Why am I so cold?

Sandy G.
on 3/4/08 7:52 am - Henderson/Las Vegas, NV
I've read on here other people saying that they were cold also but I don't think I've ever seen a reason for this. Is it due to losing so much "insulation" in such a short period of time and our bodies needing to adjust to this or is it due to some sort of vitamin deficiency. I know I'm needing to get my bloodwork done but we are in between insurances right now. Anyone with any ideas? Thanks, Sandy
Amber M.
on 3/4/08 7:56 am - Chico, CA
Personally I think that it's because we eat so little. This is my theory, no clue if it's true! Cure for the coldness: Electric blanket

*37 pounds lost pre-op*
Sandy G.
on 3/4/08 8:01 am - Henderson/Las Vegas, NV
Thanks Amber, Yes an electric blanket would be nice but I cant take it with me everywhere. I kinda hope the cold feeling will continue through the summer. I live in Las Vegas and we can really get hot sometimes. I'm the one thats always turning up the A/C which in turns - turns up our electric bill. It would be a nice break if I just stayed cool naturally.  Sandy
Amber M.
on 3/4/08 8:04 am - Chico, CA
I agree completely! It gets super hot here during the summer, and I'm looking forward to: a) not being cold, and b) the possibility that I will hopefully be cooler than I have in the past summers. Time will tell! Another lifesaver for me has been uggs. They keep my feet nice and warm, and if you get the ones that go partially up your legs they prevent the air from drifting up your pants and making you cold. Good luck!

*37 pounds lost pre-op*
Sandy G.
on 3/4/08 8:10 am - Henderson/Las Vegas, NV
UGGS... I'll have to look into that.  Thanks Sandy
andrea H.
on 3/4/08 8:02 am
Medically speaking, I don't have an answer but I can tell you that in the last year, having lost 110 pounds, I am always cold. I used to always run hot...now i layer everything, crank the heat, and can never seem to warm my fingers and toes. i know skinny people who are always cold...maybe its  a thin person phenomena we have only heard about but never experienced until now!
Sandy G.
on 3/4/08 8:12 am - Henderson/Las Vegas, NV

Maybe, that would be interesting to find out. I was thinking about moving to Minnesota but all this cold is making those winters a little (lot) less attractive.


on 3/4/08 8:04 am
My Dr said that it is from taking in so few calories.  He states " your not eating enough to fuel you to have heat. It will get worse before it gets better." I personally am looking forward to summer. I might can warm up a bit. I am tired of being so cold. I am looking for house gloves to wear 24/7. The only time I get warm is while exerising. Can't do that 24/7 so I am still looking for gloves..
Sandy G.
on 3/4/08 8:17 am - Henderson/Las Vegas, NV
I hear ya Shelly, I sleep in socks now which I have never done. I've always been the person that has to stick me feet out from under the blankets. I really bundle up when I'm about to drink my protein drinks. Its really kinda funny. First I prepare the protein drink (Iuse ice in the magic bullet) then I prepare myself with a big sweater and a blanket. Sandy
Patti B.
on 3/4/08 8:05 am - Meyersdale, PA
I don't know the reason,but I have been freezing all winter.My idea of a winter coat use to be a hooded sweatshirt.lol I now wear a heavy coat ,hat, gloves and boots. I've had my blood work and everything is good.I guess we just lost all our "insulation" Patti

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