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Gwen M.
on 2/19/18 5:36 pm
VSG on 03/13/14
Topic: RE: HELP

Well, the first place to start is measuring and tracking everything you eat.

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on 2/19/18 5:27 pm
Topic: RE: HELP

Yes..always due to all health issues.

Many of the health issues cause memory problems so they also mask and mimic one another so for one day to the next it's hard to tell which one is causing what symptom.

I desperately need a starting point to get this wait moving again.

Something I didn't share or I don't remember sharing is the fact that the doctors didn't think I would ever lose weight even from the surgery but that it would stabilize my vitals and save my life. And it did exactly that and icing on the cake was I did lose weight but never reached goal weight even following the rules to a T.

on 2/19/18 4:33 pm
VSG on 11/24/17
Topic: RE: No weightloss for 18 days ð??

I'm happy to report that I have gone down 1.5 lbs today. The last few days I have been making sure to drink my protein shake and at least 6 8oz cups of water. I have also restricted carbs to a small taste at either breakfast or lunch. Using the myfitnesspal has really helped me stay conscious of what I am eating and avoid the BLTs (Bites Licks & Tastes) while preparing meals and snacks for the kids, they really add up.

Thank you, everyone for sharing your experiences, advice and best practices. Hopefully I can post some more good news this week.

Shannon S.
on 2/19/18 4:08 pm
VSG on 11/07/17
Topic: RE: No weightloss for 18 days ð??

Exactly! I'm now fairly confident it is my crazy body and not me messing up!

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Kathy S.
on 2/19/18 1:22 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with
Topic: RE: Medicaid providers

Hi Robi,

It's hard to find surgeons in your state that takes Medicaid. Here are the 3 we know of, but please call to verify as they change daily.

They take all Medicaid but "Amerihealth Caritas

Dr. Jeb Butler

Hartner Medical Clinic

1040 North Pine Road

Olla, LA 71465



YOUR PCP MUST FAX YOUR REFERRAL TO THE OFFICE FIRST AND THEY WILL CALL YOU TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. (Fax is (318)495-3882.) It will take them 72 hours or a little more to return your phone calls so please try and be patient per Eve.

Spoke with Monika Bowman and she confirmed Dr. O'Connell takes the following medicaid insurance.

United Healthcare

LA Healthcare

Amerihealth Capis

Monika said to give her a call and she will help you start the process for having weight loss surgery with Dr. O'Connell.

Dr. Ruary O'Connell

Renewal Bariatric

2700 Napoleon Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Contact Monika Bowman

1 (504) 259-7519

1 (504) 897-0700

Dr. James G Redmann, I have not researched him, someone mentioned him today. Give them a call.... 877-691-3001

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VSG on 12/10/13
Topic: RE: Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

I am the master of my own regain.

My blog: Sparklegeek Author of the Five-Day Meat Test

on 2/19/18 11:28 am - Woburn, MA
Topic: RE: Whatcha Eating Today VSGers? Monday, 2/19/2018

QOTD: always in my car - seldom in my husband's - he has the beeping turned off, and never in the back seat. My fil, a copy told us there are as many people who die from being trapped by the seatbelt as those who don't wear it - but I really don't believe that.

B: egg, slice toast, 1 slice bacon

L: 1 stuffed shell, 1 choc chip cookie

D: Idk, late lunch, so maybe something like cereal and yogurt

E: it's warm, hope to walk

L/V: good

     VSG on 04/28/2014 

Kristi T.
on 2/19/18 10:08 am
VSG on 02/09/16
Topic: RE: Whatcha Eating Today VSGers? Monday, 2/19/2018

Good morning! I think that's why I love mornings so much, each one is a chance to start fresh and new and dust ourselves off! Your doing awesome Ladyblu!

I have my therapy appointment in town today. I always dread going, but usually feel better and glad that I went when it's over.

B-4oz Greek yogurt with 1/3 cup granola

L-PP shake

S-1/2 quest bar(will be in town running around today)

D-Last of the Italian bean soup

E-It's -9 degrees right now, will walk Emmy only if it gets above 10 degrees. Might end up doing my unopened "Body Gym" that I STILL haven't used yet!!!

Have a lovely Monday!

on 2/19/18 9:59 am
VBG on 12/07/17
Topic: RE: Whatcha Eating Today VSGers? Friday, 2/16/2018

Thank you so much! (sorry for the delay, my weekends are whirlwinds!) I come back to work to relax!


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