A few changes within myself :)

Sep 09, 2009

Sooo went to the city this past few days and had a blast!!! No complaining with walking a long way blocks and blocks to go shopping. I didnt want to shop I dreaded going... So we went to this store called easy pickins on Steinway... Of course there were sticks shopping there.. but I decided to try on these sexy 5inch heels i guess they were gladiator type I dont know how to explain it.. Well my feet werent to fat to fit into them AND I fit into a 1/2 size smaller so an 8.5 rather than a 9. Sweet!!! they were only 16.99 too!!!! I also bought a pair of tights there... and they fit!!! and they were a medium! strange I know... So I went to Torrid today and as we women know Torrids shirt sizes are 0/1/2/3/4 I was a 3 at my highest which I think is a 20/22... Well I tried on a 1 which is a 14/16 and it fit!!!!! I looked nice in it too... and heavens no I didnt pay for it I returned jeans that no longer fit me lol. I also bought a pair of panties from Lane Bryant. Size 14/16! woot!... (I still dont see any of a difference.. at all!) Haha my friend said my rolls were going in the back haha anywhoo until next time.. I think im going to attempt actually going out in a few days... we will see how that goes. Oh and I most def had a glass of wine and it was delish!


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