How do you get 100 g. of protein in per day?

on 2/9/10 11:10 pm - Sacramento, CA
I'm struggling to get 75 grams of protein in per day...60 is about where I'm consistently coming in.

Can anybody who is getting 75 - 100 grams of protein in per day give me a sample menu of what you I can see how you're getting it all in?

If you could also include how many calories you're consuming to get that much protein in too, I'd really appreciate it!

Andrea U.
on 2/9/10 11:25 pm - Wilson, NC
ISS Oh Yeah Protein Shake -- 32g
6oz boiled shrimp and spicy coctail sauce - 36g
12oz sirloin (although I only ate about 6oz of it) -- 69g for 8oz, so 52g

not including incidentals through the day: 120

Andrea U.
on 2/9/10 11:53 pm - Wilson, NC
I need to note that this does not include the many cups of coffee w/ skim milk as creamer.  That's protein.

Jackie McGee
on 2/9/10 11:35 pm - PA
This is my newly revised menu as my surgeon and PCP are mad that I'm not eating enough/getting in enough calories, but even before this newer menu, I was getting 80 to 100 grams per day.

Breakfast: BSN Lean Dessert Protein Powder (21 grams of protein per one scoop) mixed with water (if I'm at work), fat free milk (about 3 grams of protein) or Vanilla Silk Soy  Milk (about 6 grams of protein)

Lunch: Grilled tofu (usually about 1/2 a cup for about 10 grams of protein) with homemade peanut sauce (averaging about 10 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons depending on the type I use, plus protein from the Bragg's Amino Acids I add to the sauce which is about 1 gram of protein), and a small salad with mixed greens and the rest of the peanut sauce (another 1 gram of protein)

Snack:  BSN Lean Dessert Protein Powder (21 grams of protein per one scoop) mixed with water (if I'm at work), fat free milk (about 3 grams of protein) or Vanilla Silk Soy  Milk (about 6 grams of protein)

Dinner: Baked tempeh (between 15 and 20 grams of protein depending on how much my pouch can handle but 1/2 cup of tempeh has 15 grams of protein) with homemade peanut sauce (again 10 grams of protein for the peanut butter plus about 1 gram for the Bragg's amino acids), and a small salad with the peanut sauce as dressing (another 1 gram of protein) with some salad sized grilled or boiled shrimp (usually 3 oz to 6 oz depending on what I can handle that day so between 18 and 36 grams of protein)

Snack: A slice of cheese (7 grams of protein)

I'm not saying I eat like this every day because I have good days and I have really bad days, but I do eat everything I've listed pretty regularly with some slight variations. Some days I don't have tofu or tempeh at all, just shrimp - or I have chickenless chicken nuggets, salads with soy cheese and soy nuts, crackers with cream cheese, and other things, but...well, I gave you my menu from yesterday.

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on 2/9/10 11:38 pm

Two 50 Gram Slams from GNC.

(I don't, but it's possible.) 

(deactivated member)
on 2/9/10 11:41 pm
DS on 10/19/09 with

As early out as you are, 60 grams is pretty darn good! It's great that you're trying to work up to a higher amount, though. I'm a DSer, and almost 4 months out, but this might give you some ideas for down the road. This was what I ate yesterday:

B - 8 slices non-nitrate applewood smoked bacon (24 grams)
S - Atkins RTD Chocolate Protein Shake (15 grams) 
L - Peanut butter and 5 Whole Wheat Toasteds crackers (16 grams) 
S - Plain Greek yogurt mixed with Smuckers SF blueberry jam (17 grams) 
D - White Chicken Chili with mexican blend shredded cheese, dollop of sour cream, and a little bit of crushed Soy Flaxseed tortilla chips. (30 grams) 
S - 1/2 roast beef sandwich with mayo and tomato on multi-grain, low-carb bread (22 grams)

Total Protein: 124 grams. Sorry, I don't count calories, so I can't help there.

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/10/10 12:08 am
At this point - you may be able to get 80 gr on average. 
Where I was there - most of my proteins I was getting from shakes - 60 gr. then I made sure I had the rest 20 gr from food. 
Good quality protein shakes - 2 shakes, each 1.5 scoop = 2 x 30 gr min = 60 gr. Then some from cheese, milk, yogurt, maybe some meat, etc.  The shake were food + liquid - all in one.  I would mic some flavored and some unflavored so the taste would not be as sweet. Or add some to a chicken stock - have that in a large thermos  - and sip for 2 hrs.  What ever would take.  
Even now - I start my day (most days ) with a protein shake - 30-50 gr per shake.  Sometimes I add that to my second coffee, put in my thermo-cup and sip for 1-2 hrs.  Then adding other 50-80 gr during the day is easier.  i.e.. cheese string (1 = 8 gr), yogurt - 1/2 cup =10 gr, milk - 4 oz = 4 gr,   protein bars - as a snack - 15-20 gr.  etc. All adds up.  As we are able to eat more - it should gets easier.

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on 2/10/10 12:09 am - St. James, NY
is 100 what YOU want or what your NUT/Dr want?  Bc mine just has 60 for females, 80 for males.
on 2/10/10 12:40 am - Morris, IL

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on 2/10/10 12:45 am
I don't get in that much protein. Maybe some folks will disagree but that is unrealistic to me. I get in 60 very nicely and I stand here today, healthy and feeling fine for a 3 month outer. Some long timers may be able to tell you more. 60 is the earmark on all the papers and info I have read from MOST sources. Including my doctor's literature from the hospital.
All time high...280 in summer of 2009. Approx. 276 when I first weighed in at Cleveland Clinic
Hugs to all in this cool group from Deborah. Hang in there on our healthy path. 
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