Incision Leak???????

on 7/24/04 11:30 pm - marine city, MI
Hi, 13 days out today. Had 1.2 staples removed last thrusday and were replaced with glue & steri strips.. By saturday stomach was on fire and noticed large blisters under steri strips. Called surgeon and he recommended I go to dr. near me and have strips removed. Called my dr. and he said to do it myself, So I did! I woke up at 5 am soaking wet.. I reached for my stomach and it was wet, so I figured the blisters were breaking. I got up and noticed the blankets and my Pjs were drenched. I went to bathroom and turned on the light. There was blood all over the floor. I got a mirror and looked at the lower part of my incision. This wasnt from a blister and there was blood mixed with fluid coming out rather fast. The fluid had a smell other than that of blood. I just kept blotting it until it calmed down. I called my Mom cause I thought i would need a ride to the Er. ( my moms a nurse). She put gauze on it and told me sleep with my binder on. ( I had it off for a while cause it hurt the blisters). She will be back today to check on me. Has anyone ever had their incision leak? and was it blood & fluid together?? Thanks
on 7/26/04 12:16 am - Saint Johns, FL
Hello! Yes, my incision leaked after my 2nd surgery, or my "revision" surgery about two weeks after the surgery. The fluid was yellowish with some blood mixed in and smelled very foul. It leaked for a couple of days and then stopped. The area of the incision where the leak was healed kind of "uglier" than the rest, but I had no other problems from it. I went to the ER after I woke up soaked with the fluid and when I got there it was tested, and the results were I had a staph (spelling wrong, I know) infection, and I had to be put on special antibiotics for it. I was told by my doctor that sometimes fluid does get trapped and has to work it's way out somehow and that's why my incision opened a little--to allow the drainage to come through. It was very scary though, and I feel for you. I was told to keep the area clean and to change the bandages at least twice daily, and use peroxide and gauze to clean it. I will say a prayer for you~hang in there! Monica Ward
Evelyn B.
on 7/26/04 7:09 am - Wellington, FL
I just returned from the surgeon after having the remaining 15 staples removed, and he told me I had a staph infection as well. The top of the incision leaked oily yellow liquid during the healing process and then the staples pulled and tore at the skin - leaving a opening or hole about the size of a dime. I've been treating it for a week with Bactroban ointment - prescription - and taking Cipro and it seems to be healing okay - from the inside out though. It does heal, it does take time - as everything involved with the WLS process does - but you will be get better. It's almost like someone turned a light on with me - one day I was crying I couldn't take it anymore and then the next day I was sleeping on my side - virtually pain free. God bless, and I'll be keeping you in my prayers.
Rebecca D.
on 9/16/04 1:49 am - Clarksville, Tn
RNY on 01/09/02 with
Howdy this is Rebecca and I am still in limbo cause I have the wound vac on me..I was wondering if you or anyone else know of a good lawyer?..I am really upset that my Doctor hasn't been listening to me about my pain or that it has taken since May 13...Man it seems longer...I think the first was February 23 and then they opened me wider on May 13 and finally it is getting better..I did get some antibioctics though..I am glad that I am not alone but , I am so sorry that you all had to go through it...Thanks
Rebecca D.
on 8/16/04 2:55 am - Clarksville, Tn
RNY on 01/09/02 with
I had the incision leak also and I have been opened up more so that the infection could be taken out with the wound vac..I am still on the wound vac and my surgery for the hernia repair after a year of having healed from the Gastro Bypass...This year Ihad the herna repair in Feburary and in May is when they went back in to make sure there was no more infection...My Doctor thought it might have gotten under the Mesh...This time it has been since May 13 and still counting...It is starting to smell and it does have some blood coming out....I just hope and pray that it will be over soon....Thanks Becky
judy F.
on 9/11/04 2:01 am - Palm Bay, FL
My incision started to leak blood and yellow liquid, I freaked out. There were drops of this liquid all over the place and my clothes were soaked. This was the day after the staples came out. I called my dr and I went straight to his office. He actually opened up my incison about 2". He wanted to make sure there was no infection. He poured Hydrogen peroxide into the wound and then packed it. Sent me home. I went for dressing changes every 2nd day and then I started doing it myself. Just pulling out the packing, and repacking it. It was at least 1 1/2 deep. To my surprise he did not put me on any antibiotics. He said to keep it clean, take out the packing and go for a shower....It sure was an awful site. He said as long as it looked like 'raw' meat it was okday. My dr explained that the liquid is just extra fluid excess from the fat breaking down...That made me feel better and then I was looking for 'lots' of liquid. I figure the more liquid the more fat breaking down..Ha. After 6 days of this I was getting really fed up. I told my dr. that I was booked to go on a cruise in two weeks and that I didn't want to go with an 'open' belly. So he put four stitches in it and after 5 days took them out. I was real carefull for a few days and then it was fine... I went on my cruise and had a ball...I lost weight too!!!!!!!!
on 11/21/10 11:32 pm - India
I have this too, visited the doc today and he says the same thing, it is "liquid fats mixed with blood clots" from its way out the body. It is a part of healing.
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