HELP! My butt crack keeps getting rips and tears!

on 10/19/12 1:06 pm - CA
I'm in the gym ALOT! I have 12 fitness classes scheduled, 2-3 hours of heavy weights, and training for my first 5K 3 times/week. I wear a body shaper almost constantly because I have SO much extra skin. I do alot of crunches and work on the stair stepper bench, but my extra skin pops and I get rips and tears in my butt crack. Plus I get rashes and sores in my skin folds AND my belly button gets stuck shut all the time. Do you guys have any advice that can help me until I am able to get my skin removal surgeries?

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on 10/19/12 1:40 pm - Mashpee, MA
 I would try a cotton under garment-maybe men's boxers to wear next to your skin.  Also maybe try a thin coating of Vaseline on you butt crack and belly button. Take care to cleanse gently after and keep the areas dry with a talk free powder. 
Congratulations on your weight loss and good luck on your 5K run!  Sounds like your working your butt off!
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on 10/19/12 1:56 pm
I would see your doctor and see if you can get a prescription for some kind of cream.  That will also help document your rashes for when it's time to go to insurance, if you are going that way.  I have also found that anti fungals help, too, since it seems that a lot of my rashes are due to yeast infections.
I have had a crack/tear in that area for a long time.  I think it may be due to sitting so much with no padding but I use an anti fungal and it helps.

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on 10/19/12 5:59 pm - Brooklyn Center, MN
I'm 4 days post op RNY and also a pharmacist. I encourage you to have your doctor culture the rash as it sounds to me like you might have a topical skin infection. Or, if you want to just try something right away, go to the pharmacy and look for an aftifungal power called Zeasorb AF. If your pharmacy doesn't have it there are many online sources. Sprinkle that liberally over the affected areas several timles per day. You should notice improvement almost right away. If you do not, then an MD appt ASAP becomes mandatory.

Good Luck!
on 10/19/12 9:35 pm
You poor thing! That sounds so painful. I am sure we all know how irritating skin issues can be, but yours sound pretty bad. My husband uses something called Zeasorb powder in his "man region" and it's the only thing that has worked for him. I use it sometimes when I get irritation in places. Also, I second the idea that you should see your Dr. Since you are planning on having skin removal surgery, every time you have something documented at your dr.s office will only strengthen your case for insurance approval. Good luck and you are inspiring to me!
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on 10/19/12 11:27 pm - PA
RNY on 10/12/12
this might sound a little funny, but for the sore redness there's this cream called anti monkey butt. it's kinda like a baby rash soother but for adults.
on 10/20/12 12:57 am
 I had a similar problem. I found a cream called Calmoseptine Ointment. It really works!  When the area gets a little itchy I use and anti fungal cream under it for a few days.
i do agree that you should have your PCP culture the area so you can be sure it's not infected and is just some kind of a yeast thing. 
Calmoseptine can be bought over the counter. I got mine at Walgreens.

on 10/21/12 1:03 am
RNY on 07/24/12
Just saw an advertisement for something called 'Interdry'.  Not sure what it is or how it works but said it helps skin on skin contact and they offered a free sample.  Might be worth looking into.
on 10/21/12 1:48 am - Central, NJ
RNY on 05/23/11 with
If Zeasorb AF doesn't work, try Tenactin. It's also an anti-fungal powder, but uses a different main ingredient. 
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on 10/21/12 3:43 am
Tinactin and then lots of Gold Bond Powder daily did it for me.  My underwear would literally slice into my inner thighs, and I had weeping sores from sweating after exercise.  Tinactin killed the fungus, and then the powder kept things dry afterwards.


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