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on 9/20/18 10:07 am
Topic: RE: Weight Gain 9 years after Lap Band surgery

I can relate after 7 years I have started to gain weight but I think mine is due to my body being malnutritioned a year ago but now things are finally on track and I gained about 60 lbs in a year but I'm working on getting some of it back off. I suggest definitely go see your surgeon.

on 9/14/18 8:55 am - Milford, OH
REALIZE Band on 11/27/07 with
Topic: RE: Removal scheduled for tomorrow

Hi, Hope all went well for you! Please post an update when you can.

Thinking about having my band removed and would be interested in your experience.

on 9/2/18 6:31 pm
Topic: RE: Gall Bladder and Lapband

I am laying in a hospital bed right now, after having my gallbladder removed this morning. I had my lap band placed 8 years ago, and initially lost 100 pounds in 12 months with no gallbladder problems. Fast forward to 3 months ago. I lost another 35 pounds rather quickly (probably because I stopped being able to eat because of the pain. But it's a vicious cycle because fasting (not eating solid food) is what stresses your gallbladder. And evidently an ultrasound revealed that my stomach was inflamed and irritated. I'm assuming after I heal I will be fine. If not, my surgeon (general) advised that I empty my band long enough to let my stomach "settle down and heal," The surgery, by the way, was a breeze. I feel really good a mere 6 hours out of post-op. I'm SORE (I had it done by laparoscopy) but the pain is different and I'm tolerating it well. And a little Tramadol is all I need post-op.

Hope this helps.

Krista C.
on 8/27/18 10:17 am - Quispamsis, Canada
Topic: Removal scheduled for tomorrow

After 11 years, I am having my lapband removed due to inflammation causing side pain (since last Sept) For those who have been through this, can you share your recovery time? I work at a seated job and hope to return Saturday and teach low impact classes at the gym (hope to go back next Wednesday - 8 days out) Experiences? Thanks in advance!


on 8/11/18 6:26 pm
Topic: RE: Want Lap Band Removed!!

I was banded in 2008 and was successful to lose about 65 pounds. In the past 1.5 years, I have been having issues that nobody seems to figure out what is causing my issues. I have really bad nausea that come and go. I have seen every kind of specialist there is and have run so many tests, CT scans, etc. that we have ruled out many of the things that scare people (cancer, heart, etc). Now I started to get these pains at the base of my skull, a slight throb in the back of my throat and the nausea still shows up at least weekly. What I think is that the vagus nerve could be getting irritated and cause these issues. Could the band be irritating the vagus nerve and cause these issues? Either way, I have 2 doctors appointments setup this next week...I see a neurologist and a bariatric surgeon. I plan on having my band removed because we have ruled out everything I can think of and this is the last thing left that could be causing issues. Fortunately, my insurance covers removal and we have met our out of pocket for the year!! I have no doubt that the removal will cure the issues and after referring to Dr. Google for the past year, I am looking forward to having this band removed!

on 8/8/18 9:44 am
Topic: RE: Weight Gain 9 years after Lap Band surgery

I'm sorry to hear you're re-gaining. I've been there many times before. The biggest thing I can think of is checking and changing your diet. Start logging your food and monitoring your weight as you tweak and make changes. I've had great success with intermittent fasting (eat 2x a day, noon-8pm only)and Keto (high fat, very low carb). This seems to work well for limiting insulin production and therefore helps your body perform optimally at burning off excess fat. I'm high risk for diabetes, so that is what drove me to try it and I've dropped 35lbs since march with LOTS of cheats Lol.

That being said, it may also be worth while to have your thyroid, sugar, and hormone levels checked to make sure your boy dies not have a bigger issue, since this kind of came from nowhere.


on 8/8/18 7:54 am
Topic: RE: Lapband appt after 5 years

Hi. Just a quick question. My original doctor retired last year. I had my lap band done in October 2011. How did you go about finding a new doctor? I never used my Lap band to it full potential and life just happened. In other words I just got lazy. I really want to get back on track but honestly I am ashamed.

I am now putting the right foot forward and taking that first step. I just don't know how to find a new doctor. How did you find yours? I called the office of my original doctor but they are only giving me information to a doctor several hours away from me.

Thanks so much!!


on 8/7/18 6:37 pm
Lap Band on 02/20/17
Topic: RE: Weight Gain 9 years after Lap Band surgery

May sure you don't eat lots of carbs. Go back to liver shrinking process for a week and watch the carb intake.

on 8/6/18 4:23 pm
Topic: Weight Gain 9 years after Lap Band surgery

I was 15 pounds short of meeting my goal. Then suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) started gaining weight. I've now gained 40 pounds and am so depressed. I don't know what to do. My surgeon doesn't have any answers for me. I was sent for some type of x-ray-ish test to see if I was dilated or dilating but everything is supposedly in place. I haven't felt any real restriction in about 2 years. I really don't want to keep gaining weight and am so desperate to meet my goal (now 55 pounds away). Please... does anyone know what I can or should do at this point?

on 8/6/18 3:17 pm
Topic: RE: Does Medi-Cal (California) Medicaid Pay for Band Replacement

I am back again! So after a year of dealing with Medi-cal, almost having my band removed only to discover the provider didn't take Medi-cal after they say me on a consult WITH Medi-cal, I am finally going to get a revision to VSG probably in the next few weeks once my Medi-cal is active again (that's another story for another time). During the period that I went back to work our new HR manager told me she had VSG even though she has gained back all of her weight and then some, she did make me feel better about the safety and long term effects of having most of our stomach removed.

I am not worried about being successful because I was very successful with the Lap Band and still have not regained all of the weight I lost even now having been completely unfilled for almost 2 years now.

Also, Medi-cal would have paid for revision of the band to another band but as mentioned the provider didn't accept Medi-cal.

Excited to embark on this new weight loss journey!

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