Gastric Sleeve - 5 years 2 months post-op

Jul 11, 2019

I have not been on this website in years. It actually took me awhile to figure out how to log back in. I will start out by saying I am not where I thought I would be more than 5 years after my gastric sleeve.

I lost a large chunk of weight in the first year. I didn't have carbonated drinks or alcohol for about 2 years. Both have crept back into my life. I can almost eat a full plate of food now which isn't good either.

By May of 2018 I had FINALLY got into the 190s. Yay for entering Onederland. I had a tummy tuck that month as well to remove excess skin. I have a large amount of excess skin on my upper arms and on my thighs. The skin on my thighs gets irritated. 

Since this date my mental health took a plunge. I got on new medication which increased my appetite. Now in July of 2019 I weigh 225lbs. 

I struggle to not eat. Despite my successes I feel like a failure. I tried keto. Intermittent fasting. Therapy. Hypnosis. Weight watchers. Counting Calories. Everything lol.

I need to remember I have come a long way and I can get back into the 190s again. I am looking into getting a second bariatric surgery in Mexico. We will see how I do on my own. 


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