been a bit better and out of a two day stay, I received ONE meal tray. When telling the staff they really didn't bother to follow up on it. I was on clear liquids at the time. "

Joshua Steiner

"Dr. Steiner is a caring surgeon with a non-nonsense attitude and great bedside manner! He fully explains what he's doing before he does it. He let's you know how you're doing and what he expects of you in regards to aftercare. He listens to you when you talk and will respond. I'm very impressed with his surgical competence and his bedside manner. There is nothing that I don't like about Dr. Steiner. He's witty and funny in his own way. The office staff is friendly and "in the know". They are very organized and willing to help you with any questions. They are quick to give you answers! I feel good knowing that I have such a great group of people to support me! I know that no one is 100% perfect but I have not one negative thing to say about Dr. Steiner or his staff based on my own personal experience. "
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