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AspireAssist: A Low Risk Path to Weight Loss

The FDA recently approved a new non-surgical, low risk, reversible procedure for patient controlled weight loss.  The new procedure is called AspireAssist. The AspireAssist Mechanism AspireAssist is an endoluminal weight loss device that induces weight loss in obese patients (BMI of 35-55).  The device accomplishes weight loss by two mechanisms:  reduction of calorie absorption and reduction […]

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In Loving Memory of Steven Gitt, MD, FACS

It is with heavy hearts that the OH Team shares with you that our longtime friend Dr. Steven Gitt has passed away. Described by his patients as a caring, compassionate, and understanding surgeon, Dr. Steven Gitt was the founder and Medical Director of North Valley Plastic Surgery where he specialized in post-bariatric procedures including body lifts, […]


In Loving Memory of Ron Lester

The ObesityHelp Team is deeply saddened by the passing of our friend Ron Lester.  Ron passed away on June 17th of kidney and liver failure after being taken off life support.  He was 45 years old. Best known for his role as “Billy Bob” in the movie Varsity Blues, the actor and comedian also starred as Sugar Daddy […]

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Are Exercise Labels a Good Idea?

Before you ate a slice of pizza, if you knew how many minutes you would have to walk or run to burn it off, would it make you think twice before eating it?  Would you not eat it at all? British researchers and medical professionals think that information is important for you to know. British […]

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Do You Play Hide and Seek With Sugar In Food?

There are food choices we make that obviously contain mostly sugar. With these choices, we are aware that we are eating sugar.  However, there are many food choices we make that have hidden sugar that we may not be aware of. I’m not talking about the natural sugar that is in fruit, but the added […]

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In Loving Memory and Appreciation of Dr. James Robert Wallace

Remembering James Robert Wallace, MD, PhD (1953-2016) The ObesityHelp Team would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, patients and co-workers of Dr. James Robert Wallace who passed away unexpectedly on January 24, 2015. Dr. Wallace was a trauma and general surgeon and the Director of the Bariatric Surgery Program at Froedert & the […]


Should vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy Ever Be Performed?

This article is written in response to Bariatric News: vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy. How the vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy Works The vBloc is the first new medical device approved by the FDA in 2015. Delivered by a pacemaker-like device, the Maestro® Rechargeable System, vBloc Therapy works by blocking communication on the nerve, the vagus nerve, which serves as […]


How People Eat Is Changing

People are changing their eating habits and finally the big food manufacturers are listening.  They had to in order to keep up with competitors and the buying power of our  collective purchasing dollars. The big food companies are responding to us, as customers, and how we want to eat!  Is it enough though? Changes Made […]

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Obesity Rates Continue to Increase

Despite various attempts by public health officials, insurance companies and campaigns to combat obesity, including a push by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, the obesity rates continue to increase. Why a 3% increase in obesity is disappointing While the statistics aren’t staggering, they are disappointing. About 38% of American adults were obese in 2013 and 2014. […]


Can Robotics Transform Bariatric Surgery?

When many of us think about robotics, our minds may very well drift toward thoughts of automobiles and airplanes transforming into fighting defenders to save our world from attacking invaders. Perhaps instead we think about the futuristic world of the Jetsons where our mechanized friends help us get ready in the morning, clean our house, […]