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Dr. Aceves, the other physicians, his staff and his family are FABULOUS !!!!

My husband and I were in Mexicali for my 12/20/04 Lap RNY/Fobi surgery and we had a very positive experience. He is a very experienced and knowledgeable surgeon. He is also wonderful person, who genuinely cares about his patients and their families. He takes the time out to explain the surgery, procedures, risks, and aftercare not only to me but also to to my husband.

He took the time out to check on us several times during the day while we were in the hospital as well as while we were at the hotel.

My husband and I have worked in several hospitals in the US we have never experienced a surgeon who has been able to exhibit skill as a medical profession as well as demonstrate such a positive bedside manner.

We both felt comfortable and encourged about out out of country experience. We would have other medical procedure performed down there again in a heartbeat !!!!


Dr. Alberto Aceves has been a very important part of my journey. A year after surgery I am still in contact with him and his staff on a regular basis. They have always been there to answer my questions and boy did I have questions. They are very patient.


Absolutely the best! Dr. Aceves is so caring and kind - yet a true professional. He spent a lot of time with me and answered all questions patiently. I can't imagine a better surgeon. His patient coordinator, Nina Eguia, is FABULOUS. She speaks perfect English (the doctor speaks English also, though not quite as fluently) and was the perfect hostess and guide throughout the process. I cannot say enough good things about this great team. The anesthesiologist (Carlos) was excellent, as well; he checked in with me both before and after surgery to make sure all was well. Just to show how caring Dr Aceves is -- I was discharged from the hospital on Thursday evening, stayed overnight at the local hotel that night and Dr A came to the hotel see me in the morning before we checked out to make sure everything was okay. Unbelievable!


I became very interested in bariatric surgery, and started to do my research. After investigating many web sites, and talking to many people, over about a years time. I made contact with Nina, Dr. Aceves's assistant. It didn't take long to come to a decision after talking with her. I knew at that point, after dealing with insurance denials, that as a self pay patient, this was to be the route for me.

I just can't say enough about Nina, Dr. Aceves, and the staff at the hospital. The only language barrier was with the nurses, but we were always able to communicate. I think when someone is nauseated, the language is universal. Happily, that didn't last long.

It has been 3 months now, and I am down about 45 pounds. This was the best decision that I could have made for myself. My band started out very tight, and continues to remain that way, so I have not felt the need for a fill as yet, But, when I do, I will go back to see these wonderful people.


So far love the office staff. Dr. Aceves has a wonderful bedside manner as well as being a good surgeon!


Nina, office coordinator is fabulous.


Dr. Aceves is a warm and friendly person. He is very knowledgable and his english is good. It is obious that you are in a presence of a good man and a skilled surgeon when you meet him. Do not let his casual dress or big smile deceive you he is very skilled and knowledgable. He was clear in explaining to me with visuals, the difference in the bands. He showed me the Inamed band that I was to get, the box still sealed with a serial number. Later I got a card with the serial number on it. This was very nice since some of the mexican doctors have gotten a bad rap as to using the SAGB in stead of the Inamed. I know that my band is the lapband since I got the prof from my doctor, befoe I even knew to ask. His aftercare is great. I follow up every 10 days with my progress trough email, and I will visit him for fills. I think that overall he is a 10. His bedside manners are exceptional, he came and visited me several times for follow up. I also know that his surgical skills are exceptional. I had my band slip immediately following surgery. Had I choosen a less skilled surgeron, I may have lost my band. Dr. Aceves was able to correct the problem with a second surgery and my band was saved. Dr. Aceves is totally awsome, if only he was closer, he could do all my surgeries for the rest of my life. I can recommend Dr. Aceves sincerely and completely. You can not go wrong with him.


All I can say is he is A+++++++++++++++!!! This was one of the greatest experinces in my life!
The staff and hospital were excellent. They truely seem to care about your well being.
Dr. Aceves, comes in and explains everything to you. Even shows you all kind of different bands, including the one you are getting in a sealed box.
He is very concerned about your aftercare and explains all risk to you. His bedside manner is just amazing!
Only thing I would like to see improved on is help with speaking to the nurses. Nina his assistant can not be there 24/7, and the nurses speak no english. A card with words on it like, water, towel, hurt, ice, etc would be so nice to have. That way at least you can point to the spanish word to the nurse to get what you need.
I am very satisfised with my overall experince with Dr. Aceves and would not change one thing about my whole experince.


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I had been in touch with Nina prior to the surgery I had on July 30/04...Nina is a wonderful help,..she's quick at getting back to you and very helpful and just the nicest woman you'd happen to meet. She picked me up at the San dIego airport and we drove 2 hrs to Mexicali,...we talked and had so much fun, her english is fantastic. We got to the hospital at about 3:30pm and Nina got me registered and into my room,...I got one of the nicest rooms in the newer part of the hosiptal. It was very nice. Nina took me around to all the different areas of the hospital I had to go to to have tests done before surgery and she was my translator. I met Dr Aceves for the first time then,..he explained the surgery,..showed me the lap band and he was awesome. Bedside manner is wonderful. He's a gentle warm lovely man. I had all tests done and results back and in the operating room by 5pm and in recovery by 8:15pm. From then on it was just recovery, don't have to ask for pain meds,..they cme regularily,..I was never in pain in the hospital. The Altamer Hospital in Mexicali is clean as a whip,..they are constantly cleaning there. The people are so kind,..if Nina is there with you you will never not know what's being said. She left Sat some go back to her family,..after that I didn't know so much about what was being said beause I don't know Spanish,..but Dr Aceves came in now and then,...and in fact,...I couldn't dial out on my cell phone, so I couildn't call home..on Sat night and I instantly began to feel like I was REALLY FAR FROM HOME when I couldn't call. He came in and said how are you,..and I said I can't call home. He just pulled his phone out and told me to go ahead and use his. Can you believe that? No dr would do that here in Canada. It's just unheard of.
I had a wonderful experience with them. I am so grateful to them for the care that I was given. They continue to follow up with me, and they are only a phone call or e-mail away.
I seem to have some sort of sensitivity to anesthesia, and I told Dr Aceves that. They made sure that I had a different cocktail of sleeping drugs so I would not vomit after surgery. I am also prone to infection he had me on anti biotics prior to my surgery and after. I am recovering just fine. I have lost 13 lbs in just over 4 weeks. I have gone from 210 to 193 on my scale. There scale seemed to be different then mine so I have only really lost about 13 lbs,..BUT...I am happy..I have not been hungry at all since my surgery. They gave me a list of what foods I could have and I started out following that but to be honest with you,...all liquids just made me feel hungry all the time. I did go to cream soups a couple of weeks before I was supposed to but I went slow and I just listened to my own body. I am eating fish and liver now,..I found a book that I have studied that tells what foods give you the absolute most vitamins and minerals and I am eating those while my body continues to heal.
If you have anymore questions don't hestitate to write me at [email protected] If anyone out there is going to have lap band surgery with Dr Aceves and you're nervous?..I just want you to know that you really are wasting your time with fear. I feel so lucky because for some reason I felt so comfortable writing with Nina before,..and when I met them both,..seen the hospital,..I felt so at peace with everything,...knowing in my heart they were going to do everything they could to make sure I was content and safe,...I was not nervous. I was so peaceful. You should go into it like that too. It's so much nicer then fear. There is no need to fear this surgery or's the start of a new life for you..and I think you've made the right decision in dr's. He is wonderful and I am proud to be a Dr. Aceves Lap Band Doll *giggles*!
He looks so much better in person. On the website he looks like person he's handsome and kind and real. He's a very nice man. Stick close to Nina,..she's a fantastic help. I just love them! Can't say enough good stuff about them.

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