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100 pound weight loss goal?

Tammy Colter
on 6/14/12 9:17 am, edited 6/27/12 9:19 am - CA

Hello OH Members!


Has one of your goals been to lose 100 pounds?  Have you met your goal or are in the midst of meeting your goal?  We would love to hear from you!

Share some of your experiences, struggles, WOW moments, and advice/insights with other OH Members!    Email your photos and experiences to .  Your photos and journey to your 100 pound weight loss goal may be published in our OH newsletter or OH Magazine!


All my best, 

Tammy Colter
Director of Media & PR
OH Magazine
on 6/14/12 9:30 pm
 I've been targeting to that goal!
on 6/15/12 11:34 am - Weedsport, NY
RNY on 06/11/12
I had my surgery (bypass) 6/11/12 so I just started on that goal.
on 6/15/12 5:19 pm
I am proud to report I have met that goal! My start weight was 394  4-5-11 and my weight today 6-15-12 is 280!! My first weight goal is 230 by my anniversary date Oct. 10, 2012. We are thinking a good range for me is 165- 200 lbs. not sure where we will land however.

My experience has been very surprising and enlightening. I sometimes dont recognize myself or my " new" attitude about my healthy lifestyle. I have good days and bad days like everyone but I no longer choose to dwell on mistakes. I do however try to examine and determine why I made a " less than the best" choice. And then just Keep Moving Forward.

My WOW moment would be the day I weighed under 300 lbs! Its been over 15 years since that has happened. The next wow would be when I had released 80 lbs and I asked my trainer to help me lift the weight Id lost.... I could not lift it. And at the realization I was no longer carrying it around I was so very proud of myself and encouraged!!!

My advice or insight for others would be to use the resources that are available to us. Support group, drs, other medical professionals, youtube, obesity help, spark people have all been invaluable to me! I dont let "opinions" decide my medical decisions but I do use all those resources as a tool or knowledge base. Have fun on your journey, document your journey, the changes may seem like slow but you will look up and 6 mths, has gone by.

Finally honor the yourself by making your health a priority and take the best care ever!!
   LaDonna R Bratton
on 6/17/12 6:31 pm - Goodlettsville, TN
RNY on 05/11/11 with
I made it 108 pounds in one year post-op. Hoping to get to my goal of 150 pounds.
on 6/17/12 6:34 pm - Fort Wayne, IN
VSG on 10/10/11 with
I did it! And once I can transfer pics from my phone to here, I will.

Open yourself to possibility and possibility will present itself.
on 6/17/12 9:48 pm
 Wow that was great! I will working to that too.
on 6/18/12 8:21 am - IA
Hit 100 lb. goal!  One more pound to goal.
on 6/18/12 7:14 pm - Richmond Hill, Canada
RNY on 06/22/12
My surgery is on Friday and my goal is to lose 100 lbs.


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt    

on 6/18/12 9:58 pm
 Im hoping that I can really reach that goal. :)
Tammy Colter
on 6/19/12 9:21 am - CA
Congratulations to all of you for reaching your 100 pound weight loss goal!   And for those of you in the midst of your goal...YOU CAN DO IT!
All my best, 

Tammy Colter
Director of Media & PR
OH Magazine
Lisa S.
on 6/19/12 6:49 pm - Lexington, NC
Mini Gastric Bypass on 03/14/12
I need to make that a goal. It seemed so unrealistic before I had the surgery. So far, from my highest weight, I have lost 71 lbs, since the surgery (3 months ago), I have lost 62 lbs.

I will add that to my goal list right now...

**keeping my fingers crossed!!
on 6/22/12 12:20 am - CA
I am just starting this journey. I will be having my initial consult soon. My goal is to loose 150 if I loose more that will be a plus for me...

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Anything below is a blessing from GOD


Vicki K.
on 6/24/12 7:36 am - Green Cove Springs, FL
I think you can do anything you believe you can do.  It is all your choice.  You will lose whatever you want.  Use the surgery as  tool not a solution. remember to walk and exercise and eat or take your protein.
on 6/22/12 1:58 pm
Funny you should ask.....I am 3 pounds away from losing 100 pounds!!!!!!!!  I had my surgery on Feb 20th this year.  I would LOVE to lose another 50 pounds.  I started out weighing 340 pounds!!!! I am still in shock when I look in the mirror.   

Do you guys think another 50 is possible since I am only 4 months out???? :)

on 6/22/12 6:45 pm - MI
VSG on 03/05/12
Do you mean you have lost 100 pounds in 4 months?! That is so freaking awesome! How do you feel?
on 6/22/12 4:38 pm - ROCKMART, GA
DS on 03/15/11 with
 I met my goal in March 2012 I lost 100 lbs within my first 6 months I have lost a total of 179 lbs af today my goal was 150 I am currently weighing 132lbs.  I never regreted having surgery

Rockmart Georgia                        
HW: 315 CW: 117 GW:  First goal 150 met 3/23/2012, Second goal 135
on 6/23/12 12:21 am - bel air, MD
 Just emailed you my pics!

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along......" ~Maroon 5


on 6/23/12 8:47 am - KY
I was doing back flips when I lost 100lbs.  I am getting closer and closer to goal!! 
on 6/23/12 6:13 pm - Orange Park, FL
Lap Band on 01/30/12
I am looking to lose 150 pounds. So far I am down 80 pounds.

Congratulations everyone on your loss so far!