ercp after gastric bypass

kris B.
on 6/29/09 11:49 am - Pottsville, PA
RNY on 04/09/02 with
had wls 7 years ago and about 2 months ago started having pains and was found to have gallbladder disease. Last week I had the gall out and while they did a cholangeogram before surgery, the dr saw a tiny distal common bile duct mass. Had an MRCP the day after surgery which stated it was a mass but did not show up on all the slides. Now I am awaiting my gastro doc to find a facility and dr to complete an ercp on wls pts. Did anyone out there her of this. I know its pretty rare and am affrain of this mass being something I don't want to deal with Please let me know if you are familiar with this. LOL Kris
on 8/20/09 1:10 am - Cary, IL
I had the MRCP/ERCP with the Sphincterotomy, they thought I had a Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction.  (feel free to read my blog/journey so far)  I would recommend ONLY having this done at a teaching/university hospital near you.  Even when done 100% perfect, there is a risk (depending on gender/age) of developing pancreatitis after the procedure, which is very painful and can come back again once you have had it once.  The procedure itself was not much different than having an EGD/Upper Endoscopy, you will be sedated, the only weird thing is that you have to be laying partway on your stomach for the procedure.  Good Luck and I hope this solves it for you!

Jules RNY 10/30/2007