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13 yr in Bariatrics

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13 yr in Laparoscopic Bariatrics

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Review Part 2:
It's been about 6 months since my initial review. I am still losing weight thanks to VSG with Dr. Alvarez and the Endobariatric team! I BMI prior to surgery was 37.5. Today it is 27.0, getting close to the "normal" range.
My activity level has skyrocketed. I used to do very little for myself. Now I am able to help with housework and be more interactive. Feels like more of the former me is coming back into focus.
I'm very glad to have had the surgery. No regrets!

Jan. 12, 2020


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It is extremely rare to find health care providers that go so far above and beyond the general level of what is barely needed or barely covered by an insurance company. I was unhappy with the local bariatric surgeon and the insurance process so i looked elsewhere, beyond the border. I heard and saw internet advertisements for WLS in Mexico and unfortunately i was 1 of those skeptics that said i prefer to keep all of my organs. After seriously researching foreign medical places and doctors i came across Endobariatric and Dr. Alvarez. I started by reading the info on the website and then watching most of the "AskDrA" series on youtube. i got a lot of great information for free and decided to give Dr. Alvarez and his team a try.
I would say the worst part of the whole experience was traveling. It had been over a decade since i flew on an airplane and airport crowds freak me out a bit. Once I met with Rosy until the time she dropped me back at the hotel i felt completely taken care of. i worried a little before the trip about safety and i felt safer there in Mexico than places i lived in the U.S. Everything was spelled out quite well in the pre-op instructions, what to expect and when. There were no big surprises. The staff was completely welcoming and nice, didn't have any communication problems at all. The actual surgery must have gone well. I had some initial pain once i woke up but they fixed that immediately. The main pain after that just felt like paper cuts where the incisions were.
It's been about 2 months since my surgery and i have lost about 40 pounds so far. Its still a little strange at times not being able to eat much and sometimes i feel like i want to eat more but that is why i needed the surgery. I highly recommend Endobariatric to anyone seeking weight-loss surgery. It's quick, relatively painless, and quite safe - with top notch doctors and nurses. Everyone steps up to their role in the hospital, like a very well oiled machine. If i had to do over, I wouldn't change a thing!

July 17, 2019


Outstanding surgeon, has a top notch facility. Extremely professional staff, most speak better English than I do. I can highly recommend this facility and staff. My wife is having the same surgery in February. 2020.
It was actually cheaper to have the surgery in Mexico than to pay 2 years worth of copays while fighting your way through the US insurance system.

Jan. 8, 2020


I was REALLY skeptical about having bariatric surgery... add in Mexico and I was hyperventilating. However, after doing "more" research and speaking with Brandy (Endobariatric Coordinator) I decided not to go into another year obese. Brandy was awesome, down to earth, funny, and most importantly-honest. I underwent sleeve gastrectomy on November 26, 2019. From arrival to departure the Endobariatric team was friendly, professional, and caring of my needs. The facility is EXACTLY like the pictures - simply BEAUTIFUL. The convenience of having the hospital, hotel, and recovery all in one building was genius.

What matter most (too me)was the surgeons were not "ghost". Dr Alvarez and his team rotated consistently after my surgery. Not once did I feel alone or abandon. Dr. Alvarez made my presence at his facility personal and comfortable. He took the time to visit and discuss the surgery before hand, monitor my recovery, and wished me farewell upon leaving the hospital.

Going with Endobariatric was one of the best decisions I ever made. To date, I continue to stay in touch with the Endo team through their FaceBook support group, which is AMAZING!

Thank you Dr. Alvarez & Endobariatric Team:)

Jan. 7, 2020


My surgery was 9/17/2019. Dr. Alvarez, his medical team, and the Endobariatric facility were all amazing! If any of my friends or family are interested in the sleeve procedure in the future, Dr. A will be the surgeon I recommend. I sound a little redundant but "AMAZING" is the most appropriate word I can come up with for my experience at Endobariatrics under the care of Dr. Alvarez.

My life has and continues to change for the better, Thank You Dr. A!


Jan. 6, 2020


Choosing Dr. Alvarez and the Endobariatric Clinic to perform my gastric sleeve was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Weight has been an obstacle in my life for the past 30 years and has stopped me from living the kind of life that I have wanted. After hearing about the experience a friend of mine had with Dr. A, I quickly decided to take control of my weight and my life and within 6 weeks had the procedure completed. Every aspect of this experience has more than exceeded my expectations. The pre-surgery materials were extremely helpful, the surgery and stay at the clinic was outstanding and the results post-surgery have changed my life. I have lost 87 lbs since having the surgery 5 months ago. I am way more active and able to participate in activities I was either scared to try or just physically couldn't and I see a lot more potential for the future. I would recommend Dr. Alvarez and his team to anyone who wants to take control of their weight goals! So far so good and I anticipate continued benefits in the future as my journey has just begun.

Jan. 6, 2020


AWESOME comes to mind when I think of Dr. A and his team.. Love everything about the place and people that changed my life.

Jan. 5, 2020


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Alvarez and his team. I experienced the best care and knowledge and the cleanest facility I have ever been in for any of my surgeries In the USA. Everyone was so generous, caring and kind. Dr. Alvarez and his team exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Dr. Alvarez for your gastric sleeve surgery. Hands-down the best surgeon ever! Mary B-WI

Jan. 4, 2020



Health care people have heard (and sometimes seen) patients who have had disastrous results so they extrapolate it to anything and everything (guess why we don't have a trampolines, motorcycles or Tide pods...) So I had to fight her on going but took her with when I was sleeved by Dr. Alvarez 10/10/19. She was ready to pounce on anything and everything they might do wrong. I thought that was kinda funny since I am worth more to her dead than alive alas, that's why I brought her.

Here are two observations from an American Nurse.
1. You can do a blood draw from an IV, thus only "sticking" a patient once instead of twice. (I did not know this)
2. In the US they use a double identifier when giving pain meds. (i.e they verbally ask your info, then they scan your wrist band as the second identifier and they don't do that here) I thought this was nit picky since all of us got the same pain killers but ok, point taken. If those were the only two egregious sins, I was in great hands!

My wife the nurse, who was so against going to Mexico just set an appointment to be sleeved by Dr. Alvarez on March 6th!

My advice.
To say that she was impressed is putting it mildly. The hospital is spotless, the Surgery Room is immaculate, and the surgery only lasts 25 minutes. Dr. A only does 4 surgeries a day (my wife was REALLY impressed with this fact) and he "rounds" every day with his 2 Jr. Dr's, the nurses AND the Anesthesiologist!

I was patient number 16,590. The dude knows his craft. I think my wife found out that the last patient to have complications was over 7 years ago.

I'm 10 weeks out and have lost 56 lbs.

If an American Nurse with unbelievably high standards is willing to have her own surgery done here, you know the reviews don't lie and the experience is Top Shelf.

Jan. 2, 2020


Had surgery on September 16, 2019. This was one of the most positive things I had ever done. There was not one negative thing about this experience. Dr. Alvarez, and his staff were most nurturing. I had surgery on monday morning and Monday afternoon I was up and walking around. No pain - just a little tenderness. I followed all instruction pre and post surgery. Never had any problems. Started at 199 pounds - (5'3") and currently today (January 2, 2020) I am 145 and losing. Everyone notices and gives me great compliments. People always ask for the information concerning Dr. Alvarez which I have to distribute. I was in size 16 and currently in a "loose" size 8. This "tool" is remarkable and just what I needed. If anyone is thinking of this, please investigate and research Dr. Alvarez and his facility. It is the best!!!!

Jan. 2, 2020


Dr. Alverez and his staff made me feel like I am a part of their family of paitients that have had this life changing procedure as it has been that for me. There is the cliche that, "A closed mouth does not get fed", and Dr. Alvarez made sure that we were nurtured and prepared to go on with our lives and take those baby steps to learn how to eat again but in a much healthier state then just eating and feeding our issues (that have nothing to do with hunger), but they just show up there with our food choices. I assume it is because we can control what we eat and we don't hurt others just ourselves in the long run. I would recommend Dr. Alvarez and his staff for the gratitude that I have for all of their support and hard work in helpimg me and others find a reason to be alive healthy with self care for chosing to get our weight back in a better place because we love ourselves enough to do it and without judgement. Namaste

Jan. 2, 2020

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