When will my knees stop hurting

on 5/1/12 9:09 am - IN
Tomorrow I'm 6 weeks out and down 37 lbs total (9) were pre op. My question is for anyone who has arthritis in their knees, how much weight did you have to lose before your knee's stopped hurting? I try to do 2 miles a day (walking) and can barely get it in because of the knees!!!!
on 5/1/12 9:24 am - Granada Hills, CA
My knees hurt a lot pre-op and for most of my adult life. By the time I lost 50-100 lbs, most of the pain had subsided, I was able to start biking last October I think (something I wasnt able to do b/c of my knees) - i might have been down 130-140 maybe?

I still have knee pain but I think its more related to my choice of physical activities than anything, but even the worse days now are better than my best day at 420 lbs so I cant really complain.

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on 5/1/12 10:15 am - IN
Thanks for your response!
on 5/1/12 9:25 am
My knees stopped hurting when I had lost about 50 pounds. . . unfortunately, the damage was already done.  I have to have BOTH of them replaced. . . facing that with a lot of trepidation.  Sure had thought that losing all the weight would help me avoid surgery, but it was not to be :(
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on 5/1/12 9:29 am - PA
VSG on 01/05/12
  Mine felt much better just after 40lbs lost.  Now at 60lbs and they rarely hurt anymore, even walking
up steps.
on 5/1/12 10:19 am - IN
Thanks for the response!
on 5/1/12 10:14 am - IN
on 5/1/12 10:18 am - IN
Thanks for your response, I too am looking at knee replacement (cortizone shots every 3 mos) and hoping for the weight to help pospone it for ALONG time! The thought of having 3/4 of my stomach removed didn't bother me near as much as the thought of them sawing my bone in half! Good luck when you decide to do it!!
on 5/1/12 10:41 am - AL
I have lost 100lbs, and while my knees don't hurt all the time anymore, by hips sure do!  I swear sometimes it's like you just trade one pain for another!  LOL 

Hope you feel better soon!
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on 5/1/12 8:54 pm - IN
You are so right! Thanks for the response!!