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What is Metabolism and How to Make It Work for Your WLS

Metabolism. We have all heard that word at some point when discussing weight “He can eat whatever he wants; he must have a good metabolism” or “I have a slow metabolism, it doesn’t matter what I eat, I can’t lose weight.” But what is metabolism? How does this affect weight maintenance, loss, and gain? What can […]

better new habits

Battling Old Habits With Better New Habits

How often do you say to yourself that you are finally going to change those old bad eating habits, but end up failing over and over again Why can’t you do it? How do you change those annoying habits anyway? Why does it have to be so hard??? I can’t tell you how many times […]


Success in 2017: Goals, Habits, Back On Track & More!

Happy New Year, we wish you much health, happiness and success in 2017! If you have new goals or a bucket list that you’d like to accomplish in 2017, a very helpful tool is the ObesityHelp Goal System! Sharing your goals or even posting them as a personal reminder for yourself is a powerful way […]

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Get the WLS Support You Need to Succeed

Making the decision to have weight loss surgery usually does not come easy. For most weight loss surgery patients, efforts of dieting, losing and gaining weight and questioning the procedure itself may have taken years before they ever reach the O.R. Unlike other types of surgery, bariatric surgery is still considered “elective.” By the very […]

your survival guide for happy healthy holidays

Your Survival Guide for Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all of the ObesityHelp Community members, visitors and social media followers! You’ve worked hard all year for your weight loss, maintenance, and weight loss surgery success. Don’t let the short period of time during the Holidays jeopardize your efforts. You’ve told us the important things that you need for support during the […]

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10 Ways To Stick With Exercising

Studies repeatedly show that most regular exercisers (including me) are not as concerned with the powerful pecs and awesome abs as we are with feeling good and being healthy. Just like the habit of eating protein first, you can make exercise a habit too. It is important to develop the habit of exercising so that it […]

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8 Ways To Enjoy Your Holidays & Stay On Track

As the holidays are here, most everyone is faced with the challenge of eating healthy, or sticking to prescribed (or self-induced) diets. For bariatric patients, this effort is made more herculean by the unending high-fat, high-carb, sugary treats and sparkly beverages that are the hallmark of holiday celebrations. We find ourselves in a conundrum: we […]

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7 Psychological Barriers to Long-Term WLS Success

Bariatric Surgery, or “weight loss surgery,” is an effective tool to help you reach your weight loss goals. But weight loss surgery is just that, a tool. As part of your preparatory regimen before you had surgery, you may have met with a physician, dietitian, and a psychologist to help you prepare for all of […]

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17 Ways to Stay on Track at the Holidays & New Year’s!

The holidays are probably one of the biggest hardships to overcome right after having bariatric surgery. While everyone else is indulging in the festive foods, you are being quietly critiqued as the non-conformer. Some of your relatives might be privy to your weight loss journey, others probably don’t have a clue. Family gatherings turn into […]


How to Stay Fit Outside the Gym

So, I bet you’re pretty busy aren’t you?  Of course, you are!  We all are.  There are a million things going on that pull us in all directions and some of us find ourselves spread so thin that being able to take 10 minutes to just sit down seems like a vacation!  Who is expected […]