Premier Protein Drinks

on 8/29/11 10:28 pm
 So I have been drinking the chocolate Premier Protein shakes for about a year everyday for breakfast. Over the past several months I have noticed that the shakes are super thick and clumpy. At first I returned the box thinking they were bad. When I bought more, from a different COSTCOs, the same thing happened. Now, I buy them and sometimes they are smooth and other times clumpy so I have to add water and mix well to be able to drink it (instead of eating it with a spoon). Does anyone else experience this? I am really hoping they are just not all bad. Well, at least I have never gotten sick from them :)
on 8/29/11 10:38 pm
They get clumpy if they get too hot. I had one stored in the car for emergencies and once the hot weather came on, it was like that - disgusting! I think the protein denatured - which I assume would also mean that the protein itself is not as good when they get like that.
on 8/29/11 10:50 pm - Granada Hills, CA
Try and refrigerate them as soon as possible. It's not going to work if the store let them sit in the heat, but hopefully by refrigerating them, it should help. Mine are like that too, and it makes me gag a little but I gotta drink them :-/ - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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Keith V.
on 8/30/11 3:44 am - CA
I had a case stored in our RV. Of course, after a couple of months in the Southern California sun, the shakes were ruined. If you can't refrigerate, at least store in a cool place. Not in garage of vehicles. I had to throw away the case after trying three or four and all were as you have described.

on 8/31/11 11:27 am
I had the same thing happen with 2 cases I bought from Costco. I emailed the company that made the shakes a was told that they change it to a smoother mixed. I explained to them that these seemed thicker and clumpy they then mailed me two cases. The 2 I received are the smoother consistency.I also notice the packaging seemed different.
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