A New Day A New Dawn

Feb 11, 2013

The dark cloud has lifted, thank God and thank you to all of you who sent words of encouragement...let me say this..I am no means trying to be accepted by Man, or a man...these internal conflicts are with myself...believe it or not..I really do LOVE ME!! its what keeps me here...the conflicts do become overwhelming but I know its the enemy's way of convincing me that I'm not worthy...Nobody disrespects me or devalues me..these are things I've done to myself because I only saw what I could see with my eyes...

My encouragement today as it has been before is to see past what you can see with your eyes...they deceive, the scale deceives, your heart will not deceive...God made us in His image so the core of us is all good...I know its easier to see it and believe in someone else before we see it in ourselves but today...I give myself permission to be all that God has created me to be!!! How about that? I am a wonderful person who loves Jesus and His children..nobody or this body will keep me from that....

BAM!! I love you all so much!!!!


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