Dec 29, 2014

Three weeks ago today, I had surgery. Lost a total of 39 lbs since pre op and 10.6 lbs since surgery. I went to my nutritionist class today. After the lady looked at what I had been taking in, she said I was too low on my carbs. My carbs and protein number should be close to the same by the end of the day. Got to work on that. I have not been able to exercise for the last week and half since my house has been a wreck from getting new flooring down. Tomorrow, hope to get to my treadmill!  I hope to lose more quickly with the exercise. Wish me luck whoever reads this. ?? LOL



11 Days After Surgery

Dec 18, 2014

11 days post op: I am having difficulty taking my medication for a bacteria in my stomach for ulcers. It is not an ulcer at this point. Trying to crush up the pill and capsules into my activa yogert. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth! Hopefully this will get better. At this point I weigh 204.6 lbs down 8 lbs since surgery 11 days ago. I've lost 36 lbs from my highest weight of 240.


My Journey of 2014!

Nov 28, 2014

April of 2014: Just had my 57th birthday this month. I have decided to change my life for the better. I have yo-yo every diet known to mankind in the last 30 years! I never had problems losing 40-70 lbs, it was the months to follow that would get me into trouble. Lose 40 .... gain 60..... lose 70... gain 80. I have tried medically supervised diets, prescription pills, weight watchers 3x, Atkins 2x, medalite with pills, bariatric clinic with pills, nutrisystem 2x, weight management with optifast, Healthy Weigh, Weigh Down, Scarsdale diet, counting calories and more. I would lose but gain it back EVERY time! So, I thought about weight loss surgery in the past but thought my insurance wouldn't cover it and I thought it probably wouldn't work either. I've seen two people have the band surgery and gained it all back. So, on my birthday, I decided I am tired of the yo-yo dieting and tired of being tired and obese!

June, 2014: I went to an informational meeting concerning WLS. I was very interested in the RNY.

Aug. 2014 I went to the Orientational meeting, saw the bariatric doctor. After talking to the doctor, I decided I wanted the vertical sleeve surgery.

Sept.-Oct. 2014 I got the approval from my primary doctor for WLS. Had my pap smear, mamigram, colonosophy, psych evaluation, x-rays of my back and knees to show I had osteoarthritis and dengenative disk disease, blood work, nutritional classes, exercise classes, support groups, met with a dietician, several visits to bariatric doctors, sleep study completed, which showed I had sleep apnea.


Nov. 2014 Been following a 1200 diet set up by my dietician. Middle of the month, I got approved by my insurance for surgery. End of month, I met with my surgeon. Got a surgery date for Dec 8, 2014.

Nov. 24, started my 2 week liquid diet.

Dec. 3rd Support Group

Dec. 8 Surgery today! My surgeon said everything went great! No bleeding, therefore I did not need a leakage bag. So glad of that!! 

Dec. 10... I thought I was going to have to stay an extra night since I could not drink the 4 oz in an hour. That morning I was so nauseated. But was able to drink my limit that afternoon. Went home at 3:00PM. 

I was in a lot of pain Monday night. Got some meds which helped. When I drank, the fluid would hurt going down and it tried to come back up when I laid down. So my last day in hospital, I sat up in the reclining chair.

PO Day 4  No problem getting my 4 oz in an hour. I am walk mostly every hour for 5 minutes. I am alternating water / protein shake each hour.


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