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on 3/19/18 12:51 pm

Yeah I agree, I got my lap and done in 2007. It slipped after losing most of my weight. I got acid reflux and horrible coughing due to it. The Dr who put it in agreed to replace it w a larger band. I came out of surgery w no band. He said I wasn't a good candidate for LB. Hmmm it worked for 2 yrs. I gained wt back then in 2011 had RNY. I am now 7 yrs post and still losing slowly....about 17 lbs to go.

When I had LB I had trouble getting lean meat to go down. I ended up eating ice cream and foods not on diet bc it went down so much better. That is a big problem for LBers

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Barbara Maples :Starting Wt253/Surg Wt/223/Wt Now 147/GW130 /5 '3... LapBand 7/07/2007,-75lb, LB slipped and was removed 2009, weight gain followed, RNY 6/12/2011-106lb. 17 lb to goal!!!

on 3/19/18 8:45 am
Lap Band on 03/17/10 with
Topic: RE: Esophageal Dilation

I experienced this and had to get my band removed. I am happy to say that after band removal and revision to a sleeve, all the symptoms went away and my esophagus is back to normal. I was experiencing this dilation with an unfilled band for a few years! So I would encourage you to explore band removal asap to avoid long term damage.

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on 3/19/18 8:43 am
Lap Band on 03/17/10 with
Topic: 8-Year Bandiversary (3 years post sleeve revision)

Hi everyone,

I tend to not think about this forum much in my daily life, but 3/17/10 was my band date. I am happy to report (thank God) that I revised to a sleeve on 3/15/15. There may be some folks around *****member me from back then, but I assume most have moved on with their lives. It's been 8 years, after all!

I was lucky enough that the band didn't do any permanent damage (don't get me started on the damage it did though...) and that 8 years afterward, I am happy, healthy, and still down 55lbs from my surgery weight. I had lost 95 total, and still working to get back down there, but to be honest, in the fight against obesity, keeping 55lbs off for 8 years is still an incredible success.

I hope everyone here is doing well and finding the help they need. I would encourage any new folks considering the band to run in the opposite direction, unfortunately. I only had 2 good years with it, if you can even call them that, before the trouble started.

Much love to all,


Highest Wt: 274 / LAP-Band Low: 180 / Sleeved at 233 / Goal: 160!

Sheila H.
on 3/15/18 7:38 am
RNY on 04/15/18 with

I have to agree. I had the procedure done twice - both times they slipped. AND I was self-pay!!! My last band was removed 5 years ago and I'm now going to get bypass.

on 3/14/18 4:20 pm
Revision on 03/09/08

I just had my lap band removed after 12 years which did nothing (DMC Detroit)and 13,000 back then.(Dr.Webber)

Why are these Doctors continuing to perform this as they know the band starts to come apart. Mine dropped which was pulling on a downward motion, having problems breathing and pain in my groin. Not once did I receive anything from Dr. Webber in DMC for a recall or it falls apart after 12 years....they just want to make the after seeing him recently 7 months ago it was another 18,000 to go to a gastric sleeve....his team sucked could care less about the patient.

I did consult Doctors in Port Huron, Michigan and they wanted 25,000 to remove lap band and have the gastric sleeve performed.

I thought of Mexico...well that thought went out the door after contacting Dr. Pleatman in Michigan. After my orientation I was astounded on how mnay patients come from all over the country. That day one from Ohio, one from Indiana so the word is out.

The biggest seller is that he teaches these doctors the vertical sleeve operation. The doctor in Port Huron and many more in Michigan and Ohio.

So Dr. Pleatman performed my surgery 6 days ago and I feel great on the liquids following the guidelines. Well Done Dr. Pleatman.

Oh by the way he does not perform lap band surgeries....

The hospital was like a 5 star hotel, you had your own room just beautiful, nurses checking on you all the time. Awesome

on 2/28/18 9:19 pm - Germantown, WI
Topic: RE: Seeking success rates after surgery to correct a slipped band

I had my original band placed in 2005. I gained about 50 pounds back and doctor found a slipped band. I had it removed and replaced with a new band in 2012 and lost the weight again. I went from 325 to 169.

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on 2/20/18 11:02 pm
Topic: RE: Update and Gastric Band Removal

I had my lap band in June 2014. My insurance would not cover any other kind of WLS, so I took what I could get and tried to make the best of it. I really believed in it and was really good about my follow up until I got laid off. My insurance with my new job did not cover after care so after a while I couldn't afford to go as often. This was all with True Results, who went out of business. I was never able to eat the high protein like they told me to. All meats make me stuck even now. It is so much easier to get junk to go down and I get extremely hungry which was not supposed to happen. I did my shakes, ate cheese and nuts until I was just sick of it.

I also suffered an extreme loss during the early stages and my depression and anxiety skyrocketed. I have since had no fills or anything for almost 2 years and have no idea what is going on inside of me. I did have a pouching and got the fluid mostly removed and then replaced just before stopping my visits. I have never stopped the mucus and coughing, which is worse now and I am suddenly diagnosed with asthma and am on a daily steroid inhaler due to mucus build up. I am certain that it is a result of the band and my body hating it. I am on daily Zantac and still have GERD.

I just changed to a job with awesome insurance and I pray that I can get this evil thing removed on insurance. I don't want anything to do with revision, I just want my life back. Another good thing about my new benefits is that they have nutrition counselors and incentives for being healthy. I can also get counseling covered to help get me back on track. My son is getting married in June and I wanted so badly to lose before his wedding, but if I can't successfully eat a healthy diet of meat and veggies, how can I do that? I feel like a huge failure, but my stress levels are so high that I need this out so that I don't have a panic attack every time that I have to eat something just in case I get stuck. I travel a lot for my job and I can't count the times that I have had to wait in line on the plane praying that I get in there before I barf all over myself. Or trying to vomit quietly in a public restroom of a busy airport. An added problem is that vomiting like that has led to urinary incontinence from the daily physical stress. I also only ever lost a total of less than 30 ponds and am now only down 15 from my surgery date. It has done me no good and I am constantly sick.

Am I the last person to finally admit that this thing doesn't work, at least for me? I never looked for lap band failures when I was researching this. Guess I just expected that everyone loved it! Now I am seeing so many that had them removed before I was even considering this whole WLS journey. I am desperate, depressed and constantly anxious. Someone tell me that removing this doesn't have to mean that I will be miserable and hate myself for failing!

on 2/16/18 8:11 pm
Topic: RE: Leaking Lap Band around the Band

I had my Lap Band done in 2007 and just found out it leaks.

Mary F.
on 2/15/18 4:14 am - East Windsor, NJ
Topic: RE: Lap band removal

Yes, I agree that RNY is what I would go with for the GERD as well. Not sure if I will be heading that way someday as right now I am concentrating on my healing. Good Luck to you.

on 2/14/18 11:31 pm
Topic: RE: Lap band removal

Mary, thanks for messaging and sorry to hear about your band and I hope you're recovery goes well. I didn't realise how many problems the band had and now I'm happy that at least it is gone. Like you my surgeon wouldn't consider revision but now some time has lapsed we are in conversations as I am thinking of a bypass. I have a sliding hiatus hernia and the GERD is worse after the removal. Also my weight is rising and I am unhappy in my body. Due to the acid I can't have a sleeve and a RNY is considered the gold standard and really is life long. Otherwise I just have the hernia repaired and wait for further weight gain..