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Wear a bathingsuit in public and be proud!
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first, get below 200#'s...
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Go shopping in a regular sized store.
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I want to get out of the X's (2X,3X)
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To be able to make love to my husband w/the lights on!!!!!
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Surgeon Testimonial

Alejandro Aguirre M.D.
My first impression of Dr. Aguirre was pure comfort. From the moment we met I was at ease. The staff all worked with me very well and even though I hardly know any spanish they never seemed frustrated with me, it was like they understood exactly what I was saying...Dr Aguirre and the 2 other doctors have been to see me everyday. I would give him a 10 every time. My incision was sticted with such a delicate hand, I can imagine the scar will be hardly noticable once I'm healed. Dr. Aguirre promised me this one thing, that he can not promise that I wouldn't have issues with my surgery but he did promise he would take care of me, and he did just that..He expressed the importance of sticking to the diet in order to be successful. I would do this over again a million time.
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Describe your behavioral and emotional battle with weight control before learning about bariatric surgery.
I never was an emotional eater like so many struggle with. My issue was always the inactivity. I would eat and stay in the same place, day after day. Not just at home but at work, the same thing. An office with no windows, and a master suite with all the ammenities. I was a big kid and the older I got, the bigger I got not to mention the weight gain behind 3 abusive husband, dealing with my history of molestation and rape...all these "weights" made dealing with my physical weight very difficult.
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  • Comment by mrsmabrya 8/2/09 12:49 pm
    hey should now be over on the post-op day is tomorrow...wishing you success on the WL journey!
  • Comment by JustMeee0609 8/1/09 11:06 am
    Congrats Chana! Hope all goes well in your healing process, I hope to be joining you on the losers bench soon. Sending prayers for you. Linda
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chanakurtz's Blog
chanakurtz's Blog

Its Amazing What a Made Up Mind Will Do

posted 12/7/12 12:41 pm

Earlier this week I posted about the emotional rollercoaster I've been on since having the surgery.  What do you do when all of your excuses to succeed has been eliminated?  It's nothing left accept DO! Many of you have decided you wanted the surgery but has allowed someone around you to discourage you based on their ignorance...that was almost me back in 2009.  My mom was so afraid because she didn't understand how the surgery would affect me, her reaction to my decision created tension between us, so much so she wouldn't go to Mexico with me.  Her response to me was, "I don't understand why you can't see yourself beautiful." My response to her was, "how about you carry an extra 100lbs of flour around and see how beautiful you feel." 

The truth of the matter is simply this.  If it's the surgery, weight watchers, change of behavior, diet or exercise; when you make up YOUR mind to do whatever YOUR heart's desire, you will be successful.  Of course there is challenges in everything we do, but when it's your decision, nobody else can hinder it.  My advice would be to surround yourself with the support you need to keep you encouraged and empowered.  In most cases, that will not be from your close family members unless someone has undergone the surgery already. 

Let me let you in on a little secret.  If you are considering having this surgery solely based on how you want to "look" this solution is not for you.  The rapid changes are very difficult to deal with and when your family tells you they never "saw" you as you "see" yourself it could potentially rock your world.  The truth is, people who love us really don't care about what we "look" like. In fact, sort of like seeing yourself everyday, they don't really see you when your changing either, unless your changes are coming from within. What I mean by this is, my family didnt see my weight loss until I was close to 100lbs gone. I remember specifically my youngest daughter going away for the summer coming back home and freaking out because she said I "looked" so skinny...that was a whole year after the was like to her I lost it overnight but she didnt see it until she left and came back home. 

I'm saying all this to say, let's work on the inside before, during and after your surgery.  This process is a long and very trying one.  In some cases, its been 20 years that you have been carrying this weight. One would like to suggest that 7-24 months when all the physical weight is almost gone, you have arrived.  The true transformation doesn't occur until you can un-live all the years it took you to not only put the weight on but carry it from situation to are you going to handle things when your pouch won't let you overeat? When too much sugar will have you on your knees begging God not to let you die? Well the correct support group will have you grabbing for your nearest friend who knows EXACTLY what you are feeling when a box of chocolate or pint of ice cream will no longer do...

I have decided that once and for all, I LOVE ME and because I love me, I make better decisions for myself.  Gone is the day when I consider others for things before I consider myself. Gone is the day when I believe that someone else is more qualified than I am to do the thing I know I've been called to do. Gone is the day of self infliction of pain, low self-esteem, negative self-image, lack of self-confidence but improved and increased self-love. Now that I love me, I love everyone different this includes my mom and my children.  It is true, you cannot adequate love anyone until you love yourself...that too has been a very interesting and trying journey that I will be on forever...I invite you to get on this journey with me.  When your mind is made up, the sky isn't even the limit...ask NASA!!!

Just this made up mind has opened doors I couldn't have even imagined!!!! Try it...please share with me any struggles you have been going thru...we have to approach our decisions with our whole heart..its not just about the physical weight as much as it is the other stuff that caused the manifestation in our matter what method you choose, just make up your mind and watch what happens!!!


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