Newbie ...... Bear with me! :)

on 4/10/12 8:54 am
So,  after having signed up for 4 different informational meetings over the past year, I finally went last night.  I have started the process and am waiting now for a call for a one-on-one consultation with the doctor.  I came here to hopefully lurk and get info but found that until I know what kind of surgery I'm going ot have, it's harder to narrow in on which board to look at.  I thought there might be a "newbie" board.  Did I miss it?  :)

Kim S.
on 4/10/12 9:13 am - Helena, AL
Welcome!  There isn't a "newbie" board.  You can use all of the surgery boards to start your research!  Check out the 4 main surgeries:  DS, RNY, VSG and Lap Band.  Learn the pros/cons, success rate, post surgical life time requirements and determine which fits your lifestyle best.

You can lose weight with all of them.  You can regain weight with all of them too.  WLS requires lifestyle changes.....for life.  The surgery is on your insides, not your head, so if you have head issues too you may want to start working on those as well.

Most pelple on these boards are very willing to help-just ask.  I highly recommend you know which surgery you want before you meet with a surgeon....decide on the surgery, then pick the best surgeon that does that surgery.

Read "Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies" really helped me in my research.

Best wishes on your journey!

on 4/10/12 9:15 am - OH
RNY on 04/11/12
I came here after deciding to have the RNY.....I am having sugery tomorrow and the people here have been wonderful and I have learned so much over the last couple of months....

Only advise I can give at this point is do not read all the bad outcomes, there are so many more success

on 4/10/12 9:27 am
That is terrible advice. Of course she should read the bad outcomes, it will prepare her for potential complications and inform her understanding of which people and surgeries fail and why.

MY advice would be to read the revisions board and research all your surgery options. Think carefully about your comorbidities and which surgery is most likely to cure them. Changing your GI tract is for life, make sure you choose wisely.
on 4/10/12 10:39 am - Chicago, IL
Excellent post!

Yes, do read as many posts on the revisions as you can handle, but take it on balance with what you are seeking to accomplish...being thoroughly informed makes for better critical thinking and a more sound, reason-based decision.
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on 4/10/12 11:00 am - Orange Park, FL
Lap Band on 01/30/12
I read for a couple months before I made my decision. I read the good and the bad. Make your own personal decision and continue to learn. I am happy with my decision and am getting good support here. Look at more than one forum.

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Jenny C.
on 4/10/12 12:43 pm
VSG on 04/28/11 with
One thing to really consider is that all weight loss surgeons are not created equal.  Whatever surgery you choose, please find a surgeon who can show you their statistics.  If they haven't done enough to show you any outcomes, keep looking.  Best of luck!
on 4/10/12 1:08 pm
A "newbie" board would be kind of pointless---you need to be talking with people who've been living with their WLS for at least three years. (That's about the point where people have enough experience to really know the good, the bad, and the ugly. *grin*)

You need to research the Big Four forms of WLS. I mean, you need to knwo them inside out, upside down, and backwards, because only then can you make an intelligent, informed decision about which form if right for YOU. Then and only then should you choose a surgeon, based on his or her experience and skill in performing the procedure YOU what.

The surgeon you have listed does NOT offer all of the Big Four. You owe it to yourself to go to a seminar given by a surgeon who does.

Do NOT let any doctor or insurance company decide for you which procedure to have. They don't have to live with the consequences of that decision---you do. Visit the Revision board so you can see firsthand what happens when someone has the wrong procedure for them.
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