Protein Bar Recipes

on 8/20/12 2:01 pm - TN
I have become a recent Quest Bar addict.  I admit it.  I love them.

They have become too expensive and come with too high a carb cost, even at 1200 calories a day.

So I am going to make my own.  I'm looking for a good base to start with - something I can modify using either the walden farms or PB2 products to really get the calories and carbs as low as possible.

Anyone have any favorite protein bar recipe's they want to share?  A good friend of Thomas' has some, but I thought I'd ask you guys and gals what you like (Since you turned me into a Quest Addict  )

I'll start with my favorites with Peanut butter and then work into other flavors.  

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on 8/20/12 2:44 pm
I don't have anything.. yet. I just got some basic ingr to start experimenting with low-lower carb baking, and protein bars were something on my list to mess around with, and I love PB.. so that's on the list. As the weather gets cooler and I start baking more- if I find a winner, I will pass it on.. Tonight, blueberry cobbler made with coconut flour.. figured I'd start easy, and make sure my baking powder hasn't died after sitting unused the last year and a half!!
on 8/20/12 3:51 pm - Laurel, MD
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We shall see where this leads...  

on 8/20/12 4:39 pm - NC
This is my first time seeing the new avatar Rob.. Looking GREAT!!! 
on 8/20/12 5:00 pm
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I don't have any recipes to share, but am very interested in what you come up with!


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on 8/20/12 5:08 pm
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 I haven't tried this, but it was something I pinned for the future.  It is from Sparkspeople. I am sure you could sub PB2 for the peanut butter.


on 8/20/12 6:29 pm - Mansfield, TX
Have you tried any of the Bari Wise protein bars?  My personal favorite is Peanut Butter & Jelly...seriously, it's delicious.  I buy them at Bariatric Choice if you want to check them out.


P.S.  Recipes?  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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on 8/20/12 8:30 pm - WA
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I have not tried the bars but a couple of the other recipes and they were good. Its a good resource for low carb but some high in fat, pick and choose.


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